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well on 14 April 2008 i just got a stray thought in my mind about hiv infection and just a week later i saw the secret and went into a negative loop. i am an 18 year old and have no relationships and have not been near any conventional hiv cause. but now it has been 6 months since my entry in to this negative loop and i have gone into depression and cant come out of it. i thought about getting a test done to ease my anxiety but i got scared that the very needle to test me might be infected. justt yesterda i got a new razor from market and got a cut dutring shave. i started thinking again that this might be infected. this thing has really depressed me and i cant do anything about it so please help

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Hi Rhodney,

the way you are worrying now is exactly how to make yourself ill. According to Law of Attraction (LOA) NO illness or virus can attack you unless you attract it through your thoughts and fears. The way to stay healthy is to be happy and to always believe that you are strong and healthy and that nothing can harm you. Start by appreciating your body and your immune system, complement it on how wonderfully it works and how it keeps you safe from ALL viruses and bacteria.

If you want to do little things to help yourself to always be disease free, try taking Spirulina which keeps the body alkaline. DId you know that NO virus or bacteria can live in an alkaline atmosphere, they need an acidic environment. Happy thoughts keep the body alkaline and negative, stressful and fearful thoughts keep it acidic.

So be happy, be carefree, be loving, be compassionate, be fun loving, enjoy life and you will be healthy and vibrant and full of vitality all your life. Trust that your body is your best friend, empower it and appreciate it, it is designed to last up to 120 years and to stay in top condition.

love and light Gen
i know but now i have brooded over it continuously for 6 months i think i might have contracted it so i cant concentrate and whenever i think about law oof attraction i get into the negative loop
Hi Rhodney,

the good thing about LOA is that at any stage you can turn things around. So dont be afraid of illness. Ill-ness or dis-ease, are just ways of the body to tell us that our thinking or our feelings have been "off" for a while and all we need to do is to start to feel happy again, little by little, loving who we are, being true to ourselves, forgiving others who hurt us, freeing ourselves from negative influences, being compassionate with ourselves.

I know the conventional way is to go for a test and find out if you have an illness or not. Our belief in the medical system is very strong so if this is what you feel you need then go get tested. But I am saying that it is not necessary, you can get well NOW, by believing that illness only happens because we are ill at ease with ourselves, our situations, our surroundings, and when we change our attitude and truely love ourselves we start to become "WELL". THere is no such thing as an "incurable" disease, some people say In-curable means curable from within. Louise L Hay also says that so called sexual diseases are usually caused by a sense of guilt or shame, so again it is about shedding these guilt feeling , and loving yourself or forgiving others whom you see as guilty or hurtful.

A little phrase I use every day is "every day in every way I get better and better", this positve affirmation works for everything, health, self esteen, love life, career, and enjoyment of life.

And remember positive thoughts and feelings are 100s of times more powerful than negative thoughts and feelings ...so rub out those 6 months of brooding with a few evenings of feeling happy and appreciative and all will be well ! You were born to be healthy, to have fun and to enjoy life, you are an angel from Heaven, a spiritual being, having a physical experience here on Earth. You are locked in a physical body but you have ALL the power of your true angelic self ...so use it and have fun !

love Gen
my problem with goin with the test is that i feel due to my thought the very needle might be infected so test is a no but mlogical mind tells me that all needles are sterlized.
Rhodney, You really do have yourself wrapped up in fear. I know that Abe advocates not focusing a lot on what IS but in your case I'm thinking that would be the best route for now.

Fact: You have never put yourself in a position to even be exposed to HIV.
Fact: BECAUSE of the awareness of HIV and AIDS needles are ALWAYS extra specially kept sterile and used once.

Is there some part of you that is benefiting from this obsession?
You might want to check out EFT as a way of breakig this cycle of obsession, anxiety and depression. You can learn more about EFT by going to the Group I started here.........

You will find links to the founder, Gary Craig's, site and other good information. I find that EFT works.........for real. And so do the people I work with using this technique.

You CAN let this go and find it easier to turn your thoughts around.

Oh and I just remembered - HIV testing does not even require using a needle..........so no fears.

But the fact that you have not even been exposed is what I'm hanging onto. Now, worry and stressing could be wearing your body down so that some other thing could get by..........so there is a huge motivation to change your thinking. But if you are in good health and eating well, it is possible that even 6 months of worry has not affected you dramatically. But find the way to interrupt the cycle. Do check out EFT and I suggested before.

