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Leonard was everyone's friend. He was gentle, brilliant, caring, wise, loving, engaging, warm, inspiring, funny and a wonderful resource for LOA information. He had written many books and eagerly shared his books and knowledge with anyone who asked. My husband Mike and I visited Len in his office in Florida! It was something I had looked forward to with such excitement! Imagine meeting my PI friend in person! To get an actual hug from THE Len Rubino! Mike had heard so much about him and was sweet enough to take a day from our vacation and travel to meet Len. He didn't disappoint! He bought us doughnuts and coffee and I got my hug! I remember standing there by his desk, meeting him for the one and only time, thinking I had seen this desk so many times on PI and I was actually standing there in that room with Len! He was even warmer in person. When I was with him I noticed he was surrounded by caring people, looking out for him. They were probably thinking...who is this person Len met on the internet? What do they want from Len? I remember this very nice guy coming out and greeting me with, "You must be flowerpatch?" I suppose my name was innocent enough! We were there long enough for me to see that Len had some underlying medical issues going on and so I kept him in my prayers, but over time I heard less and less from him. It was only yesterday that I found out that he had passed away in 2018. I know how much he was loved here and even though the readers here have changed, I suggest you look up Len's threads! He had so much to offer! As we were leaving, he gave us a copy of his Success & Happiness book and when I got home I saw that he had signed it and left us a message! It was heartwarming. I had  this book on my coffee table for the longest time. I think I will take it back out today! Thank you, Len, for all that you taught me and please say hello to Helene for me.

 With Love & Gratitude,


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Thank you Len ❤️

Before my time. But I've read many of his threads, always loving and inspiring

Thanks Robert! please feel free to share his threads that helped you here!

I really should have posted under Success Stories because Len was so successful! He had many successful businesses, books and a beautiful marriage and family.

Len and I spent a LOT of time on the phone, he told me lots of things about his family.  He opened up to me like crazy, and I to him. Many conversations were animated, lots of man to man bullshit and lots of talk about how wonderful the members of Powerful Intentions were, especially FLOWERPATCH. He could be a crusty bastard with one sentence, and then completely loving and empathetic the next sentence.

He also got involved in the marketing program my ex-wife and I were running.  

I looked forward to every one of our conversations because,

I loved him.

my eternal thanks to Len, Flowerpatch and Marcy f

or making my life much more interesting and loving!

I sincerely hope you are all doing well during this very different on our planet. Imagining Len's reaction to all of this is easy. He would have talked about liberty, the power of the human experience when faced with a crisis, and how our bodies could overcome puny little sicknesses like Covid19... if we could harness the power of our mind. 

Like Abe/Esther has said before, humans could subsist on cardboard if we believed it was beneficial to our health 

I remember his discussions since I have been on this site since about 2010? Can anyone point me to his books?

Steve, that is tremendous!! I love al that you shared!! I also remember your company! I appreciate so much that you came by!!! (Place my huge grin here!!!) Youre the best!! This made my day!

Lets play some tunes!!! You will have to post something from your latest gigs!

Joan Jett _ the Blackhearts - RARE VIDEO - Crimson _ from Michael Nichols on Vimeo.


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