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Hi All :)
Ive been keeping diary accounts for ages... just about what happened each day, and some thoughts and stuff. But i was just wondering, what if we write about something negative that has happened? Does it attract more of the same things too?
If so, shall i stop writing diary entries from now on?

:) xox

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I'm not sure on this, I also write in a journal. An I don't think it has attracted more negative stuff. There is a technique that I learned from a lady on this site. It's something new I'm trying, that I really get excited about whenever I go to do it. Here is the way it was explained to me.

Everyone likes to sit down and watch some kind of show on tv. We get all excited about it and everything. The only thing we seem to get down about is the fact that we arent the real star of our of favorite tv show. So here's a new idea, script you life days, weeks, even a few months in advanced. By this we mean sit down and write out the experience you want to happen, you can pick a name and turn them into little episodes. Take whatever it is you want to experience and sit down, and write it out, really feel what it would be like to have that experience.

What I did was I got a journal, and started blogging my life about a month in advance. I really get excited about doing it, and think its a great way to help me stay positive.
I personally believe that by writing down the negative thoughts you have you are taking them out of the internal and putting them in the external, just were you want them to be. Better yet is that you get to go back and see how you felt, analyze it and discover ways to deal with it or get past it. There is no use denying how you feel, only trying to change it if change is needed. Writing things down is a great way of working out what is important, to be crass its a great way of sorting the shit from the shovel.
yeah, youre actually right! i like your response!
im gonna take your advice :)
I like journaling too, what I do now is I journal on the right hand page and write a my gratitude list and my requests and wishes on the left. So if I do write about something negative or sad that happened, it reminds me to think about what I want from now on and I write in on the left hand page.

Last night, I wrote that we, myself and my two teens had an angry session that I didnt handle too well because I was tired. That provoked me to write on the left, how much i appreciate my teens and how I would love us to all get on happily and harmoniously and how I wish I had more energy especially late at night to deal more calmly with emotional issues ...and more things that just came up in the moment.

It also means that if I journal even if it is negative, my last thoughts are of my wishes and appreciation and so I go to bed with positive thoughts

I often do what Lucky suggests, and that is great too, I want to win the lotto and I wrote a journal all about the THE DAY I WON THE LOTTO ...it was Great fun to write and I added to it for weeks because it was so exciting !

And I agree with Milo too that journaling is a great way of dumping down on paper what is going on in your head and is often a great way to release it and move past it.

love and light Gen
Hi Anna,

It all really depends on how you feel about it. I assume if you've been writing for ages it's something that you enjoy and makes you feel happy. Does writing the 'negative' stuff feel like a release or like you're dwelling on it??

Gen's idea is great! Find a something to appreciate that flips your 'negative' experience into something that makes you feel good. We're human... we perceive good and bad despite what 'reality' is and if you can flip something you feel bad about you're changing your perceptions and creating habits that will work when something in your day doesn't quite go as planned.

Enjoy your journalling!

May your wildest dreams become your reality!
Amazingly Me (launching soon!)


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