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Have you ever wondered about that gorgeous woman in Michelangelo’s painting on the ceiling of the Sistine chapel—the one that God has his arm wrapped around while his other arm extends to touch the hand of Adam?

Some art historians believe the petite blonde was Jehovah’s grandmother, the Goddess Sophia. In the Judeo-Christian tradition the goddess Sophia is the beginning, the source of wisdom, and keeper of the knowledge of all that is righteous and just. With her sound wisdom and guidance, rulers lead their kingdoms to prosper. In the darkness and ignorance that thrive in her absence, the proverbial wasteland eats away at the soul and nations perish.

Known as the Mother of All or simply as Wisdom, Sophia was born of Silence according to Gnostic creation myths. She gave birth to both Male and Female who together created all the elements of our material world.

Female then gave birth to Jehovah in all his emanations. But she also gave birth to Ildabaoth who was known as the Son of Darkness. When humans were created, Sophia loved them all dearly.

Unfortunately, her affection for humans sparked jealousy in both Ildabaoth and Jehovah. Hoping to keep humans weak and powerless, the brothers forbade humans to eat the fruit of the tree of knowledge. Female then sent her spirit in the form of the serpent to teach the humans to disobey the envious gods.

Sophia so desperately loved humans that she decided she would live among them. To her dismay they mostly ignored her. She tried speaking to them. When they turned a deaf ear, she screamed from the tops of the highest walls. Still she was not heard.

In her anguish at being so neglected, she left humans with one last thought: You have denied and ignored me, so will I do when calamity strikes and you call for my help. Only those who earnestly search for me and love me will merit my love and assistance.

There are those who believe that Sophia, so desperate in her desire to relate, later returned to humans in another attempt to bond with them. Sophia is often symbolized by the Dove of Aphrodite, which later became the dove representing the Holy Spirit.

The dove appeared to the Virgin Mary in the form of the Virgin of Light, entered her and conceived Jesus. In this sense, Sophia attempted again, in to form of a man, to be united with the mortals she so loved.

Sophia’s traits include: righteous, wise, loving, communicative, knowledgeable, creative, protective, giving, and truthful.

A Sophia woman sees it and tells it as it is; she has no fear of the truth.

She brings meaning to human experience with her gift of understanding “the bigger picture”. Only when you stand back, gaining some emotional distance, can you see that even the most traumatic experiences can be the birthplace of your most treasured strengths. It is only in times of great stress that heroic feats are truly appreciated.

Sophia was also the mother of Faith, Hope, and Charity. They are Sofia’s gifts to us, gifts that can overcome the despair, confusion, and suffering that frame human life. Sophia reminds you that clear vision and understanding line the path that leads to the discovery of the meaning of your life.

Sophia - Exile and Return
A 231 page dissertation by Kathleen Granville Damiani

"I believe that the power of authentic questions about the meaning and purpose of life can radically transform an individual's life and that of society by disturbing the inertia of the status quo"

Click the Link and Download the PDF


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Forest Dweller – A Song of Gaia-Sophia

We rest upon an ancestral bedrock,
evolved over uncountable aeons, a tapestry woven from patterns of symbiosis and cooperation, parasitism and predation. The life force received by Gaia from Sol turns over and over, generating complexity, generating crystal life. Hundreds of thousand years of tribal migration, empires that have risen and fallen, and cultural systems that have effloresced then decayed like strange flowers. Great intelligence and powers of creation are our inheritance.
The ancestors vibrant, primordial energy, the energies of the atomic furnace of the birth of the universe, the energies of the momentum of the first waters, flow us onward, the stream of life.
Father Sun rises and Gaian Sophianic life stirs. The sun fills the mist of water from the lake and the air becomes golden. The grass grows. The pine cones still glow in the pure white ashes. The birds hop from one branch of a tree to another like thoughts in a big leafy mind. Have you ever tried to catch what the birds are singing of ? They sing of nested existence, deep in nature, singing the song of bird life, simple and mysterious, ethereal and shattering, the sound of the radiant void.

