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I got another reply from another Pet Boarding place.  It may look like a casual position available late February, she would like my phone number.  If I can balance Homecare Nursing and Pet Boarding, I am on a win :D 

My other goal is the Captive Wildlife course and in the end a new career in Wildlife Carer :D

I am so grateful to put the enquiry out there and get a response ;D

Excellent, sounds like you are starting to manifest what you want to do, so KEEP FOCUSED and keep on doing what you have been doing. Do so every day, and tick the days off on the calendar. The more you do this, the more synchronicities you will attract.

It is important to keep at it, because mind power works incrementally, and the synchronicities get more and more 'relevant' the more you focus. It all depends on the exact percentage you focus.

So at the start, you will just attract fairly small things like references about your dream job that you overhear; but as you get more and more focused, you will eventually manifest the job itself.

Sometimes you may get a 'near miss' synchronicity. So for instance, you may apply for what you think is the dream job, but not get it. That doesn't mean that your dream is dead, it means that you may be at something like 50% focus, so keep at it. You will be rewarded, and the Universe has all sorts of ways of making your dreams happen and your focus manifest.

The idea that there is a path at all , is it's own block.  It is identifying yourself as a future, some-where and some-body else, when all the while you remain perfectly complete as the very here and now, present tense, the only tense we understand.  

No one is searching for anything since nothing was ever lost in the first place, since we are here and here is we, we are beholding the beauty and wonder , that we ARE ☺ 

Wow thank U Tolemac, so true!!!!
You are so great Tolemac!!!!

What if what I love to do is something that bothers others?  For instance I love guessing people's ages and asking how old they are, talking about age etc.  I feel like if I know how old you are, I know you better.  I find great entertainment in reading the Reddit "Without using a number, how old are you?" type threads.  There are actually several on there!  I like music, I like some math but only when it deals with age for the most part and I'm not too good at math.  I like psychology, phonetics, criminal justice.  I'm passionate about civil rights and disability issues.  I have a knack for computer programming but it's boring.  I'm a great writer but often can't get up the motivation to do it.  I'm great at public speaking.  Music is my life.  I love teaching.  I want a career where I'll be able to support myself independently.  You guys tell me, what is my purpose in life, and what are some career options.  I have no idea!  I mean you can't tell me my purpose in life, but suggestions would be nice please.

Thanks so much for the insight, Sunflower. 


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