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The Passion Bomb Method - A powerful and flawless way to attract what you want in life.

This method that I'm about to share with you is an incredibly powerful way to attract what you want in life. The reason why it got the name "Passion bomb" was because this method's main ingredient to getting what you want is passion itself, and getting that passion to drive full force into the universe. 
I'm giving you a guarantee here, this method will never fail. But that is only if done properly. This method is not the kind of method where you would just do it whenever you want to, no, This method requires lots of time and devotion. How bad do you really want this thing? Show it, and the universe will make a reflection on that. Understand? Good.

What the Passion Bomb method does is create a desire and thoughtform, then this desire is given heaps of emotion, feeling, and thought to the point where everything given to this desire must be at it's extremes. After this Desire has been given life, it's sent into the universe, only to be driven back at you at full force. 

Please listen to these precautions if you want a successful manifestation: 

You must Know what you want. Be careful for what you wish for, I can't stress this enough
Do not do this too often, this exercise can be physically, mentally, and emotionally draining depending on the scale of your desire
Respect yourself and the space around you.

The Method: 

What you will need:

Mental Clarity 

Comfortable clothing to move around in

A room with a good amount of space to move around in

A desire 

Music that you feel that relates to what you want (Optional) 


The passion bomb method is a sort of "Meditation" and visualization, this meditation is focussed only on the outcome of your desire. Okay let's start. 

With your desire, in this room, Get into the emotional mindset. How would you feel if this desire was happening right now? Put that feeling to an extreme, maybe even more than how you really would experience it. 

Move around, walk around in circles, Dance, whatever you would physically do in that moment, mime it, reenact it, feel it. Let this surge of energy explode and shape into your desire, Be as passionate towards your desire as much as possible.

Focus only on this desire, think about nothing else. Ignore the noisy dog next door, forget that tonight's chicken casserole is burning. This is your time, make use of it. 

By the time you have loaded this desire with powerful feeling and emotion, now is the time to so a cool-off. You'll most likely be physically tired. Walk around the room slowly. Think to yourself. 

How did I feel having this desire come true? 

Give some time to rest. Sit down for a bit and clear your mind, let the desire sink in and act as if the desire has already happened, reenact the moment after this has happened. 

After this, give some time for yourself to relax and slowly slip back into today's events. 

Here's the hard part: You gotta do this for around once a day for around.. let's say 2 weeks. Devote your time into this. Now once this 2 week mark has passed. Forget about your desire completely, think absolutely no more of it. Now you're probably thinking "What?" Well here's the explanation..

By putting passion into this desire, this thoughtform you have created has been filled with powerful emotion and physicality that you experienced, it's what you will feel when this desire actually happens. By forgetting this desire, you are leaving this thoughtform to the universe, the universe will see this desire like it has already been felt. And because it sees your mark on it, your visualization of experiencing this desire; It will send this desire right back at you with full force and intensity. Think of it like playing Fetch with the Universe. You're creating a realistic experience and telling the universe to get it for you. What makes it easier for it to manifest is the fact that this experience is already there and the universe knows how to tune this into your life. 

So have fun with this method. Leave comments if you'd like. Have a go. 

Take the 2 week challenge 

-Infinite Attractions

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OK, Joy in the morning, I just saw about the updates, your question about that.
I DID start to get results with this but I really need to journal what I do & results etc so I can look back and also help others. I AM doing that a bit but want to increase it.
Well, from what I can remember, this is what happened.
I used this method in May 2013 plus saying thank you for being back with my ex. Now, I HAD seen signs he still liked me btw & he texted me & I him.
I wanted us to get back together and I did this for two weeks then I felt this urge to phone him. He didn't get the message straight away he said but he got it later and he left a voice mail (my phone was off) saying sorry he didn't call back sooner but he only JUST got the message - in other words he was calling me back straight away!
I called him back, a few rings, he answered & sounded happy to hear from me :-) so we just briefly chatted about what we'd been up to. But I called to ask him out for coffee or a drink & I basically chickened out to ask plus when he mentioned he would go to my karaoke event I thought oh, I'll se him then, maybe we will reunite then, so I didn't ask him.
He didn't end up going.
But basically I THINK that if I HAD asked he would have said YES (he also said what's new in your life?) & my friend said, that means WHO'S new in your life, are you single or not!) & yes we would quite probably have got back together. Also,when I asked him out to go to a theme park in July (I'd also ACCIDENTALLY done remote seduction on him ONE time by accident) he said yes & when I said we could go Saturday he said "THIS Saturday?" I said
"OR whenever some other time"
He said "This Saturday could work." And that evening he stared at me all night & told this other girl he brought "That's my girlfriend RIGHT there" I looked behind me later, no girl there! I wasn't sure if he was telling ME SHE was his girlfriend but later I remembered hearing a friend of his say my ex was bringing along 2 girls he'd only just me. I THINK maybe when I asked him for the date, he thought we were now back together. And I thought a few times "I love you" & when I did, he smiled!!
But AGAIN I chickened out to finalise things, never contacted him about it etc & thought he'd want to be with THAT girl & not to step on her territory. So I let my negativity & fear block it & things got bad after but I THINK I nearly got my ex back and this method was a BIG part of it cos I did it for those 2 weeks in May, dancing around to music I love & imagining it was so.

I may try this method again & maybe combine it with intentions for at least one other thing.

I just saw your question today, in fact, I hadn't tried the method when you asked.

Keep Going Goddess Athene. Believe in yourself and be confident becaise you deserve the best. You inspired me. I started doing it today and for the first time i found a meditation that I love doing. Usually i meditate and concentrate too much, With this method i'm having so much fun. I want this person to text me and with this method i really felt like he already had.for the first time i was able to put emotions in it . it felt great :) I'll keep doing it .. i'm anxious to do it again. Can we do it as often as we can? and how long do we have to do it?. I'M grateful to everyone who answers me. Thank you :)

Thank you AA :) I always forget that it's all about how we feel and that there is no hard rules. I'm working on getting rid of this little doubt in my mind.. Thank you !

Thanks for sharing this :) 

I will start using this method as well to attract success in my job, a higher position mainly and my true love- the person I will spend the rest of my life with.

I don't know why, but I keep thinking that by October this year I will be meeting The One True Love of Mine :)

well that means you will :)

This sounds AWESOME!!!!! I'm trying this

Question.  How do you do this if it is with someone you have children with?  It's hard to put that person out of your mind when you have children together. 

I want to give this a try. How long do you do each of the steps? Im guessing creating your initial feeling can take a few minutes if you are good at visualizing? But all the steps from reenecting to final cooldown. If this is a very long answer anyone is welcome to freind and pm me. Or email me at staurchaser@gmail. Com.

i shall try this

This reminds of me of what I've been doing for a while now. I LOVE dancing so at night, before bed, I lock myself in my room/bathroom (because of the large mirror I have there xD) and just DANCE while feeling happy that soo grateful that my wish came true. I would say to myself, loud in the mirror stuff like " X just contacted me today!! I'm so happy" or "This just happened to me, it was soo awesome!" 

This really gives me HUGE amounts of positivity and makes me so happy sometimes I feel like crying. 

Let's see what comes out of this :D

Hi cupcakeooz,

let us know if it worked for you. I tried it for only 2 days but it felt good. I'm starting again today and will post my results in two weeks .

Have a good one :)


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