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What follows is a message from Gabriel that he has asked me to share with you. This is not a channeled message, it is a consciously received message, written with my full awareness of what is being given, and my cooperation in the process of putting it in words. When I receive these messages, I am fully guided in choosing the right words to express the thought coming through, and gently alerted if my ego-mind begins to take over the process so that I can correct the message to remain true to the given intent of the Divine Spirit delivering it.

It is important when reading this to remember that Gabriel is the Heralding Angel, and as such often delivers messages that impart hard truths borne from a place of Loving spirit.

"Beloved Ones,
I come to you today with a message of great importance for the times you are experiencing right now. There is much written, and because it is written, believed, that is not Truth. Much of what is coming from many sources is purely self-serving, aiming either to pacify you into a state of acceptance or spread fear for the events unfolding in your world at this time.

What I mean by pacifying you into acceptance is to take something that is happening on a grand scale, and tell you it is all part of a process that is automatically turning you into highly spiritual beings without any additional effort on your part--whether you want to be or not. Anything bringing this kind of message to you is not Truth. Elevating yourself through the levels of spirit is a conscious decision, requiring hard work and dedication--the times you are living make it possible for this to happen more quickly than in any other time in earth's history, but it is by no means automatic. Free will means you HAVE to make the choice to raise yourself up, and choose your path to do so, and continuously commit to it with the work you do.

Beware of messages that feed your ego by making you feel special or singled out because of certain "symptoms" you may seem to have at the time. Many of these false messages contain a grain of truth that is used to lure you into believing the ego-based deceptions in the rest of the message.

Learn to question EVERYTHING with the goal of discerning its true source and goal. Learn your own Truth Signal, and use it to question what is put before you as truth from a divine--or any other--source. Some will tell you that it shows a lack of faith to do such questioning, but I tell you this--Faith is not Blind. Questioning shows dedication to Truth, and to weeding out the lies that surround you and seek to hold you down.

Ask all the time, "Is this true? What is the real source?Is this good for me? Does this serve my Highest Good?" Feel for the response of your heart and spirit, not of your mind. The more you turn your attention to spirit for answers, the less you will be fooled by the workings of your ego-mind.

Use your ability to find Truth in every aspect of your life--at the grocery store, buying a car, listening to advertisements, watching the News, finding the true motivation of the latest "guru" gaining a following--even the "inner Voice" you are accustomed to.

Questioning is an essential skill in learning to discern Truth and an essential part of any spiritual path. The more you search for Truth, the more quickly you will move forward on your path.

It is time for Truth to be exposed, and the lies and liars to fall."

Rev. Chris Oldham, Order of the Seraphim

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thanks, Jas--the angels will make sure it gets to who needs it. Share it to all you know who might benefit from it and help them out!

This all sounds good to me, especially following the James Ray show and the rucurring scare tactics tied to 2012. Our guidance is our inner guidance is our inner guidance is our inner guidance. :-) Thank you! Cool how you can do this.
Yes, I saw part of that show--does not bode well for Mr. Ray and his empire! If the people in that tent had listened to their inner voices there would have been no deaths. Lesson to all of us.

My ability to receive and pass on these messages is the hard-won reward of a deep commitment to spiritual growth and divine connection. There are gifts buried within all of us waiting to surface when we become clear and open channels, free of all our baggage. I wonder what's waiting for you...
Sim, I'm glad to get a reply from you. Great to talk to you!

As I said, I enjoyed your post. There was one area that I noticed in the reading that seems to be different from what resonates with me, BUT I really think the reading DOES resonate and it's just a question of word choices we use for the same meanings.

Although I've spent decades on spiritual study and usually spend several hours a day on it nowadays, I never have considered it "hard work." It is my joy. No, understanding is not "automatic," without some study and a desire to apply yourself, but there is divinity in each and every one of us that can be immediately acknowledged, no matter the person's past or circumstances. Yes, you CAN change your life in a day as Abraham says. I've done it, actually, many times - the biggest being the moment I came out of the proverbial abyss. So great leaps can take seconds or years, I've had some take years, too. :-) Also, if a newbie knows nothing of spirituality and comes here to begin, they can change their life that very day by beginning!

By the same token, I also agree that people who come to the LOA for "the stuff" don't seem to make the LOA work for them, at least at first. That agape is missing and the desire for the spiritual journey. IMHO, that's was missing from The Secret; but it's a great movie to possibly opening hearts and minds to better things.

That's not to say it is done and we don't all have to study. We'll never get it done, which we often say around here. The joy is in the journey, but there are unexpected miracles - big and small - along the way that can come in the first step and/or the 400,000th step of our journey.

I don't think your reading disagrees with that, but a few of the words are slightly different - which I know may be because we all literally don't speak the same language as the nonphysical realm.

What's waiting for me? Many things. I've actually been more interested lately in channeling and have gotten a few inclings of that flowing. But if it will happen, it will happen. It's not my major goal.
and ...

Long time no hear from you Simplicity! So good to see you and yes, thank you for this message!
Awesome--it's good to be loved! ;-) My spiritual path has kept me hopping for awhile. How have you been?
I'm fine hun....busy...but just fine!


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