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My husband is nearing transition. Please send love his way. UPDATE: My love has transitioned

Dear friends,

I have written so much about transitioning over the years. I have had this beautiful view of what it is and how un scary it is and natural and it was all so believable in my mind and in my heart. Like I know this is natural and beautiful and nothing to fear and yet now that it is happening i am reminded of how final death is. I am scared to death of the moment I realize he has gone. My best friend, my husband for 30 years, the father of our beautiful children. Its unbearable. I apologize for all the cheery inspiring BS i ever posted here lol.

No i dont mean that. I just feel so powerless and so afraid that i wont be the pillar of strength my kids need me to be. I am terrified of not finding the words. I need to get back to a place of feeling positive and accepting his transition guys. I am running on fear right now. I could really use a hug and some reassurance.

Most of all im afraid for Mike. That he will feel alone in his journey or unloved or any discomfort at all. I want to save him still from his pain. He deserves peace. Thank you everyone for being here for us.

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I really know what you are going through and maybe no words can really help you in this moment, you need to accept this period of grief and all your fears and then things will change little by little. What i can tell you from my experience is that you have NO idea how magical your relationship can become if he transitions, your relationship can become much deeper, purer and just amazing. You will truly realize how eternal it is and how the Universe will support you in unexpected and extraordinary ways. The Universe will take care of your husband's soul too in a perfect way, he belongs to Source, never forget. If and when you want i could send you some great and really helpful videos about what you are living.
The biggest hug
I just love you so much Dorothy. You ALWAYS find the perfect thing to say. I would love to see the videos. I thank you from the bottom of my heart!! Your words brought me such comfort and your kindness warmed my soul.
You are the most welcome my dear & sweet Flowerpatch, i really hope that with some new awareness and knowledge you live this difficult period in the least painful way. I will find those videos as soon as i can, i need to remember the titles. For now i only remember these 2, they can be really helpful because they talk about what you are going through right now (the other ones are extraordinary videos about communicating with your beloved ones in the non physical): "FROM GRIEF TO JOY" by Esther and Jerry Hicks and "How to help a friend with the transition of a loved one" by Zehra Mahoon (this one is for you to help your kids).
So much love & light*****

Thank you friend!!!! xxooo much love coming your way.

Hi Flowerpatch

I can understand that this must be a very hard time for you. Sending you a big warm hug.

Even though it is not the same but I am experiencing something similar after my grandmother passed ten days ago.

I do miss her every now and then as we shared a nice relationship for the past 30 years. I was emotional thinking about all the hardships she experienced in her life . And I was particularly sad about the health challenges she faced towards the end. 

I did feel very worried about her transition. What helped me free myself from this emotional turmoil, apart from giving myself some time, was reminding myself of the fact that this judgement and these thoughts come from the mind. This mind of ours tricks us often. Hinduism refers to this physical world as 'Maya', which roughly translates to Illusion. The only truth is that everything is just perfect the way it is. My grandmother's higher self wished to experience the life she lived, why should I let my mind grade her life experience. The place that she is in right now is beyond good and comfortable. 

You are more than capable of taking care of your children. It is okay to feel fear and doubt in this situation. I promise that as time passes you will feel better. 

Thanks for sharing with us and letting me share my feelings as well.

Infinity, You are always very thoughtful in your responses too. I thank you so much for sharing your personal story. I am happy that you shared sucha  beautiful connection with your grandma and still do! You are so right about the mind. I am letting go of the fear. Love you and thank you!!

I rarely discuss my mediumship experience on this site. But trust me he will be at peace and free after the transition.

Thank you Laura! He has suffered so throughout his life and I believe he has chosen this. He needs a new beginning. HUGS xxoo

I don't really have any words, I wish I did.  But I just want to say massive hugs, massive comfort to you.  The answers you have had from Dorothy and Infinity and ArtistLaura are absolutely lovely and WOW.  I kinda want to say to you to reach out socially to other people who have been through the loss of a spouse but are further along in that journey and maybe meet them but I don't know if that is the right advice for you.  It did pop into my head, seeing others come out the other side, maybe hesitatingly but having come out of it.  You are such a treasure here and I just wish so much comfort and happiness and strength for you and absolutely ANYTHING you AND Mike need on your journeys at this time.  Argh I wish I knew more what to say but just hugs, love, I acknowledge this is a scary time.  But even though it may feel like you are alone?  I believe that you are not alone, you will not be alone.  I also believe and I am SO SO SO SURE that you ALREADY have been an AMAZING wife and mother.  

You have been there for Mike throughout this dark night of the soul he has been through and you have been there for your kids including when one of them made a big change in their life and you were and are a wonderful support to them and so kind, so loving.  Even when sometimes you wanted to shout and scream and throw things at the wall!  You have been a beautiful, shining light in each of their lives.

I KNOW it from EVERYTHING you have said.

Have you been perfect?

No because none of us are and that's ok, it's a journey.  

You're in my eyes pretty wonderful though.  

You have been SO helpful and supportive to people here too including me and kind and encouraging and also often made us laugh so much and inspired us and shown us beauty.

I want to remind you all those things because I feel like you need to hear them (plus they are all true!) You have ALREADY been you ALREADY are an AMAZING wife and mother and person and even though it's hard I truly believe with all my heart you can still be an amazing wife and mother and person even at this time and beyond and that you will step by step at times attract any other resources support and strength you need and comfort.

And I know it's all very well for me to say all that, I'm not going through this but I am speaking from my heart and based on my knowledge of what an amazing person you really are.  You GOT this, hun.  And also, we're ALL rooting for you here. 

Oh Athena my love you made me cry.Im going to message you 

Sweetheart, this is one of those videos i was telling you about, Endless Clues from Heaven - Abraham Hicks:


Huge hug*****

Thank you Dorothy so much. So so much.


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