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Hello everyone,

I've been heartbroken over a break-up for the past 5 months. 

I've been practicing LOA, doing affirmations, visualizations, scripting, I've watched every single LOA youtube coach. And my ex has reached out 3 months ago.

I was super happy thinking that I'm getting my manifestation in the physical reality, but everything just faded away when he said that he wants to just be friends and has reached out just because he wanted to see how I am. A week later I saw him with another girl and havent seen him ever since.

It's been 2+ months now that we havent been in contact or seen each other. At first I've tried to do LOA again, then exhausted and frustrated I've decided to let it go and stopped checking all his social media. I still thought about him sometimes, but I was trying to concentrate on work. 

Today I've learned through my cleaner (we both use the same one) that he is seeing someone else.

I'm absolutely devastated. That after all these months of heartbreak, LOA didn't work. It just teased me and faded. I was so pumped up hearing all these success stories from people about their exes coming back and them being happy together again. I genuinely don't understand why hasn't this happened to me? Any advice would really help...

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Well for me, I did it in a variety of different ways.  Firstly, I focused on what was working and practised gratitude.  I then affirmed what I wanted as though it was already there and in existence, and then I also looked at what I would feel if it never happened (which took guts to do).  Its not for the faint of heart.  However in doing so, I came to realise that whether I achieved my goal or not, it wasn't the end of the world (so to speak) and I became less attached to the outcome as a result.  

I agree with GB here. 

Almost everytime I successfully manifested people to act as per my wish I was not restless or desperate. I was even okay with what I was seeing in my reality. I didnt like it or prefer it but I was still ok.  

For example, when I looked around at empty houses around my home I did not like it very much. I thought to myself that it would feel so lively and safe with a few families coming to stay around my home. And I wished for it with my heart. I did not specify which houses need to be occupied or did not focus on making people move here. I focused on the lovely feeling of being a part of a community. I even wished that we become good friends with each other and visit each other. We then got to know that my cousin(age50) got in touch with her friend from school who has a cousin who has moved here. We visited each other's homes and I felt that we bonded well. All this happened within a week or two. As you can tell I did not fret about it. I was generally feeling good about life. 

This one time I was retaking driving lessons and felt very discouraged when my instructor kept yelling at me. LOL! I felt very bad that even though this was my second time taking driving lessons(after many years of not driving) I was not doing a good job. I reflected on my thought patterns. Basically I was just worrying that I will do terribly. There was no basis for this fear. With some self-talk, I was able to shift my focus towards the possibility of me doing well. I scripted that my instructor is complimenting my skills and I am feeling confident and accomplished and proud. Next day onwards there was no yelling, just appreciation and positive remarks. :) In this case the situation was affecting me a bit so I had to clear up my fears within. But again, this instructor or this class was not a super important part of my life. 

Then there was a time when this senior I barely knew helped me with a huge professional opportunity and I felt so very grateful for his kindness that I prayed with a lot of love that I want him to be blessed professionally ( to return his favor to me) and I wish to see it. After a few days when I was drafting a letter that included his name and credentials he told me that he was being promoted and that I should correct his designation. I was so excited for him! But again, I did not specify what exactly I wanted to see and who should promote him and when . Nor did I think about what would happen if my prayer wasnt answered. 

My reasoning behind believing "the outside world is you pushed out'' is that we are all energy and we are all one. Money, love , cars, houses, people , health are all forms of energy. There cannot be different rules for different types of energy. 

Again, I would highly encourage you to step back and work on yourself before you seek love outside. Please dont take this the wrong way but this does not seem to be a healthy or positive attitude. So let's say you do manifest him coming back it may not be the best version of a relationship. Because he can only reflect what you expect and believe about him and your relationship. Does that make sense? 

I know how hard it can be. I have experienced similar situations even after learning about the LOA and it was very painful. It feels like the end of the world. But trust me, it will get better with time.

Have you read about the emotional scale? I would suggest you take a look if you havent already. You want to slowly make your way up the scale. 

We are all here to support you, please do not feel lonely or defeated. 

You will soon have all the clarity and guidance you need :) 


Hello Ellie,

LoA works, and it works every time. If you are feeling good and expansive, then you receive the things and experiences that you want. If you are feeling fearful, then you receive the experiences that you don't want. Either way, LoA is working as it is designed to do. 

What others have said to you about wanting to "manifest" someone else is correct. You are having your individual evolution and so is everyone else. You cannot manipulate another persons evolution, so that they are with you, if they are not choosing to be with you as well.

So now the question becomes, what do you really want? It's not this guy in particular, he is just a representation of what you want. Then you have to ask yourself, is it okay to have what you want? What fear is there keeping you from having what you want, and is that fear real? (It's not and never has been.)  When you let go of the fear around the thing that you are wanting, it shows up. Notice how you have received all kinds of things in your life, with little or zero difficulty and resistance. That is because there was no fear around that thing.

Fear is always about loss, especially loss of life, and it's about what may happen, not about what is happening. As you let go of the fear, because it is not real, you let go of the resistance to having what you want. That is the way it works. =)

Bright Blessings,

Ross - Tolemac

Conscious Energy Healing

There is a story on reddit.com that might help based on Neville Goddard living in the end. Its real here is proof (success story plus testing it and documenting it) is the title. I tried to copy but not working for some reason. Maybe you can type into search engine.

I joined reddit LOA group two days ago and I am pretty excited about it. This is the first time I read someone mention a reddit post here in all these years I have been a part of PI. It doesnt look like a coincidence to me.

I suppose this is the post you are talking about.


It is amazing! This guy has so many valuable tips in the comment section. Thanks a lot for sharing :) 

this quote is about money but it's for anything you want to manifest:

How do I let go of the how’s? I have big dreams and I understand I am best leaving the way they come about to my Inner Being. My human, planning nature, means that I occasionally wonder & worry about where they money will come from. I know this is not my work.
It really isn’t your work. It isn’t your work. We know it is your human nature to try to figure out these things. But we really want this to be one of the strong points that we conclude in this day today. Give up the how and the where and the when and the who! And you focus upon what you want and why you want it.
~Abraham-Hicks.com, Abraham Now, 6.20.20 

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