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Hey guys i think this video about this new virus is just perfect!! And this LOA teacher is one of the best ever i think, she's one of my favourite:



Wish you all the best health*****

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Very good video and thank you for sharing.  No surprise that it's China first: they live in pollution, overcrowding and repression so this all builds up, just like it did in early 2003 with the SARS virus. They are vibrating it. If you don't want it in your life, don't vibrate it. Don't buy into hysteria and mass negativity. Don't buy into the general fears of getting ill during the winter months. Believe in the good of the Universe and in the flow of health through your body, and you will be fine.  Governments like us to live in fear, don't be a part of that: switch off the news. 


Nessuna descrizione della foto disponibile.

I never thought about this in this manner. The country is a collective consciousness after all. 

Thanks for sharing!

Maybe we should also send blessings to the affected areas like China, northern Italy, Brighton etc.  Not the negative kind of blessings about stopping the virus, but the positive ones about health and healing for everyone in them.  That would be a lot better than buying into the fear the media keep spewing out. 

Great idea!

The corona virus has now been reported in my home town, and predictably, the Chicken Lickens are going haywire, predicting the end of the world as we know it.  A post also appeared on Facebook today, stating a scare, illness, affliction or circumstance for each of the last 20 years (SARS, recession, West Nile virus, Zika virus etc) which the media exaggerated, yet which all passed over and which didn't kill us.  I know what I am going to believe, but I'm still going to send light to the situation as that's better than buying into fear. 

Also, if you have to watch the news, then if they show a map of affected areas, then focus your thoughts upon that map and send light and healing thoughts there. 

Yes sure.

According to Louise Hay, the main cause of a widespread virus such as this is a widespread lack of joy.  Obviously, what we would need to do is to spread some joy, but when people are really ill, I don't think they would be too responsive to it (or pictures of puppies, kittens, rainbows jumping out of boxes etc) so I reckon the best thing to do is to send light to the affected areas.  Look at a map and send healing light to the countries.  I you have to watch the news or read a paper (I recommend that you don't) then affirm that you send light to the situation.  Look at the graphs which are showing daily spikes etc, and affirm, I SEND HEALING TO THE SITUATION. 

L'immagine può contenere: possibile testo seguente "Question: "How will News that we're hearing affect the spread of the flu virus? it, Abraham: "It will be of great value to the spread ofthe flu virus. Your television is the most dramatic and effective influencer for illness. Remember, the ofanything is to give thought and then expect So the news shows you the statistics, they tell you the horror stories and stimulate your thought. They are scaring you to give thought with emotion. 1994 @fb Abraham-Hicks Inspirational Quotes"

L'immagine può contenere: 1 persona, possibile testo seguente "GUEST: don't get medical check ups. ABRAHAM: Good! There are very many well meaning people that believe your wellness is not secure They think they should probe everyday looking for something going wrong. Keep looking, there will be plenty to find. That is how disease is created. @abrahamhicksloa"

A "negative/negating" existence could never exist in the first place in order to exist to negate itself in an-other place. 

Truth is the Only Existence ..... Existence Is Self 



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