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I thought I would get the ball rolling, here!

Marcy does a great job of keeping up our mindfulness of the power and neccessity of GRATITUDE, and the other side of the LOA is INTENTION.
Let's start a daily focus on what we INTEND for the day--just one or two main ones to give you momentum for the day!

--I intend that I remember that what I am thinking and talking about all day long is what I am manifesting for myself.

--. I intend that I am in perfect health - rejuvenated, aligned, balanced, and feeling physically great all of the time.

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My intention today is to purify my soul by, thinking of the things I am grateful for and think of way that I can improve on myself.

I intend to think and talk about what I do want. Not what I don't want.

I intend to remember to think good thoughts whenever something negative comes my way and not to try to fight against the negative thoughts.

I intend to remember that money comes easily and frequently.

I intend to keep my mind from being a runaway train.

I intend on attracting a lottery win. I just started playing again and I already won $58.00 because I got 4 out of 6 numbers! I was thinking, "wow! I just started playing and I already won something!" So I now I play almost everyday.

My intention for the day is to turn everything nover to the Lord as I get clear about my goals with deadlines for the holidays, promotion in my carreer move, the house I have found that I will be putting an offer on in the next few weeks, and new sence of peace knowing that god in Christ will and has taken care of it all as I follow His leading!....thank you....thank you....thank you.....Amen! 

Thanks for the timely reminder, Marcy.  Today I intend that I continue to express gratitude to the Universe for all of the great gifts being bestowed upon me.  I intend to think about and be grateful for my new job at CRC.  I intend to concentrate on smiling as I accept the interview appointment.  I intend to formulate outstanding responses to each of the interview questions being asked and that I exude grace and poise toward each member of the interview panel.  I intend to remain genuinely confident that I am the best candidate for this particular position.  I intend to picture myself sitting in my new office and being highly productive in my new job.

Today I intend to complete pay my bills with the abundance of money that Universe continues to flow into my bank account from unexpected and appreciated resources.  I further intend to complete the first draft of my paper before 6 p.m. today, thanks to the creative inspiration and the clarity of ideas the Universe is providing me.

Thank you, thank you, dear Universe

I intend to send distance reiki to 10 sick dogs everyday and have added credit card processing via authorize.net to my website www.dogreiki.co.uk.

Assuming I can attract 10 paid sessions per day then I intend to offer 10 free sessions for an additional 10 sick dogs.

I intend to be fully treated with respect by all people I encounter all of the time from now on.

I do not intend to be skinny and ugly within. I do not intend to let my thoughts go back to the past that I have forgotten or imagine scenarios that wont happen. I will not think negative thoughts ans feel megative feelings innmy stomachs or little stuff that I have control over anyways. I will not stay at the same level of beauty my whole life with a good-looking face but will increase myself and increase my beauty. I will not have very ugly and broken teeth all my life thst are crooked, broken, yellow, etc...but they will be glorious-looking.


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