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Hi. Just trying to make some sense of this:

Is the $700 billion U.S. financial market buyout proposal a product of the Law of Attraction?

Namely, if people in the banking/finance industry do nothing but think of money all the time (how to get more money and how to keep the money they have), is that why they've attracted so much money to them (in the form of a buyout)?

Conversely, if everyone else is thinking about debt, high gas prices and foreclosures, is that why they're attracting more of that?


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I'm not really sure about this. I got in an argument with a friend of mine one day, she thought that the price of gas would go up before she got off work the next day. I told her no it wouldn't its going to go down because I want it to. Well a day later it did go down, not much but it was about 2 cents cheaper. Personally I wonder about our government sometimes. Like right now, if everyone who doesn't know about LoA is having money trouble then where on the earth did our government come up with the 700 billion dollars to help this bank out???
This is one area (government) where I pray more and more are becoming aware of The Law of Attraction - it'll definitely start to work the impossible out - and I'm all for that!
Thank you Awesome,

I was beginning to lose my power there, but you are right we have the power to pray and intend that governments and politicians become aware of LOA

Thank you for reminding me ...we are powerful

love Gen
Great question Nikii,

I've been thinking a lot about money lately too, with banks here in my country getting nervous and people taking their savings out in case they collapse. I dont have any savings and rarely use the banks, but I do aspire to receiving a Million and lately I began to think If I had a million I would want to put it in a bank so that I could withdraw what I need and when I need it ...but then I would have all the hassle of the current fears that all our savings might just disappear or the currency be devalued.

I also wonder are the banks collapsing because they are not dealing with real "money" like "gold" anymore, they are issuing paper money which is only an IOU. Perhaps if you deal too much, llike the banks do, in IOUs it starts to feel like you are truely in "debt" rather than feeling rich and with LOA that might make the lose confidence in money and hence the collapsing money market !

Even last year when I was asking the Universe for money, I had an uneasy feeling about paper money and so started to ask for my money to come in the form of GOLD ...now I see that that was a great idea. GOLD will never lose its value but paper money can be devalued overnight !!

SO lets start attracting GOLD !

I am sure our ideas about money must affect the global money situation.

Another question that I sometimes think about is what would happen if we all DID attract all the millions or billions that we are Asking for. Would anyone work again, who would make the products we all want to buy. Driving today on a motorway, I was giving gratitude all the time for the wonderful roads, and the workers and engineer who made them. And I wondered would they make roads or repair them if they too could manifest all the money they needed ? Perhaps we would become a more organic society, living more simply, and just coming together as communities to repair roads and gather in crops as people did in the past.

That made me think does having money require that others dont have it so that they will work for it and provide all the things I want when I have money ?

At the moment I am only asking the universe for HAPPINESS ...so I know whatever comes I will feel happy about it !

love and ramblings Gen
Oh goodness to get back to the simple and organic would be wonderful.
I read a post today on one of my biz forums (in Australia) is anyone worried about the American financial situation and how it affects us?? My first thought was... No, why would I be worried about anyone else affecting me... I create my own reality!! Then I read through some of the responses... there was not one response that didn't convey fear to me. One girls was worried about her parents retirement fund, another about her deposit for her house that she'd invested in shares and is now worth close to nothing. When you're in the mindset of abundance and know without a doubt that whatever happens you'll be fine what is there to worry about!?!?

IMHO Yes the financial market buyout is a product of the Law of Attraction... everything is!! But it's not just about the banks thinking about money vs. everyone else thinking about debt. It's how you feel about it that counts!!! And frankly, I feel fine :-)

And Gen... the thing is that not everyone is attracting millions and billions... my Mum is perfectly happy with exactly what she has and also happy working for it. There are people who love making and repairing roads, engineering and any other job you can think of. I don't have to work but I choose to. Having money does not require anyone at all to have any less than they wish to manifest for themselves. There is always enough abundance to go around and if everyone 'worked' the LOA and got exactly what they wanted there would still be enough money, work being done etc. But yes, I do think that we eventually will move towards a more organic society, not just because there are people who don't want to build roads but because it might work for the best of everyone.

