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My 6 year old son asked why we can't live in a mansion and have an indoor pool!
He is so smart,
I asked him if he wanted that for his life?
And he said YES!
So I started researching the BEST professions that he may be interested in....
I realized that he is 6 years old, and if he decides NOW what his passion is, he will get his mansion and his indoor pool.
So many times I have just pushed his questions away...
but this realization hit me that I can rear a Doctor or a Scientist or an Author or anything but it starts with us as his parents.
It really does, start with us.
Just a thought I wanted to share!

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Encourage him to believe he can be anything, do anything and have anything he wants......Dreams really do come true.....Thank you for sharing!
Your welcome
I know its kind of an 'obvious' thing to realize as a parent, but thinking back to my upbringing,
I was never given one moment of conversation about what I was going to be.
I was accepted into one of the best colleges of art on the East coast and was picked on by my entire family that I was going to end up a starving artist!
I didn't go!
I want him to be an 'aware' child that he knows the reality of being a child but also the reality of being a person his entire life.
Teach him to do something that he would love to do. I have the grades, determination, and resources to become a surgeon or a psychiatrist if I want to, but I'm not pursuing those careers because I'll never enjoy them as much as my dream profession: mail carrier. The short hours, the physicality of the work, being outdoors, having more time for my own interests (i.e., time for my books and my pets!)... it will fulfill my desires more than any high-paying medical job.
the sole perpose though of telling him about doctors and scientists was because he wants to live in a mansion with an indoor swimming pool...!!!
That is his burning desire!
And has been for a long time..
Then I hope he gets that mansion, that indoor swimming pool, and I hope he enjoys his life in every single way. :)
lol me tooooooo!!!!

I would just like to say that with LOA your son doesnt have to be a doctor or scientist or any of the "conventional" high earners to have his mansion and swimming pool . Sometimes it is because we associate certain professions or careers with high earnings that we then influence a child to do something he doesnt want just to have something he does want.

For me the message that I would like to get accross to my children ..but I have to believe it myself ..is that they can be or do anything and independent of all that they can have abundance and prosperity.

Abraham says that we dont have to see our prosperity coming from our earnings, it is one way but not the only way ...sorry was going to put up the quote but had it on my fridge and it floated away !

Love Gen
Another thought is to help him create his own vision board or now even the Mind Movie...Let him watch his creation and let it come true... did you see the little girl from Philippines on Oprah last week, who wanted to sign with the stars and finally got all dreams come true. She drew (drawings and sketches) herself singing with the stars since she was a child and look she got it all...
here is a link for for the Mind Movie creation kit....

He can be an investor. He can start and own a business, since only with business can YOU control how far you want to take it...
Get the book "Reallionaire" by Farrah Gray. Absolutely awesomely inspirational book! This kid (I think he's 19 now) started his first business at about 6 or 7, decided that he wanted to become an entreprenuer and made his first million by 14-15. Must read for any parent with a child who has BIG plans for their life!! You don't necessarily have to look at the typical 'big money' careers like doctors, he just needs to follow his passions and dream BIG!!

May your wildest dreams (and those of your son!) become your reality!
Simply start teaching him about the Law of Attraction, the rest will come.
Hi Jane,

Just thinking again about the title "the little boy asks why we dont live in a mansion".

Itis very hard for parents when a child asks a question like this, especially when we say we believe in the Secret and the LOA, because the reality is we dont live in a mansion because we have been so negative about money that we havnt attracted it into our lives, and so it is hard for a child not to emulate his parents, if they couldnt do it I cant do it. We often say to our children "you can do anything you want in life" ....but the reality for the child is that we didnt manage to "do anything we wanted" so how can he.

For me this is one of my main reasons for striving to make the most of LOA in my life, so that my children wll learn by example ....but it is also one of my sadnesses that they are growing up so quickly and I am not manifesting what I would like quite as quickly , in order to be able to show them what it takes !

I did recover from a serious illness and that has had a profound effect on my kid (teens now), they dont fear illnesses at all and they dont even get colds or flus. But the money issue is one I would dearly love to master !!

Great topic ...love Gen


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