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I was just browsing through the internet, trying to find some info on saris (Indian women's clothing) I would love to have one, but in my country the prices are ridiculously high, so for now i'm entertaining myself by looking at pictures of them..

Anyway, i was doing so in my 5min free time at work, and got distracted because of some business related phone calls. I left the site open, as well as some other websites that i was checking out about holidays, LOA etc. So as i finish the phonecall and start going back to work, i look at my pc screen and at the bottom i see all the different websites lined up next to each other. I could only see the first letter of each site. Do you know what those first letters spelled out?

i just stared at the screen and couldn't stop laughing. Talking about a responsive universe, i now know i live in one!

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Sparkles, I must be hooked on you...LOL!

Do you read TUT -- notes from the universe? A couple of those notes have been about sparkles. I like it! More universal winks and sparkles!
This doesn't always seem funny, but really, it is --

I drop things. (H-m-m, do any of you ever do that?)

I am amazed at HOW MANY TIMES the thing I drop just disappears. I mean, I cannot find it. Not long ago, it was a pill. I looked and looked. I didn't find it. Still haven't. It will probably be discovered when I sweep up the dust bunnies in that room.

Today, it was a piece of gum (in its wrapper).

There is what I call a "black hole" into which these things go. The black hole ejects some of its contents from time to time. And sometimes it doesn't. It's amazing what we'd find in the black hole, if we could actually reach in there.

My dad discovered how you can find things that you've lost. One day he was working on his tractor. He'd dropped a bolt into the grass below him, and to his great consternation, he could not find that bolt for the life of him.

So he dropped another bolt in the same way he'd dropped the first one.

And, by golly, he found the first one -- and the second one, too.

I had braces on my teeth when I was a teen. I was putting a rubber band on my braces one day and as I stretched it, it popped from my fingers and flew across the room. In order to find it, I took my last remaining rubber band and "lost" it the same way. I found both of them.


Mary Jo
LOL that is funny! I never thought about losing a 2nd item to find the 1st. Usually I can reach down and just find stuff. It very strange. My middle son has the same thing happen to him. We call it "the finding gene". If someone loses something, we don't have to think about, we just start walking around the house and can usually find it within 5 minutes. So many times, I've just reached into something randomly and pulled out exactly what was needed. It used to drive my ex husband nuts because he was always losing something and would have to ask for help. The Universe does have a sense of humor!

My son and I do puzzles like that too....we're fast and always seem to pick up the right piece and stick it in the right place without looking.

Happy to swing by and help anyone find stuff if they need help, lol!
Kim :)
Please do! I want that gene!

Mary Jo


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