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Do you need one ? Do you have one? Do you want one? A LIFE COACH ?

What do people think about life coaches ? is there any need for them ? with all the wonderfull info readilly avialible like the secret ? ester and jerry hicks.......... Do you have a life coach ?

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Good question! Some people are Law Of Attraction coaches though who help people learn and apply this stuff. I am thinking of becoming a coach in the future AND I have attracted 8 free coaching sessions (by phone) for myself by a life coach in training whose nearly finished her course starting tomorrow. (Yay for me!) When I filled in the life coach's questionnaire I was delighted to see there were not that many areas of my life I was disappointed with and a lot I am happy with! And yes the secret, the Hicks, this forum, LOA are a big part of that! I HAVE found some things I'd like this life coach to help me with. I don't know how I will find the process of being coached and I will try and find this thread at the end of my sessions if you want and tell you how I found it and if it fit in with the secret/esther jerry (aka Abraham) or not and if so how. Not everyone is at the same vibrational level, LOTS of people still don't know about LOA etc. Or don't apply it. (Although of course in some cases that is purely from choice and if so fair enough!) Having said that I HAVE heard that coaches are VERY different from say counsellors. Counsellors would be more likely as far as I can see to deal with issues like say getting over abuse in the past and a life coach might deal more with issues like wanting a career change for e.g.
I think life coaches are a great way to get an outside point of view and a great way to get inspiration. They can be very motivational because let's face it, it can be hard to keep pushing sometimes.
"I think it would be great. There is one in my area I would love to go to - but $300 a session is more than I can manage right now. Also, I don't know if it would be THAT great."

Um maybe for corporate coaches who coach a whole company but as far as I've heard coaches cost about $50 a session sometimes a bit more or less. Maybe you could work (playfully) on attracting what I have - free sessions from a coach in training who has nearly finished their course.
I'd love
any tips from coaches or those who've been coached on how to get the most out of my sessions with this coach to be. My first session is due to start today during my lunch break - hooray! Even though I know a little bit about life coaching being that I think it's a career path I want to follow, I still don't know what to expect from this. But it's a freebie and will help me understand more about the coaching process.
"However, they can give you great advice and CNN claims that life coaches were actually thriving in this economy." That's kinda great news for me if (when?) I DO follow my path. I've decided I'm not starting my course (which is 6 months to a year) till September though. (Although AFTER that I am thinking of studying with these people who do introductory courses to EFT, NLP and Hypnotherapy! AND learning some web design skills. IF I'm gonna be a life coach I wanna be a kick a one!
Anyway will let y'all know what I think of my sessions if you want?
How can I go about finding some free life coaching sessions? or free LOA life coching? How did you find this person in training? I would love to do this and am also interested in becoming one.
In order to make the most out of your coaching session, before you go in, you need to cleary define all of your goals. What are the things you're working towards, what do you want to change, and maybe most importantly - What do you want from your coaching session.

Knowing what you expect from your coach and what you want from your coach are two very important decisions to make. This way, you can gage progress with the coach to know if it is worth your time to continue with them. This will serve a double purpose because it will allow your coach a clear definition of what they need to do to help you. Clarity is so important and should not be looked over.
Any good coach will help you to define your goals and all of the above. That's part of the process. First sessions with me are spent discussing what the objectives are and we revisit that over the course of coaching because goals can change through gaining clarity over time. They will most likely do reviews periodically to determine how effective the coaching is. A good coach can help you to find someone who "fits" you better if the relationship isn't productive. And a lot of coaches offer a free first session to check whether or not you are compatible. So, that kind of thing is worth checking out.
For me the trouble with many coaches is that they are only in it for the money. You need to find coaches who are vocational in their approach, people who have lived the talk, who have all the things in their life that they need, health, spirituality, love, money and joy, bacause these are the qualities you will need to find to practice LOA well. Many people find a truth and instead of learning to apply it to themselves just want to teach it to others, or they see a possibility of making money just by providing the information. A good coach will have overcome similar obstacles that you are trying to overcome, so seek wisely.

If you have the courage, just keep learning by yourself and the teachers and the lessons will come. Have you heard the expression "when the student is ready the teacher comes".

My teachers and coaches came in the form of books and later CDs and Videos and then I found this site and have learned SO much here, and it is ALL free, learning through other peoples experiences, reading and viewing the online books and utube videos that people suggest. The lessons that are right for you at that moment will resonate and things that are not right for you or not right yet, will not resonate. You need to trust your own journey and process.

If someone is charging a lot of money chances are they are just using LOA to make money for themselves, but all the Abraham material is available here free, so you can learn all you need to know right here. But when you are at the staage where you are making lots of money, then buy the expensive courses because you may learn what to do with and how to manage your money because that is what many of those coaches excel at.

But remember this is an unlimited adn abundant universe, so you can ask for all that you need and it will come to you as quickly or as slowly as you are ready for it. It will come free if you currently have no money, and it will come at a price when you have that money to spend..

Ask and you shall receive, knock and the door will open.

love and light Gen
We all have the ability to coach and be coached. This forum is a great place to do both. There are totally inspiring people here, and some that have yet to pull the wool from their eyes (or heart). Everyone belongs, everyone is blessed by the caring and participation. Life coaches that spend time being trained and charge money are doing a very valuable service, but their service is directed towards people with enough money to pay.

I've had a life coach before. It wasn't a good feeling when I ran out of available cash for it, but that was then, for me. My experience would be different now. I am here to be coached by the discussions and people I put my attention on. You never know where an insight is going to show itself, and they're coming fast and furious in my life lately.

I am simply doing my very best to stay open-minded. Oftentimes the mistakes I make in judgment turn out to be blessings too. I had a moment a couple months ago when I wanted to tell Mallica to tak a hike. Now I see what an absolutely caring blessing she's becoming to many. Then she surprised me with a message that brought me to tears of gratitude.

It's all about where you look, and how willing you are to recieve. we can all learn from anything, if we want to.
That you everyone for your kind input. i have put my coaching on hold due to cost, and will use this site and teh material i have to keep myself motivated and heading towards my goals


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