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This Saturday is the Spring Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere, a time when life begins its journey upward from the dense cold of winter ground to the warm and life-giving light that fosters the changes we call growth. The same process is taking place in our spirits, right now. As our own "sap" rises, it meets blocks, resistance, contrast--showing us the places in our lives that are calling for healing and change.


Whether we know it or not, we are all treasure hunters--adventurers into the unknown territories that unfold minute by minute in our lives. The treasure we are all after is peace, love, health, prosperity and connection. We want to know our purpose--the gifts, talents and abilities we bring into the world. When we are at one with our purpose--our soul's deepest desire--the treasure we seek will appear.


The question then is, how do we get to where we want to be?


The answer--by going where we don't want to go.


Just as in the adventures of Indiana Jones, the only route to the treasure is by facing and moving through the obstacles and challenges that stand between us and our own desires. Think of all the snakes, spiders, roaches, rats, booby-traps and people that tried to deter Indie from staying his path. Any one of these things could have halted his progress, but his will and desire were too strong to allow anything to deter him.


...and that's what it takes--for each one of us to have such a firm grip on our desired outcome that NOT getting there is never an option.


I know first-hand how terrifying this process can appear to be. I also know first-hand the joy and freedom of finally breaking the chains of fear that held me prisoner in my own life.


Time and again, I meet people who want freedom. Sometimes it is freedom from a physical ailment that has plagued them for a long time. For others, it is freedom from another failed relationship, or issues of self-worth that hold them back, or any of dozens of other issues blocking people from having the life they desire.


The route to that freedom is always the same--confronting your fears, getting to the root cause and exposing it as having no validity for the life you live and the person you now are. Only then can the process of release truly begin, setting you free forever from your fear.


After you do this just once, and feel the exhiliration of being set free--realizing that it was YOU who did it, nothing will hold you back from doing it again and again and again, until you have released all the chains, dropped all the baggage, and connected with your deepest desires.


For each of us, the point of readiness is different--everything comes in Divine Timing, so wherever you are is the perfect place for you to be on your path.


When you are ready--when you have finally had enough of heartache, pain, or not getting what you want from life, the process of loving Angelic guidance and gentle release I developed in my own journey to freedom can help you navigate and clear your obstacles for good, much more quickly than any other process or method I know. Our Highest Good demands that we have to confront and remove these issues ourselves--there is no magic pill, energetic or quantum method that will offer more than temporary relief. Nothing can do this for us, but the actual process is nowhere near as painful as our thinking about it is.


Remember how just the right tool, object, weapon, person or idea would show up to help Indiana Jones in every situation to keep him moving forward? It is much the same for you--Spirit and the angels gently and lovingly provide what you need to help you at every step of the way on your path to the treasure YOU seek.


Who knows, maybe it was the angels helping Indie, too? ;-)



A Note About Angels:

Angels are not attached to any religion, regardless of what our culture may have led you to believe. In fact, they have existed since before mankind had a way of naming these amazing Beings of Light, Power and Grace. Our society is rife with erroneous culture-based notions of what an angel is and does. I invite you to welcome these powerful Beings of Light with an open mind and spirit, so they may show you the truth of their nature and purpose.


Yours in Spirit,

Rev. Chris Oldham, OS, RMT


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