Rhodney.....you are allowing negativity go eat away at you and you may very well be causing yourself illness.....Why are you so afraid to go get tested? Medicine has come along way and if there is something that can help you - you must seek help and you must turn inward to begin to heal if you are every going to get out of the rut you are in.....


Of course I understand your fear, but fear is actually summoning more fearful events to you - you must release this negativity, you know that what you think of with feeling YOU ARE SUMMONING TO YOU......

There are so many safety regulations in place to prevent the spread of such diseases, and you can directly ask what the procedure will be for the test you are about to take, and they can walk you through it step by step and you can verify for yourself that all the items used will be STERILE, NEW, that is something we all must do for ourselves as an PRECAUTION.....

You have got to snap out of this - WHAT YOU THINK OF YOU ARE BRINGING TO YOU and I cannot stress this enough.....It takes so little time to get this done and so little effort and god forbid there is something that needs to be addressed, you MUST KNOW there are medicines available.......

With this I send loving, healing energy, light and peace......I wish you only the very best and JUST KNOW that even without KNOWING YOU, I CARE, I LOVE YOU......

ur from india right? well thank you for ur suggestion there is also another thing that i walked barefoot at the vaishno devi pilgrimage bhavan and things pricked all the time and as far as the test is concerned the same idiotic phobi that i have thought about an infected needl i will geyt it according to LOA. sorry for being so stubborn but it is the reason i am asking for help
I'm from the Mariana Islands actually, but have resided in the United States for about 10 years.....but yes, it is an idiotic phobi! Definitely.....You can always ask for help, we will be there for you, answering your questions along the way the best way we can to help you and you may not always agree with the answer nor will you adhere to the advice, but that is the beauty of it.....You can get some of our perspectives and re-think the things that concern you.....Making the choices you make a little easier - because ultimately, the CHOICE is yours.....Do something for yourself today, MAKE THE CHOICE TO BE HAPPY! It is that easy.....

thank you all for your replies but still i could do with some more insight and as i stated that i hve been near no possible sources of hive just rough barefoot walk that too 4 months back and after brooding over thi hiv for 6 months i am concerned the law of attraction would attract the virus and my testing needle might just be the action required
Rodney you are on the path to healing, to letting go of your fears. None of us can make you do that. The point is you have taken the first step. You have started asking questions and with questions come answers. All the answers you seek are there, right now you might not be ready to ask the right questions and find the right answers. And thats fine, in time they will all come to you as you grow stronger.

Coming from a country ( South Africa ) that has one of the highest infection rates with regards to HIV and Aids I can tell you only two things that are the truth.

1.) If you have HIV/Aids life will go on, many many people here have HIV and continue to live happy and prosperous lives.

2.) You will never know if you HIV or AIDS till you take a test. Untill you actually know, you will never really know.

So here you are, looking for answers and you are at the right place. You have the internet, why not start learing more about the the HIV virus. The information is there and maybe just maybe your calling is to lean as much as possible about it and then share your knowledge with the world. You need to educate yourself, you need to learn and understand this thing you fear so much. Knowledge is the key to freedom, never stop asking and never stop learning.

Take your fear and turn it into strenght, learn and share. Have faith that life,the universe, god or the source, or just you, has drawn you to this issue for some or other reason, accept that and make it something great. Confront your fears, learn from them, grow from overcoming them and then share that strenght.

Maybe start here


And see were it leads you.......

Never forget to live and learn!.
Hiya Rhodney!

I'm not sure the problem here has anything to with HIV at all... from what I've read it could be about anything but your mind has chosen to focus on HIV. So... in my opinion getting tested for HIV and coming up negative may not solve the issue, and whilst changing your mindset on this might help it might also not get to the root of the problem so your mind may come up with some other fear to torment you with.

If I were you I would be getting professional help to sort out what the issue actually is. I haven't used EFT but have heard wonderful things about it. There are also psychologists who are savvy with LOA and use things like cognitive behaviour methods that might help. If you think that the forum is enough for you and you can feel yourself getting out of this then by all means stick with that... but sometimes we all need a little 'real world' (as opposed to online) help.

Hope you find some relief in some form soon and can really start to enjoy the amazing person that you are!

Amazingly Me! (launching soon!)

p.s. I know a lot of people on here are not too fond of medical professionals or medication but in my opinion sometimes they can be the answer that the universe is offering.


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