Powerful Intentions: Law of Attraction Community

Powerful Intentions is a unique Law of Attraction Online Community

Everyone wants something or the other .
Car , House , Money , Business , Looks , Peace , Love ...
What Do you want ? ( Be specific & set a Timeline ! )
For Eg : I am so Happy and Gtateful that I have 1 Million Dollars U.S. ( Actually , thIs Is My WIsh ! )
Lets all Visualise & BelIeve together & make each others wishes come true :)
Spread the Law , Remove the Flaw !

Thank You All for continuing thIs dIscussIon .
Now all , We need to do Is have a Burning DesIre !

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I want $10,000,000.00 by February 9, 2009......WOW!

I want to feel as blessed as I feel right now in this very moment, today, tomorrow, always.....MORE WOW!
I actually would like less than 10% of that to buy my family a dream home and I would love to spend my life giving away that kind of money...................Imagine the joy in that!
Wow ! That's a great gesture :)
Hi Awesome. Great name.
You and I have the same goals.
I am actually started giving money away.
It has been great fun. Especially to hear from people all over the world.
This really surprised me how much joy it has brought into my life.
I'd like 50 or so million dollars myself so I can pay off my family & friends' debts and write a one million dollar check out to a charity in FL that is close to my heart. I'd also help my friends and family in other ways as well and donate to other charities also but . . .this is a start:-)

I love what you said Awesome - about feeling right now in this very moment . . ..etc. I have to start working on one myself - I am making progress . . . . .every day in every way I'm getting better and better - thank you:-)
I want to be in line with my true 'being'. In line with Source so that all that is in my vibrational escrow will mainifest in glorious fashion. Flowing great gifts into my life to use to better my life and the lives of all the Universe. To become a conscious creator in all things.
All that in my vibrational escrow ,
great gifts ...
Be specific , Bouttime.
That way your wish will be accelerated .
Be Definite .
That is specific. Abraham says that if you are not clear on what is in your "vibrational escrow' then ask for it to be delivered. I may think it's only $10,000 but what if it's a million. Am I limiting it to 10k ? What if an amazing opportunity is in my vibrational escrow? Let that flow in to my life. I am ready and open to the possibilities.
In my morning meditations I ask to be 'in line with Source today. To see and hear from Source point of view." If I am always asking for MOney, money money, I miss the opportunities that Source is presenting that provides the money, money, money. I ask to be connected to Universal thought. to be in line with who 'I am'. To be happy, en-joy, laugh and 'go with the flow' to hear and receive all that is presented to me today. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Yes, yes, yes. I see what the money money will do. I see the outcome of having money will create a spectacular life. I see my ability to give away a house, financially back the charities I contribute to and bless other peoples lives. It's a chain. A stream of well-being connected to my vibrations.

and guess what. yesterday I was given $6,000 from nowhere. hmmm. and, I heard the most amazing idea when I woke up this morning. WOW...thank you for allowing me to hear that idea and the money to make it happen.
Thank you for this site that just connected the money coming to the idea I had. Wow. ! Enlightening. !
thanks that put it all in perspective
It does happen. I just received $7,000 in a way that I could not have enen thought of on my own, but the LOA worked for my GOOD and I received money for my business! http://sallywhitemore.blogspot.com/
Wow u have lots of spiritual knowledge u believe in all those thing as i do.i enjoy this forums because i meet people that have awakened from their slumber of ignorance.
i want the one who called me bonnieface to be the one who called me bonnieface...by october 12, 2008


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