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I would love to have your valuable input on this matter.

I have spent a whole lot of time trying to figure out if I want to choose something or not.

The manifesting part is not as hard once I know for sure that I would like to have something. 

But my choice changes with time and my mood. When I am vibrating high the same thing looks perfect and when I am not I can see several flaws.

Is there a better way to decide? I tried waiting and waiting, that didnt make things better for me.

I have mostly had a clear feeling about my decisions. I really prefer to have that clarity.

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Well to some degree, the hard part here is your mind is making it hard.  You can choose anything you want, and should.  However its not a one time only thing.  You might choose something now like a cup of coffee and then in an hours time you may want a tea in stead.  There isn’t really anything to figure out per se.  For me, if I keep to the basics, anything that feels good is always going to be the perfect choice no matter what the circumstances and it rarely follows logic.  Also you can always ask the universe to give you clarity in situations too.

Thanks for the reply GB. 

How about decisions that are not one time. Like career choice or your spouse or settling down at a particular decision. Even in this case,it is not necessary you stick to your choice made decades ago. I understand that as we change our choices might change too. 

But most of us still want a steady experience when it comes to such matters. 

And how exactly do you ask the universe for clarity? 

Most of the decisions I made were quite easy, they just came to me. So I feel uncomfortable when I am not sure.

Well the career choice isn’t a one time only thing.  Nowadays the job for life has changed.  So its more about working out exactly what you desire at a deep level and creating it.  Now part of this process involves getting identified what you don’t want or don’t desire showing up (as sometime we aren’t really clear on that and then the universe sends us multiple opportunities.  So with career, what I would look at first and foremost is what do you actually enjoy doing?  You see that’s the real secret.  When you find something that you enjoy doing and lose track of time doing, then you will usually find its not a pain or worry to work, but rather it helps you feel good if you enjoy the job.  So for example, when I left college I had no idea of what I was going to do.  I know it was a long time ago (some would say the dinosaurs roamed the earth).  However I was playing with taking a year out and then at the time I signed up for a “business skills course”.  It was a year course that taught basic IT skills and numeracy and IT skills.  You know I hated it.  Yes it taught me some great skills but for me it was hitting my head against a brick wall.  I hated every second of it.  However I used it to determine what I did enjoy.  I liked thinking and analysis and I had done an A Level in a subject and so went on to do a degree in that.  I loved it so much.  I studied all hours of the day and was never tired.  It was a joy to get up early and do studying before work, and at the weekends.  I never tired of it and I felt so passionate about what I was doing – I felt ALIVE literally.  I’m lucky in that I work in a field where I get to do that day in day out but I’m not alone.  There are many people who do what they love and its about first recognising what you are good at and then seeing how you can make a living from it. 

Thanks for sharing Great Believer!

There is a lot I can learn from your career experience. 

I need to focus on what I want instead of the blocks I might face. There is a lot of sifting to be done.

I appreciate your help!

When I am vibrating high the same thing looks perfect and when I am not I can see several flaws.

Well, yes, when you are in a lower vibration nothing looks as good as it does when you are in a high one. When you are in a high vibrational state, you are open to what is possible in a way that you are not when you drop into a lower vibrational state. 

You are letting your lower-vibe self get in the way of your higher-vibe self, and thus are stuck in indecision. I think you know exactly what you want to do, but you are giving too much attention and consideration to what your lower-vibe self says, and that is getting in your way. You cannot live a higher-vibe life while at the same time letting your lower-vibe self describe reality.

Maybe you are right. I might already know.

I feel like just choosing is not enough. I still have to put in some work. If someone wants to thrive in his dream career, just choosing something and not growing as an individual or a professional is a big mistake. 

You are right about the low-vibe thing. I must be aware of the thinking patterns that lead me to doubt or judgement. I rarely see flaws when I feel good. This isnt just about decision making but about me being in a low-vibe state. Uptil now, I assumed that critical thinking (coming from my low-vibe state) was actually helping me make smart decisions. Although it can be of value when you can be aware of what you dont like and then deliberately create your preferred reality. 

Thank you so much Little Feral Kat. :) This was very helpful.

Greetings, infinity! I hope you're doing well and that things are feeling better and better in your life in response to your efforts. :)

It is difficult to give advice without many specifics, but I think Great Believer and Little Feral Kat have already offered up some wise words.

For me personally, I take the view that no matter what I choose at any time it is right for me and I will learn and experience something valuable. Even if I decide later that I made the "wrong" choice and choose something else, I know that the experience taught me something and allowed me to build up my proverbial muscles. In essence, you can't actually make a mistake, no matter what you choose (unless you decide to label it and believe it is a mistake). 

