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I'm guilty sometimes of not believing in the power of my thoughts. Although I'm learning more and more to control them (and the emotions that come with them) and keep the bad thoughts away, it's really hard work for me sometimes.

But, this is what happened and to most of you it maybe little silly, but it hit me (once again) pretty hard.

As I woke up this morning I couldn't shake the image of a beautiful Kinkade painting from my head. An image of a place where I'd love to live. Then I forgot about it, because the mornings are really busy for me. When I had a minute I checked FB and as I scrolled down my newsfeed I saw a page about "how Kinkade became a great and celebrated artist"...some paintings were featured also... 

I have not seen any ad about him or his art for years! Is this a coincidence or is it a sign? 

I'd really appreciate your opinions!

Thank you!!!!

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To put it simply: Nothing ever is a coincidence.

<3 thank you!!! 

Your not guilty per se. Course in Miracles says that Guilt demands Punishment.  Food for thought at least!

So its not about “controlling” things.  Rather its simply about choosing them.  So with anything, you can make a choice in any given moment for a thought that makes you feel good.  That really is the law of attraction in a nutshell LOL.

 Neither ... non-applicable to/from Reality. 

"I'm guilty sometimes of not believing in the power of my thoughts. Although I'm learning more and more to control them (and the emotions that come with them) and keep the bad thoughts away, it's really hard work for me sometimes."

This is a wonderful comment that courageously shares your personal struggles, thank you!

The Law of Attraction is a simple Universal Law, but it is not EASY for many/most people. Too many people seem to confuse the fact that it is simple with the idea that it should be easy. Changing your thoughts, feelings, and behaviours is not easy for most people to do, especially if you have spent a lifetime feeling & behaving cynical, depressed, anxious etc. Perhaps a small subset of people are able to quickly and easily shift their mindset and behaviours, but realistically this sort of personal transformation takes time and effort for most people. So, you are not alone in understanding that it takes work, and you should be proud of yourself for every success, and don't be too discouraged when you have setbacks. What is important is that you keep trying. Mastery takes practice, patience, and a willingness to fail and try again. :)

"Is this a coincidence or is it a sign?"

I think the more useful and interesting question is: Why does it matter to you? Do you feel that you need it to be a sign for you to appreciate it or have faith in your own ability to attract something? If so, that is a good thing to know about yourself and your faith in the universal laws.

If it was only a coincidence, does that take away from its beauty or how miraculous it felt? Would that persuade you to doubt your own power or doubt that the Law of Attraction exists? Again, this is also good to think about and know about yourself.

No one can decide for you what you choose to believe and why. It is up to you to determine whether or not you think it was a sign or a coincidence, what that means to you, and how you will proceed with that belief. But whatever interpretation you choose, do it with full awareness and responsibility. Understand that you have the choice to believe it is either a sign or a coincidence, and therefore you have a choice in what to do next. You can also choose to change your mind at any time. :)

There are millions of ways to conceive of the universe & how it works, and it is wise to hold all of your beliefs lightly and with deliberate intention so that your beliefs do not end up controlling you. You can hold space for two things to be true at the same time (maybe it was both a sign AND a coincidence), because the human mind is capable of amazing things. Belief should be a tool that you use wisely, not a trap that keeps people stuck in dogma or allows one to become lazy in one's thinking.

The Law of Attraction is a basic and simple Law or hypothesis for how the universe creates/manifests things in peoples lives. It is not a religion or an entire system of belief in itself (no matter what any book or guru tries to tell you).

The purpose of LOA is not to prove to you (or anyone else) that there is a God who gives you "signs", or that angels exist, or that there is a "vortex", or that aliens are helping us, or that mystical spirits are talking to you... etc. You can choose to believe these kinds of things if you want, and certainly lots of people do, but that is always your choice and is completely separate from the basic premise of Law of Attraction. (I suggest you read several different books by several different authors from different time periods to get the best understanding of what LOA really is and how it connects to creating a healthy and useful worldview. I can make recommendations, if you like.)

Sorry this comment went a bit long. I think you asked an excellent question. :)  I only wish more people approached LOA with critical thinking skills and an appreciation for its history and relationship to different philosophies and spiritual systems, instead of trying to use it as a capitalistic "get rich quick" tool or as some kind of substitute for a religion or thinking that it is the answer to all their problems. It is a part of a whole process of personal evolution, and there are more laws than just Law of Attraction. 

What a beautiful response! Thank you so very much!! You made me think about a lot of things and it felt good to dig deeper to a place that is beyond doubt and fear. I have read many books about the law of attraction but if you could please recommend some, I'd really appreciate it. I'm sure there are many I have not read yet.

Thank you again!


Every subject you think about attracts, period!


Yes, it’s true that we attract what we think about most often, especially if it has a lot of emotion. It’s what’s called a meaning to coincidence.  Or even a synchronicity. 

When you use mind power frequently, you build up a kind of psychic momentum relating to the thing you are focusing on. Usually this is something small at first, but then it expands incrementally until you manifest the thing you have been thinking of, in to entirety. This painting would have been the first such increment. 

Thank you so much!


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