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I was just wondering...... as we are in control of our own life through our thouts etc, ie loa, surely we have no control over how other people act? For instance, we dont ever imagine ourselves being murdered but yet it happens to innocent people every day. Also if someone takes a disliike to us for no reason that we know of, then no amount of manifesting is going to make that person change. They have to do it themselves. Even if we are nice to that person or ignore them, if they want to continue being nasty then no one can stop them. So surely if someone has it in for us the loa will not work at all. I know im rambling but i hope this makes sense.

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If you withdraw your attention from this person/situation, then your vibrational harmony with it will be less - you will no longer attract interaction with the nasty person and they will fade from your life.

(I'm writing this to myself today. Thank you for posting it)

Yes true 

EVERYTHING is an aspect of yourself.... However, if someone "hates you" for example, and you are not aligned with that hate, you simply will not be bothered by what they think.... You may not ever know they exist, or they may fade out of your life, whatever....

Like attracts like....


However, we all vibrate all sorts of things... we are judging the world around us 24/7... so a passer-by flipping us off is a part of us in some way, even if we are generally feeling good... and if you are feeling good they will continue to be a "passer-by", and fade out of your thoughts.


I love what you said Wes.

I don’t know so much about murders, because they often relate to past life things rolling over into this life. But if someone takes a disliking to you, it is because they are picking up on a vibration you are giving out.  It may though, be very subconscious; so much so that you aren’t even aware of it.  If someone dislikes you, what they are showing you is the energy pattern which needs to be dealt with, and they are doing this by a reflection of the outer world.  When this pattern is dealt with or released, that person will either leave your life entirely or change their attitude towards you. 

Whilst this post was done 8 years ago the topic may be relevant still.  In many ways we are all entitled to our beliefs and others are too. The real trick is to allow people to have these without resisting and reacting to them. 

i disagree to a certain extent... if their beliefs are demonstrably false or misleading, then i believe the loving response is to help them see how such particular beliefs are actually hurting them... obviously though, this has to be done in a respectful manner...

also, when someone behaves in a nasty way, i believe there is meaning to their behaviour towards us... it's not simply a random occurrence, it's a cosmic reflection of ourselves, and it's a redirection... apparently undesirable experiences have a meaning and a function, to help us understand how we ourselves have strayed from the right way... a simple illustration of this is the proverbial hand on the hot stove... pain is a signal that something is out of place...


Sure, feel free to disagree with anything and everything I say.  So I would pose this question to you - is a belief ever really false and misleading?  You see the person we often lie to, more than anyone else, is ourselves.  Now lovingly supporting someone to change their beliefs is fantastic and well meaning, however very few people ask for that help, and offers as such to help them change their beliefs are rarely accepted. 


If someone behaves in a nasty way, you say you believe there is meaning towards us.  That may be true, but it may also be untrue in the sense that they may just be having a bad day, dealing with an unknown crises or stress, or any other number of factors there.  It isn’t always reflective of ourselves or our vibration.  The reason for their bad behaviour won’t always make you feel better. 


For example if I harbour the belief that life is unfair or tough, then you may wish to help me realise that this is untrue, but for me this belief will have supporting evidence to illustrate that belief to me, and I will often be closed to any other evidence that life is not so.  This isn’t right or wrong, its just the lenses at which I am perceiving life through at that given moment in time.  However, it is changeable and may change naturally through time and through the universe, or it may not.  If it doesn’t change, it may be serving a purpose (like you say the hand on the hot stove).  Just because you aren’t aware of the reason or purpose behind my experience doesn’t invalidate it or make it any less so. 

obviously i feel free to disagree... why shouldn't i ?

there are ways to proceed that are respectful and can make a person question a particular belief or stance, whether they ask for it or not...

it is always reflective of our vibration... that's the point... no sin, no redirection... it's that simple... if "they" are having a bad day, they won't lash out at someone who doesn't need it... and it's not about feeling better... not on the moment that is...

just because someone is not aware of the reason or the purpose behind a belief doesn't change the fact that the loving response is still a suitable response... change happens naturally, and people are part of nature... the fact that someone is prompted to express something makes it relevant...

i hope you enjoy your day...

Absolutely, feel free to disagree its no biggie at all.  Through our discussions, others will get clarity too which is awesome.  I agree its all about vibration for sure but awareness is another whole different conversation topic.  To some degree, I would say that we are never not aware, and that sometimes we often pretend not to have awareness too.  Our minds are amazing things that we barely use to their full capacity. 

Likewise enjoy your day too!

how about : awareness without content is not « experienceable »... awareness needs a « something » to be aware of...

for instance, during sleep : there can only be awareness of something, such as dream, or internal process, or external stimulation... but while there's nothing to be aware of, there's no awareness...


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