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Follow your highest excitement :-)

Follow your bliss :-)

Follow your heart :-)

Follow your passion :-)

Do what you love, and love what you do :-)

Need I go on?

I replied to a similar post, and also started one of my own. Sometimes, your calling or purpose in life can be called 'your joy.' So if you are making an effort to become joyful and give out that particular vibration, then that is what you will attract - a vocation which is joyful to you and which you love doing. What you were born to do. And as we know from spirutual teachers, " do what you love, and the money follows. "
Brilliant !! This is going to be my new screensaver !!
Now I just need to work out what I'm good at Lol x

What feels good when you're doing it? Follow that and you'll see which of those you have the most aptitude in.

I'm very approachable, get on well with people, and am good at making new people feel welcome. I am also good at practical things like crafts and horse riding. Not sure how any of these skills would help me find my purpose?

I think my struggle is that my heart prefers 'nice' jobs like crafting, but my head thinks I should aim for something more 'practical' like management?

I want to follow my heart, but my head pays the bills lol x

i think this is the dilemma most of us are in

That's where I am at too Holiday Optimist

I so badly want to follow my heart, working with animals, animal carer and do a course in wildlife rehabilitation carer.  I am in a career that is nursing and I do find it draining and its a made do, to pay bils. If I was asked do I enjoy nursing out of 100, I would say 40. 

My partner reckons I should try and save 10 grand so I can follow my heart, so that I have a build up of savings to back me up.  It is a good idea, but life is to grabbed now?

I really like this post Tolemac, because to do something you enjoy that pays the bills does equal purpose in life. I can imagine you get up to go to work, and you have this high vibration because its your purpose, so awesome. 

I wonder if you can move your perceptual awareness around, to bring more joy in? Remember, you are a MANIFESTOR, and you are getting very good at this!

Perhaps this will sound weird at first, but can you get inside that emotion that you feel toward animals, and explore it a little bit? Because the gentle love of animals and willing to serve animals, could easily be a quality you use toward humans.

Can you say to yourself a few times, and see how it feels: "You know, more and more, I'm starting to feel that humans are just these funny, hairless, two-legged animals"? And "The emotions I feel when I greet a horse or a rabbit, are feeling very similar to the gentle emotions i am starting feel when I greet a human who has come into my realm.

Remember, the vibrational field we live in, is so much a part of our experience, and you already HAVE the gifts of tenderness and joy toward other beings. You just want to experience that more strongly, more directly, more freely, and I think you CAN begin to do this, whether or not you later find ways to work with 4-footed beings, winged beings, and furry beings.

The idea that nursing is not ALSO one of your life's purposes, is totally free and open to you. :)

Thanks Bananadfordays  I do like what you have said.

I work in the Community nursing for elderly and I do enjoy, I feel good working in the community as a nurse.  However to pick up some more money I went back to the hospital setting and I do not feel good.  I prefer to be in the Community. I have more compassion for the seniors in their home.  I don't find I am rushed, like it is in the hospital, more holistic. I provide better care and gain good rapport.  The hospital, where I work, wow its the opposite. There is apart of me thinking to get out of the hospital and work in the Pet boarding and stay with Community Nursing?  I have both realms :D

As I am looking to do a course towards Captive Animal Care this year to be a rehabilitation wildlife carer :D 

I really really really REALLY hope I have a purpose in this life and that it is 

one I am really good at and I LOVE and it is lucrative and flexible with lots of

freedom for me.

Oh please let me have one.

Something I was born to do too, love to do and brilliantly good at and be very very successful in.

I think you just summed up everything I was thinking Athena!

I think I have spent so long trudging away in the same job for several years, it's difficult to break out of that mindset. I have been re-reading the book above and it says you should use someone who inspires you as your motivation. That's a good suggestion because you can start to envision what your aiming for. That's the hard part ... My skills and finances don't match the vision lol !!

I used to think that everyone had a passion if they could only find what it was, but now I believe it's an ongoing journey searching and filtering your preferences until something finally hits the spot.

Sorry if I'm waffling again. Just researching aloud lol x


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