All life is a hyper-sea, a tapestry of Mind. In this corporeal dimension, humans upright, moving sexualized cathedrals of hauntingly transient grace walk within the hollows of the macro cosmic moss garden. Stumbling like children over the natural languages of star fire, engraven in the crabs dancing trails on sand, the lattices and information banks of coral, the cascading prose of tree bark and vines. A secret written across the face of the world.

I left the dead world many months ago to know the wilderness. I have become one with the elements. I drink rain, I eat soil, I sleep on cold, hard rocks. I wash in the cold mountain rivers… pure ice water on mountain blue rocks and sands. I breathe and eat clear-light void. No boundaries, no resistances. At night, my mind flows into the subtle rhizomes that is my true being.

I feel completely transparent to the lightning as it strikes in the steaming forests. The earth trembles and every leaf quivers. Lightning shines right through my body – in a split second – rendering me transparent in this zen flash, reminding me that I am a walking skeleton of calcium and silica clothed in a vessel of salt water, a man-shaped droplet of sea.

Her form, her lips and teeth remind of the resistance to complete surrender, to this desire for life, the rigor, the pleasure and pain of boundaries, danced by this timeless creation in all of its ornate beauty, being squeezed and ravished by another, reminded of this willingness to be form, to play this game of identity. How bodies have a capacity for infinite interlocking, interpenetration, designed for an infinite series of lovemaking, and I look to the stars and ocean and wonder how this all began.

I have traveled deep into the wombs of the earth, wombs of both life and death, have been to realms of rotting meat and pungent flowers in lurid sexual designs, quickly blooming, then withering away. I have spiraled down the germ-line of evolutionary linear, I have become mezzoic pools of biofeedback processes, salmon leaping upwards, up river, gobbled up by ferocious twisting eels, devoured by multicolored, feathered lizards, who are eaten away by parasitic organisms… and onwards, savage process, cycle of life, ferocious and bizzare, beautiful and delicate, the fractal of the food=energy turnover system.

I have been to solar realms, crystal palaces ringing with the reverberating sound of crystal angels singing. Here I heard music, the choral song of eternal mounting Sapphic ecstasy, that made my heart cry with joy. The tantric crystal angels, gemlike beings, machine gods and goddesses, opal, rubies, glass, vibrate songs, copulate, unfathomable unfolding lovemaking, quartz gestalts of resonating energy.

I clambered in awe the branches of the world-tree, I have seen the jeweled animals of invisible biogenic nature, the weavers on the loom in the womb of psycho spiritual evolution, like emerald insect tigers, like the great beasts of the plain, flitting, chirping and curious, in the hypersea of astral emanations, encoding and transducing higher-glyphics in subtle spheres.

I have wandered endless labyrinths, dazed, in search of the Goddess and trying to comprehend the flaming light placed upon my head by an unknown Lord. Endless perfection tumbles down from perfect majesty, heights so lofty the mind cannot comprehend. Here, in ways unknown, the soul of humanity is perfected.
I have been to the periphery of this universe, and beheld it as a huge, dead, compacted stone, Thanatos, and seen the horrifying, endless craters of the dead and material universe. But in the frantic clanging of thunderous bells, I have seen the fiery petals of the transcendental golden flower of life, of such exquisite majesty and joy, that the heart of stone was shattered by the abundance of energy and love.

This is not ‘the early 21st century’, this is a timeless mystery, an unfolding present, a flame like vortice of consciousness in an unfathomable and primordial universe. This life is a fable, as well as a labyrinth. In the the torrents of golden ice water, in the darting of fish, in the flame-colored transformations of autumn trees, in birdsongs, in innocence, the beloveds face turned toward the setting sun, the crystal azure maze of her eyes, the ecstatic tears and kisses of life and animal mortality, I see the Greatness of YOU, YOU so ancient, yet so timeless, and it is YOU, YOU, who are my foundation, my heart free and singing in love, my path.
- Daniel Mirante 2007



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