We all try our best to make the best choices for our lives so that we can avoid hardships, disappointment, pain etc., and we use our rational minds to weigh the pros and cons, and this is a good thing. But sometimes we think we want something only to realise that it wasn't the best choice after we have received it - and this itself is a good thing too. It only becomes a "bad" thing if we torture ourselves with judgment about it, allowing ourselves to have thoughts like: "I messed up! I knew this would be a mistake! I'm such an idiot. My life is over. It will take forever to find a new job/house/boyfriend/whatever. I should have chosen X instead of Y. Etc."  Instead of deciding we are doomed, terrible people for making a less than perfect choice, we could instead decide that ALL of our choices are blessings and that they all teach us what to choose next. It really can be that simple.

Once we realise how powerful we are at all times, and realise that we can change our minds at any moment, then we don't have to struggle with indecision or be afraid of making the "wrong" choice.

When it comes to love - it definitely sucks to choose a bad partner and be cheated on or betrayed etc. Yet most of us can still find reasons as to why certain relationships were still meaningful and valuable, no matter how they ended up. It isn't as black and white as: some relationships are worthwhile and others are not. There is usually much more grey area in life than this.

When it comes to a career decision - All any of us can do is weigh our options carefully and go after positions that we feel will bring us the most joy, income, benefits, growth, conveniences, etc. according to our current desires, goals, and values at the time of the decision. Sometimes this works out amazingly! Other times, we take a "dream job" and a few months later find out that the coworkers are awful or the hours are too demanding etc. We can use LOA to try and avoid these things, or bring better circumstances into our lives after we become aware, but without the contrast of what we don't want, we cannot form the desire for what we DO want, so again, all of it is useful and never really a "mistake."

If you have a spiritual practice, or believe in a Creator or Deity or angels and the like, you can ask them for clarity or guidance, and allow yourself to be quiet enough internally to hear the response in prayer or meditation. Or, you can ask the universe for an answer in the form of a sign ( for example: "if this is the right choice for me, show me a clear and definite sign in the form of a phone call or meeting") and wait for the results. Some people have lots of success at this, while others do not. It depends upon your willingness to believe that such guidance is possible and willingness to try. Other people enjoy using oracles or divination tools such as I Ching, Norse runes, Tarot cards, astrology, pendulums, muscle testing, flip a coin etc. to help them gain clarity or make certain decisions. You have plenty of options. 

In this seemingly physical universe, time and mood will always be changing, as will our ideas about what seems perfect for us, because we ourselves are always growing and changing. Absolute perfection for all time is an illusion. Don't be afraid to make a leap of faith. The worst that can happen is that you won't like your choice and decide to make a better one later.  As always, I believe in you and your ability as a co-creator of your world. You've got this! :) 

Thank you NickMoon-Noire for your help. 

 I do love exploring in general and I am very open about many things. But I am that kind of person who prefers clarity and (spiritual) guidance when it comes to making important decisions. Thinking in terms of LOA, if I prefer something and desire it then it is possible for me to get it. Then by that logic, I feel it is right for me to desire clarity. It is not so much the fear of making mistakes than it is about the desire of wanting/experiencing something wonderful. 

I will need more meditation and more quiet time to be able to tap into that guidance. I guess that should be a way of life rather than a one-time thing for quick solutions. LOL  . I do believe in deities. I could try that as well. 

It feels like I need to prepare myself for the answer. Or let go of the questions and doubts and be receptive instead. 

There used to be a tool in access consciousness called Light and Heavy.  Basically it says that if you feel light about something then often that is true for you.  If you feel heavy and contracted then that is a lie for you.  So some people love that and some people hate it.  For me, I'm a bit of a logical thinker (curse/blessing) so I hated that tool, but some friends loved it.  Basically they teach that when you come to making any choices, to say them out loud and just notice how your body responds by feeling.  So a truth or something that makes you feel lighter, more expanded is vastly different to something that makes you feel small and contracted and heavy.  So when I was doing that, they had us practice with food (as a taster) and it worked quite well for me and my mind.  So it may or may not work for you but I figured it worth sharing.  It may (hopefully) help.

That is an interesting technique. I will try it and see where it takes me. 

I am a logical thinker too. But you know what, anytime I felt like I knew what I had to do, it always satisfied all logic. At times, it didnt but I was in a state of mind for that timeframe where I didnt care about logic. I really like and trust that state of mind. It has been a very useful guiding force so far. Sometimes I may not know that I want something. But at least I know that I dont want the others. That is helpful too. 

Like anything, its worth giving it a go.

Another thing, you mention that you know that you may know want something.  Well the cool thing with that, is that if you know what you don't want, then often times you just need to turn it around  For example ,when I created my relationship - I had a great LOA teacher who was helping me.  She made me write a list of all I want (which is a common LOA practice) but she also made me start by writing a list of my "Do not want"s.  With the Do not wants, we went through each one.  Where we had listed something like "lies, dishonesty" we would turn that around to honesty for example.  Where we had selfishness, we might put generosity or compassion for example.  So if you know what you dont want its often a great place to start to help you identify wnat you  really do desire too in coparison (one of the ways that comparison can actually be useful LOL).

Re light and heavy, here is a video explaining the tool (does it better than me):


and some links to blog about it:




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