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Hi guys, just a question. Recently, I've been having such vivid dreams and I'm quite aware that I'm dreaming in them. However, once I realize that I'm awake in the dream, instead of trying to control it, I was more interested in watching it play out rather than creating my own dreams. One thing that stresses me out though is that, for the past few days, I've been having very vivid lucid dreams of alternate realities of the same event that happened last week. Different scenarios play out in each dream and the two most vivid ones are quite disturbing.

Would anyone know what this could probably mean? What do dreams and LoA have in connection with each other? It's always been something I've wondered about. :)

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Hey Luna!

Thanks for sharing some of your inner journey! :O)

Your impulse to let things unfold naturally sounds absolutely inspired, Luna (if you don't mind my calling you that)!

I've found that just sitting and meditating (I do an Ah heart chakra meditation) is AWESOME during lucid dreams, though it usually melts them into light and euphony!

What does it mean that you saw various scenarios play out? This happened to me, once, too. Perhaps you just got a peek into how the shadows of the unified field are made and cataloged. Some scenarios are, perhaps, disturbing.

But the fact that there are many versions of every event might also put a smile on your face, as it's a reminder that it really IS all a game and that we choose which reality we experience.

YAY ON YOU for advancing to this stage!

It's easy to suspect that it's a step forward in human evolution. That's what makes sense when I think of it.

How about you, Luna? What do YOU think? :O)

Sunshine & Blessings,

Sounds to me like you've simply been exploring alternate realities.


I wouldn't be too concerned about it.  In fact, the more you worry about this one or that one, the more likely you'll shift yourself into that very version of reality that you most fear.  Anything you can imagine is possible, and is in fact real in some portion of Creation or another -- but that doesn't mean it has to have anything to do with your current reality.  It just means that it exists as an alternative.  It's when you pay a lot of ATTENTION to it that you attract it into your experience, because you're now resonating on the same frequency as that particular version of reality.


My personal mantra regarding this goes as follows:


Be mindful what you wish for, 'cause it will come true . . .

and be mindful what you dread, 'cause you'll get that too!


I think you'll be just fine as long as you're aware of what's happening and can view these alternatives with interest and perhaps curiosity, but NO FEAR of them, and don't spend a lot of time thinking about the ones that disturb you.

Excellent mantra Rascal... ;-)

Hi Giovani and Rascal, thanks so much for your reply. I really appreciate it. Yes, I am curious at exploring these alternate realities.. however, sometimes I ask myself what the point is. I mean, why view this event in different scenarios all the time? What does it mean?

Also, the following questions pop into my mind:

Is it possible to communicate with people through your dreams? 

How can lucid dreaming help you make miracles in your life happen? :)

Hi Luna!

Why view the various scenarios?

Well, it's potentially very instructive - even fun! It's basically why we step "down" from the state of the Absolute into the physical: to experience a particular reality. (Same reason why you might play a video game several times.)

For one thing, you can learn more about a person or situation by experiencing it from several angles. Remember the Ghost of Christmas Past? Scrooge learned from the various ghosts what life was like from other people's perspective. And in It's A Wonderful Life, the idea was to learn what the life of others would have been like without one's presence.

You can surely see how what you experienced resonates with that kind of thing.

But perhaps you've read one of those Choose Your Own Adventure type books where you're given choices periodically, and by choosing to open the left door instead of the right or by accepting an invitation rather than declining, the rest of the story changes completely.

Well, imagine someone who didn't understand that there were many stories in such a book. (Perhaps it was being delivered in ebook-like format.) That person isn't having half as much fun as someone who realizes these choices make an actual difference! Wouldn't YOU find that fascinating?

So, maybe that's what THIS life is really like, Luna.

And maybe you're being introduced to that reality.

Are you ready to feel out the implications? :O)

Sunshine & Blessings,

Like Gio pointed out, it's both fun and informative to explore the alternatives, just to see all the possibilities.  Along the way you might discover a choice you can make that will move you in a direction you want to go.  Play with it and have fun with it, and I'm sure you won't be disappointed.


As for meeting people in dream state -- yes, I'm sure of that too.  I think we're always in contact with other entities, other expressions of Higher Self, as we're exploring the Infinite Potential together on our dream journeys.  Most of the time we don't remember these contacts, but sometimes we do.


At least I know I do on occasion.

Hey Luna,

Pat says you can definitely meet people in your dreams.

I agree. 

The book that really got me interested in the subject of shared dreams and lucid dreaming was called THE DREAM MAKERS Discovering Your Breakthrough Dreams by Richard Corriere and Joseph Hart (1977). It's about a group of psychologists who started keeping dream journals and ended up in shared lucid dreams. It's out of print but used (and seemingly some mint-condition) copies can be bought at Amazon.com.

Here are other resources....

article on shared dreaming

instructions and resources

Enjoy your ongoing journey, Luna! :O)

Sunshine & Blessings,


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