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Hi guys,

It's been a while since I posted or even visited this community but I just wanted to share with you some reassuring news for those who are starting to "doubt" or "shake" in their faith in The Universe. It might be a long post but I hope you stick with me through the end.

I've been out of work for a few months now and for the past 2 months, I've been trying nonstop to get a job. I did everything I knew I should - send online resumes, ask friends for contacts, go to job fairs. I was seriously working my ass off but it doesn't seem to be working out for me. I realized that most of the jobs I was being interviewed for weren't what I wanted. I turned them all down, having faith that the "right" job will come for me. But it's been taking quite a while and I was starting to lose hope.

In the meantime, when I resigned from my previous job, I discovered the joy and beauty and peace of yoga. I started attending classes everyday for months and became really close to the beautiful community there. Suddenly, I felt like I was home and the things that I wanted to change about myself just naturally started to chafe off of me. I felt like such a better and lighter person. Because of my newfound passion, I decided to take the teacher training our studio was offering and share yoga with the rest of the world. I was so excited about it, and even though I didn't have enough funds for it, miraculously, my parents offered to pay for my tuition. Everything was going great... except for the job thing. I seriously wanted one - I wanted to do something other than just yoga. Not that I'm getting sick of it, but I just wanted some variety in life. And believe me, I never felt more ready to work in my whole life.

But things haven't been panning out for me. For the past few weeks, the job interviews I've been having have been really funky - mostly due to external circumstances - and I made some risky decisions about not even pursuing some applications I knew I was just following through to have something to do. For some reason, I felt like there was literally something stopping me from getting that dream job. I could feel it intuitively and metaphorically around me.

Last week, I was really starting to feel sad and my "positivity" was waning, so I made a desperate plea to the Universe: "Please, if you could spare a miracle today, spare one for me. Give me a concrete path to follow." A few days later, I get a call from a great company that contacted me two months ago! I had lost faith that they would call me back again, even though they said that they would schedule me for my second interview, and was very surprised! My interview is now scheduled for next week. I'm so excited for this because this is the job that I really really want. And the company is the kind of employer I always dreamed of having. They have the same values as I do. I know, deep inside, I could give my 150% here every day. 

Today, I suddenly woke up feeling like I needed to do something. I immediately inquired my studio about it and lo and behold, tonight, I found out what my metaphorical hindrance was: my teacher training schedule. Apparently, there was some misunderstanding and I learned that I would have to take 6 days off of work in September and October to finish the training. Holy cow! That would have been the biggest no-no from a company who would want to hire me.

I was really really scared but before I could go into panic mode, my zen mind told me again: Don't panic. There was a reason this interview you've been waiting for has been delayed. There's a reason why you inquired about the schedule today. There are reasons for everything. If it's meant to be, it will be." So instead of going bat-crazy, I heeded my mind's voice and stayed calm.

Tonight, I was shown that, contrary to what I believed, the Universe has always been working for me. I just have to keep my faith and trust, and remember not to resist the current flow but calmly direct it towards my goal.

I know that all the kinks haven't been ironed out yet, but I was given what I asked for - a concrete path. Next week, I'm going to be honest with the company and let them know my situation. Hopefully, if they like me enough, we could get into an agreement of some sort... Or hey, at the rate the company's been going, maybe my next few interviews will have long intervals, enough for me to have finished my training when I finally start to work with them... If they'd hire me. *fingers crossed* 

Well, here's to hoping and intending that things work out the way they should. There's always a bigger plan for everything... and that bigger plan is always being made for YOU! :)

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Yes.... if you believe everything unfolds in your favor... truly believe that... then just imagine how life would be.


I posted such a statement the other day, "Just imagine... what if you believed that everything that happens is for your benefit?"... but it went un-noticed because people cannot fathom it to be true (me included).


What if you don't get hired at all, but you believed the above, and it is all leading up to something even better that otherwise wouldn't happen?.... You would just let it unfold.



it didn't go unnoticed.... people often don't comment when they simply agree....

I LOVED reading this- proof that good things can happen with LOA :) I know that everything will work out for you, just keep believing that it will!

This really encouraged me THANK YOU! And my fingers are crossed for you too!

Veritas I just wanted to say I didn't reply bit I DID see that post of yours and that also really encouraged me!! On the whole I do believe it but sometimes more strongly than others. But ues thank you !
This is wonderful. Someone told me a while our gut instincts always lead you to right descion. I found out owe gut instincts is the Universe. We need to trust it it always leads us the way supposed to go.

Blessings! I'd love to know how it turns out! :)

I'm glad it's helped some of you guys. Honestly, I'm still struggling with the letting go. And I could feel my positivity waiver still.. However, I return to the lessons I've learned here again and try to steady myself in my faith. :)

I'll let you guys know how the interview goes. I'm also hoping that it would turn out great. :) Good luck with your own journeys!


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