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The Urantia Book

The Urantia Book presents an integrated world view composed from the concepts and ideas of more than 2,000 individuals edited by an editorial staff of superhuman beings, providing a comprehensive perspective of human origins, history and destiny.

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GOD in MAN (WOMAN) 1 Reply

Started by Be Be. Last reply by Tom Alex Jul 8, 2008.

My history with God 3 Replies

Started by Tom Alex. Last reply by Rascal Apr 28, 2008.

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Comment by Be Be on July 1, 2008 at 1:21am
It was the tree of life that alone gave Adam and Eve the "glowing" substance that flowed through their second circulatory system. The first one being the blood circulatory system. We do not have the 2nd circulatory system as humans and if we were to feed upon the Tree of Life it would not do any good. We don't have this second circulatory system in place as did Adam and Eve and their Children. Sorry... don't mean to blow your fond mythologies out of the water.

However on page 1181 in the section about the Thought Adjusters there is mentioned an aspect of "having a Glow" and seen only by very advanced beings as follows: There is a characteristic light, a spirit luminosity, which accompanies this divine presence (the Thought Adjuster), and which has become generally associated with Thought Adjusters. In the universe of Nebadon (our local universe) this Paradise luminosity is widespreadly known as the "pilot light"; on Uversa (the universe headquarters) it is called the "light of life." On Urantia (our planet) this phenomenon has sometimes been referred to as that "true light which lights every man who comes into the world."

To all beings who have attained the Universal Father, the Personalized Thought Adjusters are visible. Adjusters of all stages, together with all other beings, entities, spirits, personalities, and spirit manifestations, are always discernible by those Supreme Creator Personalities who originate in the Paradise Deities,, and who preside over the major governments of the grand universe.

Can you really realize the true significance of the Adjuster's indwelling? Do you really fathom what it means to have an absolute fragment of the absolute and infinite Deity, the Universal Father, indwelling and fusing with your finite mortal natures? When mortal man fuses with an actual fragment of the existential Cause of the total cosmos, no limit can ever be placed upon the destiny of such an unprecedented and unimaginable partnership. In eternity, man will be discovering not only the infinity of the objective Deity, but also the unending potentiality of the subjective fragment of this same God. Always will the Adjuster, be revealing to the mortal personalty the wonder of God, and never can this supernal revelation come to an end, for the Adjuster is of God and as God to mortal man.

Whew. That's a lot of thinking to take into account.

Muse on this for a while!

Love BeBe
Comment by Sage-32 on June 26, 2008 at 4:34am
Greetings! Coincidence landed me here and i felt the urge to comment on the statement "I had completely forgotten that Adam and Eve nourished themselves with "light" as well".
Apparently more and more people across the globe are discovering (or re-discovering) a long forgotten truth about the human body and its design: Sun-Gazing. I am only a novice on the subject so am unable to personally vouch for the technique, (yet,) but it seems we are capable of feeding from the sun's life-giving light.
for more look up HRM (Hira Ratan Manek) Phenomenon.

-much Love
Comment by Rascal on June 6, 2008 at 1:05am
Hi everybody --

Well . . . I just finished my first reading of Urantia last week . . . and it's truly fascinating. One way to look at it is that it tells you everything the Bible left out. But it's much more than that as well. And it's all the more convincing for the fact that the authors make no ATTEMPT to convince you. It's all stated in a matter-of-fact way with no effort to dummy-down the language. Either you believe it or not, understand it or not -- this is how it is.

The problem I'm having now is that the teachings of the Urantia authors don't have a lot in common with the Abraham stuff in the Law Of Attraction posts I've been reading, at least not that I can see. So I'm trying to sort it all out in mind and spirit.

Anybody have insights to share?
Comment by Tom Alex on June 4, 2008 at 12:57am
From July 1st thru 6th the International Urantia Book Fellowship Conference will take place on the UCLA campus in Los Angeles. Past conferences have been uplifting and moving experiences.

