Powerful Intentions: Law of Attraction Community

Powerful Intentions is a unique Law of Attraction Online Community

Everyone wants something or the other .
Car , House , Money , Business , Looks , Peace , Love ...
What Do you want ? ( Be specific & set a Timeline ! )
For Eg : I am so Happy and Gtateful that I have 1 Million Dollars U.S. ( Actually , thIs Is My WIsh ! )
Lets all Visualise & BelIeve together & make each others wishes come true :)
Spread the Law , Remove the Flaw !

Thank You All for continuing thIs dIscussIon .
Now all , We need to do Is have a Burning DesIre !

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I am grateful that my situation gets better and peaceful, And it gets better daily

I wish to get a response from my friend as soon as possible and to hang out with her and have a great time!! :')

I wish to make stronger friendships this upcoming term at shcool!!!

i wish to find the perfect gift to give my father that he'll love!!

i wish for a great second part time job that is close to my school/home and with great co-workers!! :D

i wish to be financially secure and be stronger as an individual!! :D

thank you thank you!!!! :D

I wish to continue being increasingly awesome! :)

Thanks for granting my wish!


DeeDee <3

I am 6'8ft tall. I had grown this tall and fast. I am always as tall as any doorway. Thank you.

I wish for my friend Jonathan's mind, heart, body, soul, and brain to be totally and completely healed- now and henceforth. I wish for my friend Jonathan to truly be a wonderful friend, a wonderful mate, and a balanced wonderful person- now and henceforth. I wish for my friendship with Jonathan to be better, more wonderful that I could imagine, hope for, or expect- now and henceforth.

For the best and highest good of all involved, It Is So, better than I can imagine, hope for, or expect! Peace and Joy! Yay!

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

I am so happy and grateful that:

My grandmother is recovering well from her chest infection and is feeling a whole lot better.
I am having a great night out on Saturday njght.
I am having a great afternoon at work today (suits, big sales, Freedom cards and silliness)
The World Cup (regardless of where England get) is a joyful jamboree, and the best team wins
My aunty now has the keys to her new flat and is very happy with it

I am so grateful for the wonderful health my family and I have. I wish for an increase in the amount of money we have.  Not worrying about money is amazing!!!

once again I find myself seeking a job to sustain me and place to call home.....so, I am so grateful for the new job and the place to call home.... thank you for the abundance and bounty in my life.  peace out

I wish to be Wealthy beyond my wildest dreams. Have USD 6 billion or more in my account in a year or less. NEVER be obligated to work for a living again.Thank You Universe :)

I am so grateful that:

I now have a fantastic new job to replace the one which is finishing sometime soon. It is ideal for me, and is the perfect outcome to this episode of my life. It is also available now (ready for me to move straight into) and the application and interview process is very easy. Everything is turning out in glorious ways.

And so it is.

I'm grateful for my bikini body. I turn heads wherever I go. I have a wonderful figure, flat stomach, and gorgeous hair. My facial structure is so beautiful, I have perfect teeth and skin. 

I have an amazing wardrobe, people question where I got things from. 

I'm grateful for all the supportive relationships I have, they are all mature, loving and supportive. 

I'm grateful for doing really well on my exams and papers! I have passed with flying colors. 

I'm grateful for the abundance of money in my life. 

I'm grateful for the amazing job I have! 

Plenty of Intimacy with my lover over the weekend.


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