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Hello All,
If anyone purchased and is using the ideas found in Rhonda's new book, please post your progress and acomplishments. Many of you are already using this method and have gotten results. So please help us by posting what you have accomplished and have manifested.

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Some things that have happened from doing blessings list & thanking in advance are:

I attracted a 2nd date with a guy I wanted to see again
Then on that date I realised I DIDN'T want to pursue this (even though he did) and I also did perfect resolution & magnificent outcome plus from "The Power" I switched my focus off him!
Well that evening I was going to have a bath, thought about taking my phone then thought no & sure enough after I got out he'd called but I'd been in the bath nowhere near my phone & earlier that evening my phone rang & it was him but I did NOT HEAR it even though my phone was close to me, volume on!
And he has not tried to contact me again which is perfect cos I did not want to have a conversation about it!

Also I got my current job extended from ending in April to ending at the end of July which is better for me, the staff & the kids in the class, even though initially I was told no, we do not have enough money to keep you!

Exciting about the job extension!  Love to read your posts - invigorating and encouraging.  Hugs

Focus on the end result and the magic happens!! Yesterday day I started counting my blessings and the several magical things happened. That is I made some magical connections with people in ways I haven't connected before!!

Last year, I was doing very well with The Magic and then I sort of fell out of it.  Kept carrying the book around with me everywhere I went but I wasn't enough for me to open it and start moving forward with it again.  Recently, a new and budding friendship/romance just sort of ended because I wasn't grateful and I push when I should have thanked.  That was a giant wake up call to fully immerse myself in this again.  Maybe it can salvage this relationship or maybe I'll manifest another but I do know that either way, great things are waiting for me in the vortex.  I'm on day 3 I think. Although, I do admit to skipping around to what I need most right now.  For two night in a row, I clutched my stone as I slept all through the night and woke up with it still on my fist.  So I might be holding on to this too tightly - I'm not sure.

Even though it's taken forever for me to start the Challenge again, a few months back, I filled a pink water bottle and wrote "sexy sparkley" on the bottom of it.  I spray myself a few times a day, imagining being pretty and magnetic and you would not believe the amount of compliments I get all day long and men literally tripping over themselves to say and do nice things for me.  It's unbelievable.  Try it!

Magical Miracles:  Everything comes at its own time.  When the timing is right for you to do the Challenge, you'll be ready. I'm glad you've found a technique that is working for you.  It's a great feeling, isn't it.

hello all

i am also reading this book "The Secret" nd side by side reading book "magic" also....I am really very much impressed by th success stories nd th thoughts mentioned in th book....bt i lack in determination to follow th steps eg i want to loose weight bt whenever good or junk food comes in front of me,i can't resist myself..i am nt very regular fr morning walk...basically wht i hv found in myself is lack of determination...can anyone please help me how to improve mysself..eagerly waitng for replies


Natalie:  It sounds like you're on a roll.  That's great about you attracting money.  Whenever you manifest something you desire, it only shows the LoA at its work.  And it provides encouragement because you'll start to trust the Universe to bring you your desires, as you deliberately manifest more and more.  Good luck to you! 


Ms. I

The Happy Chance 

Hi Monika:

It's good that you're taking the first step in reading The Secret and The Magic. That is helpful in itself, but to reap the benefits of delierately using LoA, you'll need to apply what you've learned. My first thought on this would be for you to just work on changing your vibration so that you can start attracting the people and circumstances that work to bring your desires into fruition. Once you start changing your vibration, then the Universe will start to make things happen. And it can happen in so many ways. In the example that you gave about losing weight, maybe you'll stop craving the sweets or other foods that don't support your weight loss desires. Or maybe the Universe would bring a good personal trainer into your life (as the Universe did with me). Or maybe the Universe would change how you feel about food (our thoughts/feelings about food create our experiences with it), so that you can eat what you want and still remain healthy and your ideal weight. Who knows how things would manifest. But in order for the Universe to bring your desires, you need to get on the frequencey of your desires, and sometimes that takes work (depending on your level of resistance to a particular desire). If you can't seem to do the 28 days Gratitude challenge with The Magic, then start off with smaller steps. Maybe just work on coming up with a list of 10 Gratitudes a day. And if you can't write them all the time, then sometimes do them orally. If it isn't the right time for you to work with Gratitude, then there are other energy techniques that perhaps you would be able to discipline yourself with (you can check throughout the PI forums for different techniques). But the point is that you should find a technique that works for you and stick with it.


Ms. I
The Happy Chance

Hi Everyone!  I've been lurking for a while, and this thread inspired me to join the forum.

My book arrived yesterday.  I got home from work late, plus we have a houseguest, so I haven't even opened it yet.  But I'm looking forward to reading it and starting the challenge. 


I have a wonderful life as it is, so much to be grateful for... I have a good job, a beautiful home, a new car, some really nice friends, a family that loves me.... I expect that spending a month really appreciating all the good things in my life will spark some amazing changes for me.  I already feel that I'm right on the cusp of amazing changes, and it seems that gratitude may be the one ingredient that I'm missing.  It's so easy to become complacent.  I'm so accustomed to this nice life of mine that I can forget to be grateful for it. 


So this is my intention for the month of August.  I will work the challenge faithfully, and document my successes.  I am a powerful creative force and I expect to reach the next level of my development.  Right here on this thread.  Stay tuned!

Today is Day 1, and I just Counted My Blessings.  I chose to count my blessings about my job because it's Friday and who wants to go to work on Friday?  lol  (Oh my God, I forgot to feel truly blessed that my boss has the day off! And also to be supremely grateful for the generous annual and medical leave package that my workplace provides.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!)


I am really excited to report that my housemate is doing the 28 Day Challenge with me.  We had a big thunderstorm last night and lost TV reception, so I entertained us by reading The Magic out loud.  It was like an audiobook in a sexy southern drawl!

Hi Lauralou:

I'm so glad that you've started the challenge and that your housemate has joined you.  It sounds like you guys had a lot of fun reading it out loud.  Expect the unexpected.  Gratitude has a way of creating some magnificent changes in your life.


Ms. I
The Happy Chance

Today is Day 5, and things are really going great.  I am noticing improvements in several areas of my life.  I am particularly enjoying my relationships with the people in my life.  It's nice to focus on the things about them that I appreciate. 


I'm also seeing some interesting developments with my finances.  I received an expected check from the IRS for $5 and change.  I have no idea what that is for.  There was no accompanying letter, just a check.  I consider it found money and I am extremely grateful.  I have received 2 inquiries about my side business.  One was pretty far fetched, but the other is quite serious, and I anticipate that it will bring me a large chunk of change in the near future.  I am delighted with the interest, and truly grateful.


And I just feel good! 


I admit that I've had a bit of trouble with the Magic Rock.  I'm a morning person, and by the time I go to bed I'm already half asleep.  So I have forgotten a couple of times.  I'm not beating myself up for it.  I'll remember to do it as often as I can.  And if I forget, That's okay.  :) 



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