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Does anyone have quotes from Abe or ideas how to deal when a family continues to be too toxic and it appears that being in a state of, "no contact" or contact through an attorney be the only contact around a parents death or end if life. I do not want to feed into more games and I am pretty sure that I can more mentally let it go if I won't be need to deal directly with any immediate family member whom will survive after parents death.

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Have you told them directly that any communication with you must now be done through a third party, such as an attorney? Successful manifesting, at any level, begins  with identifying and stating exactly what you want. If you want something from another person, you need to tell them. That does not mean they will be willing to cooperate with you, but they have no chance of doing so unless they know exactly what you want. 

Will you be the one providing or directing end-of-life care to your parent, and handling their affairs after death, or are they? Who will be the primary decision-maker?

If it is you, then you must find some way to better manage your own conflicts with them, and the intense emotions that arise in you. This is their parent, too, and they have  as much of a stake in the situation as you do. In the end, once your parent is gone, you can choose to never communicate with them again in any way, but for now, unless you choose to completely walk away, you are stuck with each other. What can you do then to minimize conflicts, and manage your own emotional state so you can be present for your parent, instead of wasting your energy in fights with your siblings? 

If you know what their games are, and these are predictable, then quit playing; quit giving them the negative reactions they have come to expect from you. Stop feeding the conflict; this is not  "poor, innocent you against your mean siblings"; it is a negative family dynamic in which you each play an active, habitual role. They may not stop playing theirs, but you can stop playing yours. Then, when you quit playing your particular role, the dynamic collapses because it requires each party's efforts to keep it going. Things may still not be pleasant after that, but at least the focus can shift to the important matter at hand (caring for your parent), rather than, "He did this, she did that, they are toxic, I am the only sane one," bickering. 

If they are the ones providing or directing your parent's care, the same applies, but you have more freedom to remove yourself from the situation. If, despite your conflicts with them, you know they are capable of providing adequate care and honoring your parent's wishes, then it would be better to let go of the situation and allow them to do that without criticism, even if you do not agree with every decision. Focus on what they are doing right, be glad they are there to do it, and only get involved if your parent is being abused, neglected, or is otherwise in danger.

In short, quit focusing on your siblings' "toxic" behavior, and attend to your own inner state. You are a co-creator in this family conflict, and will keep manifesting it until you consciously and intentionally stop contributing to it. 

i really think this Abrahams video may give you total relief because it expands your awareness and makes you feel totally free,



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