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At some point in our lives, and probably much more often than we would like, our fears become big roadblocks to moving forward as we become mired in the muck of "what-if" up to our axles. When this happens, it is time to stop trying to move forward without identifying and clearing out these fears. Here is a method I recommend to my clients:
Sit down and write a list of the three biggest fears that you are feeling. Once you have done this, sit with each one of them and open yourself fully to all the negative possibilities you are afraid will happen--all of those "what-ifs" that have been rolling around in your head. Then, look deep inside you and decide which, if any, of these things you believe are really going to happen. If there is something that you really think will happen (not that you are afraid will happen), spend some time coming up with some ways that you can deal with it if/when it does. Come up with some options. Do this for all three things on your list. By the time you get done with this, you will have dismissed most of the fears as unfounded and unrealistic, and come up with some options to deal with the rest. This puts the power back in your corner, and not in the ego’s, thereby raising your vibration and making it more likely that what you truly want will come to be.
Rev. Chris Oldham
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Hi Donna!

All of us have buried fears--ones we don't know what to do with, or don't want to face, or that we don't even know about because they are what we call "core" issues. These core issues come from early childhood and even past life experiences and are buried in our sub-conscious minds, where our ego mind accesses them and responds to current events according to how similar events affected us in the past. Of these, the silent fears become a part of how we live our lives, so we don't even notice them--like dressing a certain way because we are (unconsciously) afraid of not being accepted if we don't, for example.

It is these invisible fears that trip us up and can eventually cause real problems, because they will come up to be cleared at some point. These are usually things like feelings of unworthiness, victim patterns, fears based on early abuse, fear of rejection, and so on. The more we "push on through" without really looking at these fears and taking the time to release them, the more we set ourselves up for that knock on the head with the proverbial 2x4 to get our attention. After taking a quick scan of your light bodies, I see two main areas where this fear energy is buried--your heart chakra and your root chakra. Where the blockage is placed at the heart chakra tells me there are what appear to be survival issues associated with an event that happened in the not too distant past. The root chakra is deep core-level emotional issues that may be having an impact on your nervous system. Until these blockages are removed, they will continue to grow and more seriously impact your body.

For example, I had a client who had a history of lower back pain which resisted treatment. During a special healing session to discover the reason, it was revealed that she suffered abuse as a child that she had no memory of, and there was DEEP anger and rage buried in both her lower back and her liver--these were emotions that had remained hidden all her life, but in retrospect had governed her relationships with others all her life.

As for your next post below, Apathy is a form of depression that is a defense against buried fears, so when someone says they don't give a damn, they are lying to themselves to cover up their fears.


I hope this has given you some insight.

Rev. Chris

Donna, there are two ways to get clear of this blocked energy hanging out in your light bodies that I would recommend.

One is to call in the angels to clear it from you, the other is Heartlight Angelic Healing. I co-created this modality specifically to deal with these energies stored in our mental, emotional and spiritual bodies so that the physical body can be freed to utilize its own amazing healing power (Heartlight also does direct physical healing). When I was going through the Angel Ministry program, and having to release all the baggage that was interfering with my connection to the Divine energies, I wanted to create a way to do this more quickly and with more guidance to find and neutralize all thecontributing factors for the issues in play. The angels helped me do so, and are my guides in each session.


There is no better resource for healing than the angels!

Rev. Chris


you have done brilliantly, so far--I'm sure your angels will guide you to even greater success!!



Rev. Chris

I have done this, as well as other methods to try and break through some deeply rooted blocks that I have. Fear being a major one, fear of being alone and fear of not succeeding with my personal aspirations, also fear of Love, loving and being loved. It seems I can get to a certain point and I will be feeling good and then I feel I hit a brick wall... again.. I know this has been going on for a while because I see major physical discomfort from these.

I want to say that similar to Donna, I can be quite fearless at most times and I  tend to aim at the "I'll show you I can if you tell me No" type of thing. Lately, however I'm just a mess.. I'll admit it.

Some insight would be lovely if you have any available time.

Much Appreciated and thank you!

P.S. I really like that cartoon!


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