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Guys i wanna know which is the best position for meditation....?
I feel uncomfortable in the sitting position so i changed my position to lying down...
But something is bothering me.....
I think i am mistaking dream like state with trance
actually i have no problem with sleeping while meditating.....Because i think i can cover it up with practice and will....
But may be i wont get any results of meditating
because may be its just a sleeping state which i am considering trance...

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Hello Light,


In my view, it's best if you are seated. When you lie down, your body goes into automatic sleep mode, and you end up going unconscious. When you are wanting to meditate, and end up sleeping instead, you really are not getting the benefit of the meditation. The idea with meditation is to be relaxed, but still aware and awake. 


What makes you feel uncomfortable when you're sitting? What type of chair are you sitting in, and are you having the same experience in different chairs? 

I echo what everyone else says, that sitting is better than lying down. I have gotten into the practice of positioning my back flush against the wall so that I'm supported. The more I practiced, the less uncomfortable I found myself. Slipping into a blissful state is so very easy for me now when meditating, so if I was uncomfortable before meditating, I'm certainly not uncomfortable during meditation!


You might just have to stick with it for a few weeks. It does get easier.

I think sitting on the floor in the lotus position is the most conducive to great meditations, but that's just not very comfortable to me anymore. It started getting less "fun" to sit that way when I hit about 50 - but that's limited thinking and I probably should get my groove back on that, so to speak. Sitting lotus with your back against the wall helps, or sitting in semi-lotus is an alternative if lotus is difficult for you.


Otherwise, sit in a chair because you'll probably fall asleep or not focus, as others said.

There is a condition in meditation that you have to keep your spine straight and you should not use any wall or anything to keep it straight...
Thats the problem because i cant keep my spine straight for long time...
It hurts and there you feel a strong urge to move....
Same with lyING down too...
If you meditate while lying down on your back and your hands are on your sides....You cant keep up with this...
You will feel a strong pain and urge....
The best comfortable position i found is lying on side....But i dont know whether its right or not....Anybody knows..



I'll move my PS down here since you're talking about the same thing. We must be vibing that together. :-)

Also, whatever position you choose, keep your back straight and your chakras lined up so energy flows easily. :-)


I don't think lying on your side would be a good idea because your spine would be crooked and your chakras would not be lined up. If you do use a wall for support, you're right, you can't totally just lean on it. You still have to keep your spine straight, good posture, etc. I've never felt pain lying down, but I am among those who fall asleep. I'd say sit up straight and use a chair or wall for support HELP if your back pain is an issue.

Actually i am listening "aboriginal deep trance music" to meditate...
But i noticed a strange thing..
When i do this while i am lying....I enter into a different state of my mind.....
I am afraid that its a dream state....Which i dont want...
Secondly when i did this while sitting.....Nothing actually happened....
So if that state was because i was sleeping than i dont wanna fool myself.....Because i will keep doing this and think that meditation is working.....But i am actually in a sleeping state...
actually its not pain but when you are lying down and dont move your body for sometime......You will feel a very strong urge to move....
Specially in the position of lying on the back....
This is actually a key to sleep paralysis and astral projection.....Though its not the topic....
Hmmm. You all make me want to try meditation lying down for once just to see what you're experiencing. I used to astral project a lot and that would be great by me if that could facilitate it. It vaguely resonates what you said about the pain from not moving and the urge to move if you try to meditate that way.
It doesn't matter what state your physical body is in. Believing that a certain meditation style or position is important then you are still attentive to that which is physical and ego. It matters not, to your "expanded/infinite self".
Any position in which you feel comfortable is the best position for meditation.


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