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Where does it go as we breeze through life
Chasing a leaf from our past
Turning over anew
...Stirring troubles of brew
And shambolically flying colours half-mast?

The door is open to shallow and deep
A gasp, a pant, a sigh
From first to death
or dark lingering forces may pry

***** Cleanse Your Soul - The Spiritual Goal *****


Do you want to overcome the darkness and BE your LIGHT?
Try this simple switch ~ from Mind to Heart
Your Heart only knows Goodness and seeks Pure Resonance
It holds the center of your being ~ the constant rhythm of you

Mind is corruptible ~ Heart is not
Your Mind tests your resolve in a constant ying-yang duality of purpose
The Universal Mind is also in polarity due to the constant interference
from drunken and/or drug addled thoughts of the masses friviolities

Let your Heart focus you ~ any and all aberrant thought send there for dissolution
Your Heart is the Washing machine for your Soul
On constant Colour-fastness
It is here where your True Colours are.

It is not a battle within
Heart wins every time ~ you just have to let it
Then your Destiny becomes your Purpose
Your Truth expands your Aura and Self becomes a Frictionless Spin

Mind has the duty of serving your senses
Heart is the Driving Force and Direction
Observe ALL with your Heart First and let your Mind follow
Put it in its place and clear your path

What your Heart determines is Right EVERY time
Simple fact ~ Heart does not judge
The Heart is not vain
and ~ never has anything ugly to impart

Universal Love Peace and Harmony

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Pranic Breathing

Initially stand, preferably on the ground with bare feet, then later you may do this siting comfortably. Regardless, you should be as close to the ground as possible so that your prana tube is in the ground. If you are sitting, your prana tube is even lower into the ground because it does not bend with your body, it stays straight.

Visualize and feel your prana tube that extends right through the center of your body, through the center of your brain, through your pineal gland, through your perineum, (just above your anus). It extends one hand length above your head and one hand length below your feet. Put your hand above your head briefly to see how far the prana tube extends. Look down to see how far this prana tube extends below your feet. (To visualize the width of your prana tube: place your index finger and thumb together to form a circle, this is the size of your prana tube).

Begin by breathing prana up from the earth through your prana tube to your heart chakra center. (You may draw in this prana coinciding it with the inhale of your physical breath. But be aware that prana is a constant in-flow, it does not go in and out). Feel this earth prana, the life force of Mother Gaia flowing through you and expanding your heart.

Now breathe in prana from the cosmic above your head, from the crown center. (You may once again breathe in prana coincidally with your physical breath). Draw this cosmic prana in through your pineal gland and feel it activate. Draw in this prana to your heart center. Feel the multidimensional, intergalactic, universal nature of this energy. Feel this cosmic life force energy expand you in a profound way, remembering your spiritual essence.

Now do them both at the same time. Draw in prana from below and above at the same time, up through your perineum to your heart and down through your pineal to your heart. Feel your heart expanding. Feel the complete balance that is created. Feel yourself centered in your crown, connected to the realm of Spirit, connected to the earth and balanced within your heart.

You now have a heart filled with prana. A prana sphere has been created. Now expand this sphere to encompass your entire body. (This is the sphere of Leonardo da Vinci). This prana sphere will penetrate and enliven your entire body and will activate your MerKaBah.



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