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I have listened a lot to Abraham Hicks videos on You Tube lately and have learned that in order to attract money and the lottery you have to feel abundant first - getting a lot of money must feel like the next logical step.

I am struggling with feeling "rich" all the time. Especially when I go to the mall and are not able to afford the things I want to buy - How do I feel abundant all the time when lack keeps on popping up during the day? How can I feel like I already won it if I cant live like I already won it?



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When you really want to FEEL rich, think about all the things you do have that money can't buy!


Play the prosperity game - its really a good exercise - after a month you will gain some insight on what it takes to OWN financial abundance - the more you practice the more proficient you become!



thank you Helen.  How awesome to remember your presence in my life. 

Focus on abundance , Listen if you have a good health and your body is operating normally , let me tell you that you are millionaire with a fortune worth $100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000.00

That is so true - you can have all the money in the world, but if you don't have health, it doesn't mean anything (you can't enjoy the experiences money offers then)



I was working for a transportation company for the wheelchair bound, (one thing that may surely allow one to appreciate what  they have) when I encountered a Russian woman and her husband; he was being transported home from a hospital visit.


When we arrived at their apartment and I took him inside, I commented on how nice her place was. It was a little one bedroom one bath place, nothing special, but she had it decorated rather nicely imo.


She said thank you, then turned to me, tears standing in her eyes as she described first seeing this place. She was brought in and showed around, told how much it was. Her first question: How many families will we be sharing this with?


When she was met with a startled look and told it would be just for her and her husband, she said she broke down sobbing. She couldn't believe it.


Sobbing. A one bedroom, one bath apartment. It really put things in perspective for me at the time with regards to what we take to be "abundance" when contrasted with others in the world.


To her, she is living in a palatial mansion, compared to what her life was before.


Personally, all I have to do to feel rich, or to shift attention to what I have, is to look around at the rest of the world and what they have. People who do not worry over wants, but rather, worry over survival needs. The family that lives on a boat on a Brazilian river whose fondest wish is that there is a good catch a couple of days in a row so that the father can take a day off to do repairs on their "home" so  it doesn't sink during the next big rain.


If I "want" a day off, it's to go fishing for fun. Or to laze on the beach. Or to hang out with friends, or in front of the tube. Or whatever. Do you think it ever even occurs to such a man to "want" a day off for something like that? Thus, the want itself, in context, represents abundance. That I can even look in a store window and "want" a little box half the size of a pack of cigarettes that can hold every song I've ever liked...represents abundance. Those individuals on that little boat, can barely imagine that such even exists and owning one? That is so far beyond their ken that it isn't even a "want"; couldn't register as such for them, very likely.


Me, I "want" to lose weight, while that man and their family is hoping to have enough to eat tomorrow. That I can even have such a "want" is grossly abundant.


And that's what contrast is here to show us. Imagine, the next time that you are standing and looking at something in a mall, that instead, you are standing in the mud, looking up and trying to figure out how to get the fruit down from the tree, not just because you "want" it, but because there was a bad catch today and you need "something" to have for dinner for you and your kids.


Contrast it. Then tell me where the abundance is and how not to focus on lack. ;)




Holy Cow Kevin, that was awe inspiring, and I KNOW that I am a truly abundant person with so many blessings, I could not even begin to count them, but recognize them, I do indeed.
It's all about perspective!  Love it Kevin!  Inspiring indeed!

YES... it is NOT about the money, but how you feel about it. Money is an illusion.


I heard a similar story on the news one night, about a couple Somalian guys that were fortunate enought to be accepted in the U.S. to save them from a war situation.... When they were asked by the translater what they noticed most about living in the United States, they said that they were amazed that we have grociery stores full of food. It was heaven to them.


Hell, just today I couldn't decide what I wanted to eat because I was falsely feeling limitation, and I have plenty of money to eat whatever I want!

I think this is a lot of people's problems ultimately around manifesting great riches, I know it's probably my central issue as well.

I have been working on this one for awhile myself. I have found that a couple affirmations have helped at times. Also, practicing visualizations, which take me awhile. I would literally try to visualize and just not really go anywhere, but I am better at it, and I have left visualizations feeling more abundant.


I also like the suggestion on the secret, that whenever you see something that you would enjoy, to say the words 'I can afford that" . That's a fun one :)

by accepting. Accept that you're not wealthy, be okay with it and feel grateful of what you already have. notice the light and joy feeling, they're the best feeling a man or woman can have!

when this is done and you don't care anymore about getting rich, then money will come to you, probably slowly or fast, a lot or just a little, it doesn't matter cause you know you're already complete and perfect even without being wealthy.

One thing to remember is that the Universe is not affected by human life, or the limitations of your everyday life. It can make ways for you to get things, even if you have no money, are drowning in debt, have no job etc. It could even be that you acquire the things you desire without even paying for them.

For instance, ago when I was out if work, I really wanted to travel, even if it was just for a weekend away abroad. I didn't think it was possible since I didn't really have the money, but the sight of some palm trees on Worthing seafront seemed to remind me of that. As I was walking along the promenade I was playing the 'wouldn't-it-be-nice?' game and thinking of all things I could do. Wouldn't it be nice to go away somewhere abroad? Wouldn't it be nice to be checking into a hostel? Wouldn't it be nice to be back on the backpacker circuit? etc.

Did this for a couple of weeks, and then the next thing I knew, I received a cheque in the post for a tax rebate, and my Mum suggested that I go away somewhere as she had found out about an Easyjet sale online. If I booked something up, then her and my Dad would give me some money towards it. I ended up going away for a lovely weekend to Nice (one of my favourite places). I visited plush, affluent Monte Carlo with its vestiges of style. I remember sitting in the cafe opposite thinking;

" I'm out of work, I don't have much money at the moment, yet here I am on the terrace of the stylish Cafe de Paris, drinking coffee, writing on my travel journal, surrounded by palm trees, basking in the sunshine, and admiring the Lamborghinis and Ferraris going past. This afternoon, I'm going to walk the coast road back to Nice. Tonight I'll be in the hostel bar chatting to other travellers. Tomorrow I'm going to Menton. Somehow, I have made this happen. "

Despite the limitations of my life at the time, I had found a way to have a holiday I desired. I had co-created it with the Universe.

You can do this too. Walk round a shopping street or shopping centre, or go online and look at the pictures. Claim the things you desire as your's. Affirm " I claim that for myself. I have that now. " The Universe doesn't know the difference between what is real and what isn't: it just manifests the things you are focusing on the most, so if you are claiming things for yourself, and do it often enough, it will find ways of bringing them to you. (I am writing this reply on an iPad which I also acquired whilst out of work. I didn't buy it, it was given to me as a present from my family).

You may get some doubts when you start doing this, but these will soften with more practice, and after a few go's you will actually start to believe in what you are doing. The process of synchronicity will also open doors and out you in the right place at the right time.


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