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Raphael is the first of the 4 Great Archangels, and Master of the Powers of Light.

To visualise Him, you need to turn your minds' eye to the East and imagine you are facing the radiant image of this magnificent Archangel of Air.

He stands before you, cool and erect, his hair shimmering with the tacit colour of sunbeams at dawn.

In his hands he holds, upright, the Sword of Damocles, which flashes pointed fragments of diamond light in reflection of the rising sun, and his robes are spun of golden silk, billowing softly in the mobile breeze of a warm springtime morning.

Raphael touches the mind and the thoughts, for he is the bringer of Faith, and his sword represents the notion of Peace inspite of a troubled world - as in just the same way we may wake after a restless night and see things in a different light, giving us Faith that everything will turn out all right.with the birth of a new day.

The sword cuts away the debris from our minds, and it also represents our mental will to overcome. It is not a symbol of attack, but only protection.

Raphael is often seen with the image of Aquarius embroidered on his breast, which indicates insight and truth, everlasting life, and the eternal belief in all humanity.

If you watch carefully, Raphael will raise his sword to you in silent salutation and, as he turns to face outwards across the mists of sunrise, he lowers its' point to his feet.

And there he, remains holding the glittering hilt uppermost, with massive wings outspread in a stance of passive protection.

The sword of Raphael is the Sword of Peace, and lies at the end of the Rainbow Bridge of Faith between God and Man.


Imagine that you are in a beautiful meadow filled with green plants of many kinds. The sky is clear sapphire blue with fluffy white clouds floating by. The air temperature is exactly how you like it. The sun is high overhead, but not too strong so as to be uncomfortable.

Take a few moments to soak in the sensations of being in this perfect meadow of your own design.

After a while (anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes) you sense a presence just to the right and behind you. This does not alarm you in the least. It’s a feeling you’ve never felt before. Even if you’ve met Archangel Raphael before, every time you meet him it’s a new sensation.

You feel an expansion and warming sensation in your chest which is very pleasant, such as when you look at someone you love, only even more so.

Turning to look over your right shoulder, you see a glimmering golden-green light which is egg-shaped and about the same size you are. This light washes over you in peaceful waves, and you unconsciously take a deep breath of release. Automatically your lips form a smile. You can’t help but feel happy, and it feels like you’re completely happy, maybe for the first time ever.

You feel drawn towards this peaceful, shimmering, green-gold light that moves like northern lights. You move to stand right in the middle of it, closing your eyes and drinking in the calming sensations as the light swirls around you.

“I am here,” a voice says, though you’re not quite sure if you heard it inside or outside of your head. It’s as though it is in both places at once. “Do not worry.”

You open your eyes, still smiling, and there is a figure in front of you. Who, or what, is this figure? How does it look? This is how Raphael appears to you. If you don’t see anything, that’s perfectly fine. He may come to you in other forms than visual. You may remember some music, or a favorite food, or a favorite place, something like that.

You may stay with Raphael as long as you like. Talk to him as you would a trusted friend. Ask him questions. Remember to use your common sense, just as you would with a real person. The angels are here to help you find the Divine, but they don’t know everything about you.

You may not feel you really have anything to say, but I’d encourage you to at least talk about the weather, just as you would meeting a new person at work, so you can start to open the lines of communication. After that, you may politely take your leave.

To “leave”, just imagine the scene slowly fading away. Pay attention to what’s happens with your vision as you stop reading and prepare to move on to something else. Watch the world expand out from the tunnel vision you’ve created from reading to include the room around you. You might want to stand up and stretch, go get something to eat and drink.

You may repeat this as much as you like, but not more than once a day.

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Thank~You Raphael for you Guidance

Archangel Raphael, whose name means “God has healed” or “the Shining One who heals,” is one of the most well of known of the archangels. He is one of seven angels who attend the throne of God and he is the archangel over all the healing angels. He is also known to be the funniest of the angels, and he frequently enjoys the company of humans, disguised as a human himself of course!

Raphael’s origins can be traced back to the Mediterranean to before the time of Christ where he is included in a pantheon that had as the high god, El, his consort Atirat and her child, Raphael. He was originally known as “Labbiel.”

He appears in the book of Tobit (which was later removed from the bible) disguised as a human sent to help Tobias. He shows Tobias how to use all the parts of a fish he has caught for healing.

He is the angel who helped Abraham heal from his circumcision (which he did not have done until he was an old man) and he healed Jacob of his thigh injury (which he obtained while wrestling another angel!).

It is also said that Raphael presented Noah with a book written by the angel Raziel (who is an angel of mysteries) that had all the information in it that was necessary to build the ark. Though some say that this was actually a “medical book” (the Sefer Raziel) and was not actually presented to Noah until after the flood.

When King Solomon prayed to God for help in building his temple, archangel Raphael was sent to the Hebrew King and presented him with a magic ring. The ring was engraved with a five pointed star, and it had the power to subdue all demons. King Solomon was then able to finish building his temple with the slave labor of the demons.

To the Greeks and Romans Raphael was their winged messenger god, Hermes (or Mercury).

Archangel Raphael belongs to the angelic choir of the Virtues, (also known as the shining or brilliant ones). The chief job of the Virtues is to provide miracles and blessings to humankind.

He is an angel of not only healing, but also science and knowledge. He is also the guardian of the Tree of Life in the Garden of Eden, angel of the sun and the angel of the evening winds. He is also a guide to the underworld.

His symbol is the serpent or caduceus (which is also the symbol for healing in western medicine), and he is the patron saint of healers, writers, travelers and the blind.
thank you for this meditation.
I was given a shining book of the shape of the HEART, and was told "dont worry' even before
reading all the text; so when I read it I was surprised to find that sentence "do not worry' .
thank you
Shine Colourfully ... and YES ... Do Not Worry

Archangel Raphael,

I Thank You with all my Heart for your caring and patience ~ we need you more than ever in this time as all the Angels and Humanity come together with Mother Nature as ONE

*** He is an angel of not only healing, but also science and knowledge. He is also the guardian of the Tree of Life in the Garden of Eden, angel of the sun and the angel of the evening winds. He is also a guide to the underworld ***


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