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I am doing these two (A&B) short term projects, one of them(A) is almost coming to an end.

But I do not get along with the lead of this A-team. To list a few -this person has zero manners, doesn't seem to display great potential as evident from the quality of his work. I had raised this issue with the main lead who agreed with what I had to say and corrected this person's strategy. This lead-A was also instructed to involve other team members in decision making. As a result, there were some slight changes but no real transformation. I even requested a transfer to another project but that was difficult at the time. He has no regard for others' opinions. And even though this is a purely intellectual endeavor, it feels like we are blindly following orders like in a military setting. I was really excited about this opportunity and was doing so well. But now, if you raise concerns or come up with better solutions they are rarely valued. If you can agree with everything this person says and praise his work then you get special considerations. I could go on and on but you get the idea. It is just this one person that I cannot take. Everyone else on this team and the other team are very polite and professional. The lead of team B is one such person and is more competent as well. I wish this person Lead A was just like her. That would be my ideal work environment. 

One time I deliberately tried raising my vibration and things went well but the next day I was again noticing the same behavior. I tried not to let myself be bothered by it because it is only a short term project but I really don't wish to disturb my vibration because of this one person. I have some other important work to do that is very demanding. Now the reason I don't quit is that I have worked very hard until now before this lead 'came to power' and I so want my results! I cannot go discuss with the main lead again because I am afraid I might look like I always have problems. I don't want that because I wish to work with this main lead in the future, this is a great professional to collaborate with. 

I am wondering what would be the best practical solution to this issue. How can I experience good/better circumstances ( with respect to this Lead A) with the least vibrational work? Should I try to ignore it as much as I can? I am sure others have experienced similar situations. What would you do if faced with this issue?

Thank you!

Edit: You know something interesting about this: I have not had such obnoxious people in my work life for the past 8 years, not since I discovered the LOA ( Yay!) The most and the last time I experienced such people was when I worked at an institution in a particular town. And this person happens to be a resident of that town. I don't think that it is a coincidence.

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There is an amazing Abraham Hicks' video i watched yesterday that talks also about the perfect job, i think it gives much clarity about different topics, if you want to watch it its title is: "Abraham 2020 - Alignment will always bring you joy, satisfaction and clarity" (i can not post the link because im with my mobile and i don't know how i can do it lol sorry).

Thanks for sharing :)

I have been listening to Abe a lot recently.

With time,it is becoming easier to understand and follow their teachings. 

Now that I think about it, I feel I make the most progress when I undo things rather than do things. LOL I dont know if I am making sense. But that is what is truly working for me. 

Yes sure, because we usually overthink, overanalyse, and do a lot of actions and efforts and all of this is just......resistance! :/

Update: We are still in the final stages for both projects.

Now that I think about it, I feel I should not have put up with the rude behavior. The preferable option would have been switching projects or even quitting this one project. It was too late by the time I posted this. But now I know better.

Lesson learned!

Me wanting to stick it out was actually me denying my self-worth and the abundance of this universe. 

I would not have lost a lot if I had quit. 

What happened was my anger /frustration with this one person did not allow me to perform well on the other good project.

Bottom line- this circumstance was a reflection of what was going on within. I am working on it. But even if that was the case, I should not have stayed. I should learn to better manage my inner vibration and make better conscious decisions :)

Yes but don't say that to yourself, regret is bad vibe, you know all this now because you have behaved like that so now you are transforming your wound into wisdom so all is very well! I really understand you cause i recently accepted an awful behaviour of a "friend" and then i felt so bad for having accepted all that cruelty. But now i know better, now i will not let a narcissist enter my life anymore, so.. lesson learned! :D We deserve happiness and respect!

I agree. I dont really regret this decision but I found myself thinking differently now that I am out of that situation. And wanted to come back and see how I could have done it differently. Now if someone had told me the same exact thing then, I would not be convinced about it. But now, this perspective feels right and easy and effortless to me. Hahaha ! 

I thought it would be a good idea to post it for the sake of discussion and as an update for those who helped and supported me here

I am glad I dont have to fear such situations if they arise in the future ( from my own making of course) because I know better now.

Yep we just need to think that we did our best with what we knew in the past, and this is a thought of self love. If we say we behaved in the wrong way in the past do you think it is a thought of full acceptance of ourselves? Remember that how you behave with pple is your karma and how people behave with you is theirs so if they did something wrong to you they will pay that, don't worry. I was hating myself cause i was so naïve...but now im realizing i don't have to, i will keep being myself cause eventually a person with good intentions will find his people while the bad ones will always bitching somewhere lol.. Abraham too says that if we say something like: "If that did not happen..." we can not move forward because we are condemning the contrast and not appreciating its precious value. So girl, you did the right thing! You rocked and in the future you will rock even more and better!

Thank you :)


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