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Hey guys i think this video about this new virus is just perfect!! And this LOA teacher is one of the best ever i think, she's one of my favourite:



Wish you all the best health*****

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That's the basic assumption.

Separation from what ? 

Existence Itself 

As-if "to exist, existing" and Existence Itself are separate entities.

Religion, birth, physicality, materialism, cause/effect ..... all imply a creator and a separate creation.

Reality ..... and a virtual really ...... "virtually" reality ..... an image, likeness, not not original , TOTALLY REALITY. TOTALLY REAL.

There is only The ONE ONE .... no matter the name of ONE ..... that ONE name is The ONE . 



"So ..... what about the narcs, disease, the manipulative manipulators, all woeful woes, the ills of the world.... all that seems contrary to all the other contraries ?  What about "my world and my loved ones, my broken weak and dying body. All my ceased loved ones ..... what about all those years gone by, all those people dead , what about ..... what about this very question about what's it all about .... what about cause and effect and all the other assumed powers? " 

I stick with Truth ... what IS .... and only The ONE/IS ... IS ... THIS HERE NOW. 

The very idea of separation or departure to/from ISness .... just doesn't fly.... it's no idea at all. 

It's like asking "who by taking thought can separate/alter the very thought that is this thought ? " 

Love it!

i love these words i just read on the internet:
"Let's look for the reality we wish to create, by following our bliss. The ecstatic joy is our true state.
All is well and our heart's know this.
There is love and care. A celebration of our life we live here.

The contrast shows us what we hold dear.
Trust and ease. Our true self is eternal.
All is well. All is well. Trust source holds us in the stream of vibrational wellbeing.
We are rising in awareness and this is the time of the great awakening of human consciousness.
We will know we create our own reality individually and collectively.
We created the universe and climbed inside.
This is just a ride.
Fear or love we decide.
Our truth is inside..."

And Abraham Hicks keep rocking!!!!!! Really great video, Coronavirus How To AVOID IT in 2020 :


Always wonderful to listen to Bentinho Massaro:


"Even though I have been mandated to stay home, I can see a sparkle of light that is always there if I open my eyes. Sitting at my desk, I look around… Among the confines of these walls from which I am told I should not venture far, is the home that I helped build. This home is a reflection of my values, my beliefs, and is abundant with intangibles to comfort me. My home is abundant with love from my family and pets and offers me a sanctuary to be my true and uninhibited self. In my home, I have the space to truly be with me. This is the only moment in my lifetime where I have been given permission to stay home, take care of myself, and am not asked to give reasons why. This is the only moment in my life where my health and safety have been deemed most important by the entire world."
- Casey Hersch

L'immagine può contenere: camera_da_letto e spazio al chiuso

I think we all have to realise in some ways that we have created Covid 19 for a reason.  Its serving a purpose of sorts.  We have all been praying for change and wanting life to change and being the powerful creators that we are, thats exactly what we have created showing up.

Many years ago, there used to be wars that would have an effect on lessening numbers on the planet.  Nowadays there aren't wars happening so the planet is going through an evolution of itself.  I recall reading that the ozone layer has started healing and repairing itself and this was thought due to the less amount of air travel happening.  Our roads aren't as busy as they once were and so there is less pollution.  People in general have been talking about need work/life balance and volia we are all now at home.  

I wouldn't say that's a work/life balance though.  It's too much life and not enough work.  I would say the intention for it was there, but our own negativity has got in the way and produced something which isn't really what we desire.  This I guess, is one way to show us that we need to be clearer in our asking. 

And yes, the virus is a way of creating a planetary reboot. The ozone is repairing, air pollution is down, the seas are cleaning (at least around the UK they are) and I believe that this current period is a way of burning off negative human energies so that we can go forwards in our evolution. 

But thats the point, its given us a great clarity.  I think previously many folk were complaining that there was no work life balance and just asking for change to show up without realising how powerful they are and it has shown up.  Like anything, I think we all are capable of changing this situation around too - and already its amazing the impact its having on our planet.  People are already starting to look after one another and make connections and that is a tremendous thing compared to before Covid 19 existed.  

