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I have been reading an article by Anita Briggs, that gratitude completes a cycle of knowing and of life experience.  Until you can appreciate and show gratitude for the present and your life now (positive AND negative) then you will keep on repeating the same experiences until you do.

The idea goes that gratitude for the good and bad, releases you from the bad because you are no longer resisting it.  (You only attract the bad so that it helps you to appreciate the good).  You are also appreciating the experience and learning (your knowing) that it has to offer, and that varies from person and from experience.

It's a cycle of learning and of experience, and gratitude completes it.  It speeds you through your growth and success far faster than any amount of hard work ever could.

What do you think about this?  Do you agree with it?

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Hi Neil,

This will depend on how you are perceiving the gratitude. Are you doing it because you were told to do it, or are you doing it because you truly feel the gratitude and appreciation of understanding why and how whatever happened, happened? In my view, and in my personal experience and in my experience with my many clients, when you finally acknowledge what has held you back from whatever it was that you wanted, and have let go of being in fear around it, the feeling of relief that comes with that is what gives you also the feeling of gratitude and appreciation. 

As you let go of the old programming, the silly belief systems and all of the opinions that you've been living by, the relief you feel is immense. The letting go of these things is the completion. Gratitude and appreciation are acknowledging the relief that comes from the completion. =)

Deep Peace,

Ross - Tolemac

Conscious Energy Healing

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Thank you Tolemac, great to see you posting again and sharing your experiences.  Yes you're right, sometimes gratitude comes because we feel we 'have to' be grateful, and that if we didn't, our realities would snap back to the previous negative phases.  I have also had the experience of having some rather unenjoyable work schedules sorted out for me (for instance) and they were so much better than I had even been intending (very much a 'have your cake and eat it' scenario) and the gratitude I felt then was pretty strong.  It was both relief and joy, so I think there is a difference.  I had had the fear of the unenjoyable scenario, had it sorted out (by asking the Universe to do so) and then had the relief and gratitude afterwards.  So I have definitely had the experience you describe.

For me, the thing I would most like to sort out is how to really make progress in my career, so I shall have a look at the fears and the silly beliefs surrounding it.  I look forward to the joy and gratitude of having it finally sorted. 

I have found the actual article again, and will précis parts of it here for the benefit of this thread;

” Gratitude will speed you through your growth and success faster than any amount of hard work. IT COMPLETES THE CYCLE OF KNOWING.  When you are grateful for what you like and dislike, you are released from having to experience what you don’t like, and what it either shows or teaches you. What you don’t like is most often for the purpose of helping you appreciate what you do. When you resist what you don’t like, you miss the experience of what it has to offer, and you keep on having to experience it until you do.  GRATITUDE COMPLETES THIS CYCLE OF KNOWING. “

From THE POWER OF GRATITUDE IN CONSCIOUS MANIFESTATION by Anita Briggs (article found on Facebook). 


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