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Hello All,
If anyone purchased and is using the ideas found in Rhonda's new book, please post your progress and acomplishments. Many of you are already using this method and have gotten results. So please help us by posting what you have accomplished and have manifested.

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Bump! Just started this yesterday - the program.
I too want to read about what other readers have accomplished & manifested!

Hi guys, I bought the book when it first came out too and it sounds fantastic but I've delayed starting the 28 day programme as I never have the time in the morning to sit down and list 10 things I am grateful for (I know, I know I should get up earlier... lol) BUT it's Sat. tomorrow and a long weekend here in Ireland too (Happy St. Patrick's Day to you all:))) so I intend to start in the morning and will report on any progess...


In the meantime, I too am very interested in other sucess stories especially if/how thinking of another person with gratitude can affect them ie. their health etc.


Wishing you all everything you wish for yourselves!!! x x x

Ruthie, I'm wondering about this.  I wrote them yesterday in the evening.

I tend to write a lot when I get into something, you see. 

I didn't have work yesterday (which suited me fine overall) but I also had a lot on my to-do list of things to catch up on.

Today I wrote them in the morning.  Again I didn't have work today, which again suits me just fine  (I have work all next week)

But when I do have work - although sometimes I wake up early anyway - I MIGHT do them in the evening instead, not sure.

I am going to try to do them in the morning though AND I decided if I want to swap them around a bit, like if one day I feel I want to focus on the money or health etc. instead of the process for that day I will or if I think it will need longer for a process I will save it for a weekend day but I will make sure I do ALL those processes over 28 days!  Also, like for the magical air one, if it's raining for e.g you'd want to swap it!  (I doubt it will rain for 28 days!) and for me, unless I am on an outside "duty" which don't last long, I am inside when at work so I'd swap that one for a day I can go for a walk outside.  

I started yesterday.  Like you I was going to start on the weekend, I only started yesterday cos I didn't have work.  I DID do the magic steps process a few days ago - felt great! - and magic health on Weds as I felt headachy & I think it did help!  And I felt so joyful from it I was nearly crying tears of joy in the cafe! 

But I "officially" started yesterday.  

I think it's also fine for you or whoever to read first and THEN start - I did that as long as you DO start (I know you will I also mean whoever else) or do it AS you are reading, up to the person. 

I wish you also everything you wish for yourself, Ruthie & I wish that for everyone else here too and for me!  Ooh, anyone who swaps the days, I say don't swap the days related to gratitude for the future, I think it's the last 8 or something, Rhonda says which ones in her book.  Do the other processes FIRST and THEN do those ones. 

Thanks athena, everything you say makes a lot of sense!!  Since I started reading it I have been more aware in general of being truly grateful.  A while ago I used to write some things I was grateful for in a book every morning but I realise now that I was just writing the words, maybe thinking about them BUT not really feeling the feeling deep down in my heart.  Over the last few days I have just tried to feel grateful for things when they happen or when I think of them.  This morning when I came into work someone had left a small vase of daffodiles on my desk with a note saying "Happy Friday" and then later someone else came in with some pink geraniums they'd found broken on the ground to add some more colour to the daffs:)))  Also someone else gave me a bottle of wine and chocolate this morning for work I had done during the week so perhaps it's working already and I am very, very GRATEFUL!!!


There is someone I care about that is ill at the moment so I have been giving thanks for their recovery and good health while looking at their photo or while thinking about them so that's why I was wondering if anyone had had any sucess in this area???


Looking forward to sharing experiences with you all <3 x x x





Athena (and everyone else:)))  I am so sorry for not posting this sooner but have had a really busy week at work!!!


Anyway, when I went home on Fri. there was cheque waiting for me for €1,100!!!  I nearly fell through the floor in shock!!  It was a tax refund that I didn't even think I was going to get.  Anyway our sofas have been falling apart for a while now and I was thinking I would love to replace them and now I can!!:)))


I still have not been following the process fully but trying to feel more grateful in general.  Love is my main desire and I have to say I have been receiving a lot of very positive male attention lately so I am VERY GRATEFUL God/Universe so bring it on......


I hope this encourages all of you my dear friends x x x x

This is so cool! I am really happy to hear this, Ruthie!

hey athena didn't you do AIM-course? is there any difference?


I'm 9 days in and I've got close to two thousand dollars in checks since I started, my relationships are improving in every part of my life, and I seem to be manifesting small things almost instantly such as running into people and getting phone calls. The best part is how amazing it feels to be alive every day though. I'm truly a grateful person now.

how do you mean you got dollars in chec? soo you actually did receive money doing this?


hey isn't this book a little bit from adventure in manifesting? or as effortless abundance? where you get a daily checklist what to do day-by-day for your own powerfull manifestations? I did both i liked AIM the most. it gives you a better vision of what you want in your life. it is indeed amazing. When you finished, you feel like a completely different person in you.
as for the manifestations. not all came to me, but i sure do not give up on what i want and have in life!!


There IS a difference and I like both of them. 

Hey Athena,

I'm finding I'm mainly doing it in the evenings too ! Well I say that as if I've been doing it for ages.. only 2 nights, tonight being the 3rd !!

Hopefully I can manifest having more time in the mornings to do this !!


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