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The April energies of Surrender--are they hitting you in the gut?

The energy of Surrender has been extremely strong, this month. Aside from coming up against this in a big way personally, I have noticed it hitting my clients, as well. One of the more interesting, although uncomfortable, side-effects of this energy operating within us is the profusion of intestinal symptoms that are presenting themselves. For me it was heartburn—something I have not had in years; and it didn’t matter what I did or didn’t eat or drink. For others it is gas, bloating, indigestion and other forms of intestinal distress. Why is this?


The answer came through Heartlight healing sessions for my clients and myself. I have the ability to feel the places and light-body levels where resistance is creating blockages. What showed up was a consistent pattern of blockage between the Sacral and Solar Plexus chakras—above the belly button in the mental body. In some cases, there were also associated blocks on the left and right sides in the same area. If we look at the characteristics of these areas of the body—chakras and left-right symmetry—there is a clearer picture of what is going on.


The Sacral chakra is called the Seat of the Soul, and is our creative center. When fully aligned, these creative energies manifest outwardly as a life aligned with spirit—which is what we can call the Prime Directive of our soul. Our Solar Plexus, on the other hand, is all about the mind—reason, logic, empirical evidence, thoughts and beliefs. In a perfectly balanced life, the mind supports the soul’s efforts in tandem with the Sacral chakra. Unfortunately, the Solar Plexus is also the home of the ego mind which, in this Age of Reason, has been given way too much authority to influence our thoughts, beliefs and actions at the expense of spirit and intuitive knowing.


Now, when we look at the body from the left-right perspective, we find that the left side of our body holds thoughts, emotions and beliefs from the past. The right side of the body holds those same things as they relate to the present and future.


What this amounts to is that the energies of Surrender are literally wrenching our guts. Our soul is pulling us in the direction we need to go, and the ego mind is hurling at us continuous fears about what that means for us in the future. We don’t embrace change easily, and we feel a big one coming. This change—a shift in the direction of spirit—is something the ego mind can’t comprehend and doesn’t know how to deal with. So we are assaulted by fears about all the changes: will we lose friends or change jobs or be able to support ourselves? What beliefs about ourselves and this world and our place in it might be challenged? What about our belief in or about God/Divine Source and our relationship to it—will that stand up to the new truth that is dawning within? What if, what if, what if…..? Our egos keep up the mind chatter while the pull of spirit is just as insistent, but operating at our intuitive levels.


With all this going on, is it any wonder that there are so many of us with intestinal symptoms? Spend time listening to spirit and start accessing spirit/intuition in places where you would normally depend on logic and analysis. Move in the direction spirit is taking you while shutting out the voice of fear. Trust spirit to take you to a place that is better.


The surrender that is being called for at this time is surrender to spirit—not to mind. Our challenge is to find all those hidden fear-producing thoughts and beliefs that are holding us hostage and release them so we can hear the inner voice of spirit more clearly and surrender to its guidance. To help us in this process, the focus energy for the month of May is RELEASE—letting go in a big way. We will be called upon to let go of some deeply entrenched thought patterns and beliefs with roots in all aspects of the lives we have lived until now. NOW is the time to embrace freedom—freedom from fear and freedom to be who you really are and do what you are meant to do!


Finding these hidden places of resistance is not easy, and the strongest ones cannot be found by ourselves—our egos won’t let us get there. Heartlight Angelic Healing is proving itself to be an extremely precise, gentle and effective tool for locating and clearing these blocks with angelic assistance. The angels have made sure that I have much wisdom--borne of experience--to help you get through your inner mine field. My hard-won knowledge can help you bypass obstacles without getting hit by a divine 2x4!


May life’s blessings enrich you,

Rev. Chris Oldham

"Minister of Light"


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