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About a month ago, my new neighbors moved in and it was clear that they were staying for at least two years since that was what their contract stated. At first, I tried to put up with them, but they were too loud to the point where even the heaviest sleeper at my place couldn't sleep. So I decided to test the law and see if I could really get them to move out. I affirmed that they moved out and were no longer my neighbors. Well of course the first few days were the hardest, but I persisted. Whenever I saw them or heard their voices, I just instantly denied my senses. " i can't possibly be hearing them or seeing them if they truly moved out" that's what I kept on telling myself when my senses told me that my neighbors were still there. I remember seeing them once entering their apartment and at that very moment I visualized them not entering the apartment but actually leaving it with their luggages. That was the only time I visualized. Today they called us to tell us that they were packing and moving out this week. And this took 8-9 days only. I just want everyone to know that belief does create reality. My neighbours had no intention of moving out, they really signed a 2 year contract and they would only talk about how they loved this neighbourhood, but nevertheless, I still believed that they HAPPILY lived somewhere else. I think what made it take more than 5 days ( I intend for this to happen in 5 days) to happen was my obsession with the 'how'. Once I let go of my obsession with trying to figure out how it would happen, it just happened.

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Abe said one time in a seminar, that still springs to mind today that we are often obsessed with "How".  They explained that the "How" is the Universes' job and not ours.  Our part is to Ask and then simply receive (and they joked dropping the resistance to receiving is often where we most stick ourselves).  So your post serves as a reminder to me about that very point.  

Mega cool result though.  What you planning on creating next?

I have realised recently that being obsessed with the 'how' stems from a strong lack of faith in the law. If we truly believe that belief creates reality then we will know that what we believe in must come to pass and naturally we will drop the need to know the how. It's going to happen anyway so why bother with the how? 

A 75% scholarship is what I will manifest next.

Well it may be due to a lack of faith, but also it can be due ot any number of reasons too.  In some ways, we know that if we think positive thoughts we get positive results and if we think negative thoughts we get negative results, the trouble is that often we have subconscious thoughts that we aren't consciously aware of.  

Great re 75% scholarship, but why not aim for 100%.  That way if 75% shows up, its great, but if 100% shows up its even better LOL.  Our only limitations are those that we create for ourselves!  So aim big and high!

My way of dealing with my blocks is with logic. I dont mean the logic that we generally refer to. By logic I mean 'the truth'. Recently I read a great line that simplified the LOA for me. It said- The only reason why something is created is Imagination. In other words, Imagination=how=Imagination. End of story. Everything else is just a show.

Generally, when I doubt, I am thinking about the reasons why something is not possible. Then I tell myself that no reason can make or break my manifestation because only imagination creates manifestations. When my mind thinks I am sugarcoating things I go ahead and tell myself this: Even if I had a thousand reasons why it would work, it would not work if I imagined/believed something else. I remind myself of all the times things looked like they were in my favor but I still did not succeed. All because I did not believe I would win. Now the opposite has to be true as well. My mind has no comeback to this. :P


Awesome!! Thanks for sharing :)

I like how you highlighted the word 'Happy'. Which is very much like letting go. There was no anger or resistance or any other negative emotion from your side. 



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