Enjoy all the happiness the universe brings to you Gen :-)

May your wildest dreams become your reality!
Amazingly Me Life Guidance (launching soon!!)
Great points, everybody!

I just asked the question because I know several people that have recently lost their houses through foreclosure. They sought help for it, but because they focused on it so much, I wonder if that was the wrong approach. I mean, they all worried about it, focused on it, stressed out about it, and what was the end result? They ended up (sadly) losing their homes.

But the bankers and other financial professionals I'm reading about were focused so much on keeping their wealth and making more money, that now they're receiving the financial help they needed (and, imagine, they're on the brink of receiving BILLIONS (and from us!!!))

I'm just trying to find out how this relates to the LOA.

First of all... EVERYTHING that comes about occurs as a result of a powerful intention (asking) being answered... it's the LAW! So the simple answer to your subject line question is... YES!

As far as your other question --> Is the $700 billion U.S. financial market buyout proposal a product of the Law of Attraction? Namely, if people in the banking/finance industry do nothing but think of money all the time (how to get more money and how to keep the money they have), is that why they've attracted so much money to them (in the form of a buyout)?

There are many things going on here... and ultimately, because the Law simply describes how things come about, whatever is going on is because someone ( or several someones ;-)) have a powerful asking that is being answered...

Personally, I say the $700 billion U.S. financial market buyout is a sham... a different house of cards being built on the tumbled house of cards...

and whatever it is... it is such because there was a focused "asking" for it!

Same with whatever each of us experience all the time. Understanding, we are each making up (creating) the so-called 'reality' that we experience is what sets us free to creating better feeling experiences.

What I think you're touching on with your question is about what we're focusing on... and it's true that what we're focusing on is what we're drawing more of. I just caution you about thinking you might know what someone else is focusing on. Personally, I suspect that the people 'creating' this buyout scenario are just as likely to be focusing on A Solution That Will Keep The People Pacified as they are focusing on How To Get and Keep More Money...

and I'm clear there are virtually an infinite number of things they could be focusing on... any of which could create a variety of things... like a true buyout based on actual money backed by gold (unlikely)... a facade of money that could hold for years... a facade of money that could hold for days... etc.

And it's important to realize that how you or I or any given person experiences whatever results occur from this 'buyout' is as infinite and unique as each person on the planet.

Here's some great advice from Abraham-Hicks:

The beliefs that you hold as a result of your own experience are very strong, and we understand that you cannot release them immediately and replace them with others, even though we know there are many more productive beliefs that you could foster. But there is something you can begin today that will make a profound difference in the way your life unfolds that does not require an immediate releasing of the beliefs that you currently hold: Start telling a more positive, better feeling story about your life and the things that are important to you.

Do not write your story like a factual documentary, weighing all the pros and cons of your experience, but instead tell the uplifting, fanciful, magical story of the wonder of your own life and watch what happens. It will feel like magic as your life begins to transform right before your eyes, but it is not by magic. It is by the power of the Laws of the Universe and your deliberate alignment with those Laws.

Money and the Law of Attraction, p. 81
I agree with Mary K on this AND I have thought of an exciting different sort of asking and even more powerful ALLOWING.

Now wouldn't it be great if we gave EVERY U.S. family a million dollars each!
After all it is our money anyway,
and we ARE " The People" !

I feel that would not only solve so much it would ignite our economy, the country, the energy of so many people, everything would solve itself because so many would have the energy of alignment and abunfdance!

I am going to " bank" on this one!!!


Of course it solves so much AND ignites so much!

I'm heading to the 'bank with you on this one, Marcy! WHOOO HOOO!!!!
Thanks, Mary. That makes perfect sense!
And Marcy - you come through with wonderful, powerful intentions (as always!) Thanks!!
And, incidentally - I followed the lead of the bankers and focused today on my own personal "buyout," and guess what?

I got an unexpected check in the mail for $38.98!!! Whoo Hooo!!!
Whoa... I LOVE that Nikii!!!

A great attraction and allowing!!! ;-)


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