What we need now is to take attention off talk of the second wave, because that will just energise it, as we did with the double dip of the 2008-12 recession. Some very interesting insight came to me yesterday: an opinion, that what we have been experiencing over the last 2-3 months, is actually the second wave.  

The first wave came in November and December last year, and I have to agree.  People were coming down with very heavy flu-like symptoms, including difficulty breathing, and have said that it was unlike anything they have felt before.  So I believe the virus was around outside of China, it was just that the link hadn’t yet been made, and the virus hadn’t been given a recognised name.  My brother and sister in law certainly reckon that they had something like it around Christmas and that it took weeks for them to get over.

So if this is the second wave, then it HAS been much worse than the first, and what we need to do now is to focus on going forwards now.  Being beyond the peak, and that if we are careful, then we should be in the clear and free to proceed to better days.

At the moment, things feel quite positive.  Every day we are getting little items of good news, and it seems that every day, somewhere else is reopening or something else is being allowed.  I am starting to wake up in the morning and think “ which piece of good news will we get today? “ and that is a nice way to feel (certainly a lot better than it was 2-3 months ago). It feeds a narrative of life improving and starting to flow again. 

Now we are going forwards and life does actually feel pretty good again. Lots of places are open and we are able to meet up again, and it feels as if things are going in the right direction. We aren’t out of the woods yet though, as there have been rises of cases in Europe. Spain in particular, but even Germany which has dealt with things very well. This could be because of increased testing, but remember that there are also metaphysical reasons.

The fear which attracted this virus in the first place is still here, and also hasn’t gone away. I don’t myself think that these recent increases are a second wave, as the whole thing would have had to have died away first. These are probably a reemergence of the wave which hit in March to May, and we need to stay living in the light, so that it doesn’t take hold.

Remember that you are always safe and Divinely protected. As you do this you will be sent signs such as feathers or robins, to confirm this. Remember that the human body is designed to be healthy rather than ill, and that you are always provided for whatever happens. Keep on reminding yourself of these facts if you are feeling insecure about things, and you will be fine.

HI all, Love this discussion.

and I agree that this is a time to strengthen our belief that we create our own lives and environments. We may in some ways have contributed to manifesting this Corona virus, but we dont have to go along with other peoples perspectives. We can live healthy and happy lives even if we are living amongst people who are fearful and negative. 

And we can, if we keep our cool, help others to heal and help this pandemic to fade away.

I have actually enjoyed certain aspects of the Shutdown in my country (Ireland).  I enjoyed the fact that there was no pollution because there were fewer cars. I enjoyed and appreciated how nature bloomed, there were so many birds and insects, bees in particular !   When shutdown stopped I was aware of pollution returning and so I added to my desired manifestation, clean air and nature in abundance.

I also got to know so many neighbours on my estate that I never even saw before because most of them ar young parnts who both work and so they leave early in the morning in cars and their children spend all day in creches.  But since lockdown, I met all these lovely couples with young children (30 families in all !), I made a list to learn their names and exactly where they lived and what they do and what their hobbies are. It was wonderful.  Many of them also told me that they loved working from home and being with their children, so I include in my manifestations that all those who enjoy working from home will find such work and their lives will be more satisfying and happy.

I am retired, so I had a great time walking my dog. and I walked more than ever before because there was no public transport. Now I feel healthier and happier than ever before  (and my dog appreciated it too !!)

Dying is just part of living in this world, and so I do not fear death. I know it can be sad to lose a friend on this journey, but knowing they are on another journey has to be an indication that our loss cannot overshadow the great journey they are now on whether they are young or old.  More people die of Influenza, Suicides, Hunger, Road accidents than Covid 19.  Im just going to die of old age ... or maybe I will just decide to go when I want to.  I have no need to suffer and illness or trauma. Life is good and the next journey will be exciting too.

I love too that there are so many wonderful people, guides and teachers like Dr Bruce Lipton, Abraham Hicks, Gregg Braden, Louise L Hay, Joe Dispenza ... the list goes on and on ... of wonderful people who offer us amazing uplifting insights into how our world operates and how we can make things better and better.

love and light to all 


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