Both new readers and long time readers have a great time. You can actually feel yourself coming back to earth after getting home from the conference.

For more information and registration info:

Comment by Be Be on May 21, 2008 at 12:18am
I gift as many copies of the book to friends as I can afford. Its up to them to actually read it though. I have offered many I gift the book to $100.00 upon completion of reading it from cover to cover but no one has ever taken me up on it. Oh well. They're missing out as far as I can tell. I wouldn't have wanted to have been on this planet and not known about it so I could read it. Its simply fascinating. I hope they have a book like this one (or better) on the up coming mansion worlds.
Comment by Be Be on May 17, 2008 at 12:14am
Should the ascension candidate whom the thought adjuster is attached to choose not to participate in the ascension career then the thought adjuster will move on to another candidate. But, that candidate will have every opportunity to change its mind before it becomes as though it never was.

The thought adjuster is then free to move on to another candidate and bring with it all the experience and wisdom obtained during its sojourn with the previous candidate.

Hope this answers your question. The book goes on to state that the only creature that actually "re-incarnates" is a worm on some planet somewhere in the universe of universes. We don't come back to this world except as a non-interfering student or as a non-interfering observer. This planet we are on, is considered a birthing sphere where spirits begin their ascension career. When we die we leave here and go to the mansion world number one where we re-personalize and are given a new "morontia" body. Our mortal life in the flesh is but the brief mudroom to the real home we are destined for.
Comment by Tom Alex on May 4, 2008 at 2:25am
Thanks Be Be!

Hopefully we will infuse the Powerful Intention community with the abundance of God's Love.

Tom Alex
Comment by Be Be on April 30, 2008 at 3:45pm
Yay Tom! Thank you for creating this forum dedicated to the Urantia Book. If you hadn't done so.. I was going to do so. I'm glad you did tho 'cause I'm so friggen busy.

I started reading the book in 1978 and have gone through it 6 times, word-for-word, page-by-page, cover-to-cover. Wow! What a GREAT book. Every one will one day want to have read this book.

Comment by Tom Alex on April 27, 2008 at 4:29am
For more information on The Urantia Book I quote from The Fellowship's web site: "The Urantia Boook presents an integrated world view composed from the concepts and ideas of more than 2,000 individuals who have contributed to the fields of science, philosophy, religion, history, sociology and theology during the last 2,000 years.

Compiled by an editorial staff of superhuman beings, the text provides a comprehensive perspective of human origins, history and destiny.

The Urantia Book is an anthology of 196 "papers" indited between 1928 and 1935 by superhuman personalities whose names are given with their respective papers in the book.

The humans into whose hands the papers were delivered are now deceased. The means by which the papers were materialized was unique and is not clearly understood.

The contents are a compilation of the best thinking of more than 1,000 human authors writing between the first century and the present era, edited and combined with information and commentary by a superhuman revelatory commission.

Current research is beginning to identify the human sources used in this undertaking.

Although the Urantia Papers have been in print for nearly fifty years, no formal religion has sprung from their teachings.

The spiritual insights of the book are used by teachers, ministers, and lay persons of many faiths to enrich the highest values in their own traditions.

Many individuals outside established religious institutions have developed rich, personal spiritual lives as a result of reading The Urantia Book.

An international network of independent study groups continues to develop. Several translations exist and more are currently in progress."

For more info:





From July 1st thru 6th the International Urantia Book Fellowship Conference will take place on the UCLA campus. Past conferences have been uplifting and moving experiences:


My personal bottom line of The Urantia Book: it changed my life totally, completely and forever... it help me create a personal relationship with God which then was the catalyst to seek to do service for others. My eternal soul then grows.

My personal relationship with God is only understandable to me. When I try to explain it to others it becomes a translation. All beings are worthy and able to create a personal relationship with God. How you do it is up to you! Just create it!

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