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Bella inspired the question where shoud newbies start.

Hi there is a list at the top of the group that gives all the words. It is really very simple just start using words and seeing which ones work for you personally.
We all seem to have our own personal favorites.
I kind of use about 8 over and over and sometimes find or create a new one. Here are a few of my favs.
TOGETHER -master SWITCHWORD bringing TOGETHER your conscious sub counscious and super conscious. I think of it as bringing in my god self. I use it in almost all combos
DIVINE to create miracles or the extraordinary
REACH - will find misplaced things ,or REACH an emotional state like BLISS. I LOVE to say REACH BLISS REACH BLISS over and over.
Just look around the group and you will find all kinds of ideas.


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Hi Kim,

This post helped me. I was once exposed to the ideas of switch words and some of them but no guidance. Then I saw what Patra was doing and she kindly made a movie for me. Now this "accidental" meeting with you and this post. Wonderful! I'm starting my switch words experience now as I REACH toward a peaceful heart.

Best wishes,

I would like to join this group....thanks, Brandy
Welcome Brandy,
You will love this group...such powerful wise creators here!
Love & hugs,
Hi Brandy so glad to have another POWERFUL CREATOR here. Thanks for joining. LOVE the puppy pic.
Welcome Nili I know you have awesome taste because Patra is a doll.
I look forward to seeing you around P.I.
Thank you Kim!
Ruth thankyou so much for pulling this thread up. I meant to keep it up top and will do so now. Thanks for your inspiring words.
Once again you have come up with a perfect movie...your talents are amazing...always right on the money...no pun intended! I love it!
Well I am totaly new to the use of switchwords, but as I read can see the beauty of bringing them to the for front. Very interesting, I need to learn more. Off to the other threads to see and learn.*hugs*
Hi. I am totally new in Switchwords. How do I start? It is a good idea to read the book:"The Secret Of Perfect Living" by James T Mangan at first? Or is there another book there is better for a new one?

I have read lots of the SwitchWords for spesific wanting. F.eks "UNCLE" is the word for To stop self-sabotage, and the word "COUNT" is the word for; To reduce smoking and To make money. Hmmm, it is a little diffucult to see a logical connection here, but I hope the book have a good explanation. I,m sure it has, or maybe you have?! :-))
I start a new discussion about this, but Kim show me this thread for newbies. Cyndi answer me, but I paste it here since I delete the first thread.

From Cyndi
Welcome Eva,
You can do a google search on James T Mangan/switchwords and you will be able to find tons of information on switchwords. Also, there is a wonderful new site Switchwords-Info.com that offers a wide variety of switchword related material. There is a wealth of information right here on Kim's site, read through the posts and you will be amazed at the wonderful people here and all they have to offer. Enjoy your Switchword journey.
Love & hugs,
Hi Cyndi.

Thank you so much for your answer. As you see, I have paste your post here because I have delete the first discussion. Yes, I see there is lots of information out there. So much so it could be diffecult to see where I do begin. I will start with the site Switchwords-info.com - I see it.s a informativ site.

Hugs ;-))


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