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Emma's Discussions

If you're struggling with manifesting, this be why
8 Replies

Manifesting can be fun and easy or it feel like an unbreakable code. With increased access to various books, articles, videos, this forum itself, learning more doesn't always give you the key you're…Continue

Started this discussion. Last reply by Emma Jan 26, 2020.

Stop doing what's sabotaging you and start getting what you want
1 Reply

Do you know what you think about most of the time? I bet you don't. Which is why thinking about what you want isn't working out. That's because what you want is too weak.But I can bet that you…Continue

Started this discussion. Last reply by Dorothy Jul 3, 2019.

A sneaky block that was sabotoging my efforts
5 Replies

The point of various techniques is not to get better at these techniques, but to get better at creating and living the life you want. I can write beautiful gratitude lists, but if it doesn't help me…Continue

Started this discussion. Last reply by Graysen Aug 1, 2018.

What do you want NOW
7 Replies

I'm not sure about your list of goals/dreams, but mine has many things I want in the future. I want that vacation in August, that job in September, this particular car within the year, etc. I'm ok…Continue

Started this discussion. Last reply by ArtistLaura Jul 20, 2018.


Emma's Page

Latest Activity

Sir Neil English Eccentric replied to Emma's discussion when your thoughts don't attract
"The two things which are most important in this post: 1) get bad feelings out of your system, and 2) move on.  Feelings buried alive never die, so when you let them out, you release them so that they aren’t part of your vibration any…"
Jul 2, 2020
Christopher Stewart replied to Emma's discussion why you deserve and don't deserve what you want
"interesting way of illustrating it..."
Jun 25, 2020
Great Believer replied to Emma's discussion why you deserve and don't deserve what you want
"One of my teschers used to get asked about worthy and deserving s lot and he had a fun way of looking at it.  He used to ask the person if they were worthy or deserving to bresthe.  Now most people will respond YES, but the odd time a…"
Jun 24, 2020
∞Infinity∞ replied to Emma's discussion why you deserve and don't deserve what you want
"Simply beautiful! I wish there was a way to pin this post to be able to see it everyday!"
Jun 23, 2020
Sir Neil English Eccentric replied to Emma's discussion why you deserve and don't deserve what you want
"The penultimate sentence is the key to this post: TRUST THAT YOU ARE SUPPORTED BY THE MOST PERFECT UNIVERSE.  We generally don’t do this though. We feel that life is restricted to all that we can sense with our five basic senses, and that…"
Jun 22, 2020
Sir Neil English Eccentric replied to Emma's discussion receiving your dreams
"Gratitude in advance is a very powerful attracting force.  And gratitude for life now is also very powerful, because it clears up the vibration you have around your current circumstances. You may like them, in which case appreciate them and…"
May 26, 2020
Dorothy replied to Emma's discussion You have a lot going for you, just look...
"Yes "
May 25, 2020
Sir Neil English Eccentric replied to Emma's discussion You have a lot going for you, just look...
"I had never really thought of it like that, but it’s true.  Gratitude in advance is very powerful, and it is also telling the Universe that you believe such a thing is possible.  It is showing a belief that it exists, and the act of…"
May 23, 2020
ArtistLaura replied to Emma's discussion You have a lot going for you, just look...
"This is a good thread."
May 23, 2020
Dorothy replied to Emma's discussion You have a lot going for you, just look...
"Yes. "Gratitude is telling the Universe you are ready for the unimaginable.""
May 21, 2020
Sir Neil English Eccentric replied to Emma's discussion You have a lot going for you, just look...
"Even with the world as it is at the moment, and circumstances as they are, we still have things going for us. Even if you’re self-isolating, and your world is just your four walls, you still have a few things going for you (health, family,…"
May 20, 2020
Dorothy replied to Emma's discussion Once something on the inside clicks, outer reality changes
"riight, beautiful posts emma and neil! sometimes people just need some encouragement that they're capable and that they're on the right path: https://www.instagram.com/p/B_hmFY2JKUY/ https://www.instagram.com/p/B_htmIIl0RY/"
Apr 29, 2020
Sir Neil English Eccentric replied to Emma's discussion Once something on the inside clicks, outer reality changes
"One of the main cornerstones of LOA which is often refer to, is that an LOA practice builds up psychic momentum the more that you use it.  Imagine you are visualising or using an affirmation.  Nothing much may happen first of all, and you…"
Apr 26, 2020
Emma replied to Emma's discussion If you're struggling with manifesting, this be why
"Hey, what ever works, right? I find myself using that ho'oponopono too! Thank you for sharing!"
Jan 26, 2020
Sir Neil English Eccentric replied to Emma's discussion If you're struggling with manifesting, this be why
"To be honest, my life in this lifetime has been quite easy and pleasant; but I do reckon that a lot of wisdom from previous lives has blead over into this one. Wisdom I like sharing on posts like this. "
Jan 26, 2020
Emma replied to Emma's discussion If you're struggling with manifesting, this be why
"I'm glad you found it helpful. A couple of key things for me was first of let myself feel what I feel, instead of talking myself out of it. If I was angry, that's what I was. If I was sad, I was sad. I at first made a meditation out of it,…"
Jan 25, 2020

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At 7:02am on November 9, 2015, illusions said…

Hello Emma :)

Thank you for your lovely comment on my profile - very much appreciated! :) 

Hope all's wonderful with you.

Love and Light and Fabulousness xxx

At 5:44pm on October 10, 2014, Brian Freedman said…

Thank you very much Emma. I appreciate your appreciation =)

I'm just here to remind people what they already know, and help them to hear what their Higher Self is telling them. And everyone has the power to give wonderful advice, all knowledge and insight flows from their alignment.

At 4:04pm on August 27, 2014, Wendy J said…

Hey Emma! I just posted my Day 30 gratitude list on the thread. I wasn't sure if you were done with it and wouldn't be back, so, I thought I'd leave you a message here.

I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for thinking of the idea and sticking with it. I enjoyed reading your lists and getting a glimpse into the amazing life you have created.

For me, there were days when trying to think of so many things was really challenging, but at the same time, I found myself, no matter was going on, always feeling this undercurrent of goodness.

Thank you for inspiring this new practice (which I am going to continue...with shorter lists) and for, once again, helping me along with my spiritual growth. May you continue to experience massive abundance and that the days get better and better for you as the future unfolds.

At 4:26pm on April 3, 2014, Flowerpatch said…

Hi Emma, here are some links for you!



At 7:45pm on April 1, 2014, Wendy J said…

OMG! Emma! A million thank yous for your last comment re: comparing surrender to going to the gym.

While I knew better than to liken surrender to giving up, I always had an image you have probably also come across--a person who had never considered surrender before is feeling total pain, or panic, or grief, or some other intense emotion, literally, gets down on their knees, looks up and says something like, "I surrender to you. Please help me get through this." It's like, in one moment, they release everything to a higher power. Then, the next day, a series of miracles happen that, are not only profound and unexpected, but they magically make everything better.

That's what I thought surrender was. Come to think of it, I must have gotten this idea from movies or TV shows or something.

So, to be told it is a process is such a huge relief.

Yes, you have written a ton! That's why I asked if you had considered a book. Seriously, I have organized your writings to the point where I could easily send you a book outline detailing each chapter and how they would elaborate on topics you have already written about here. For the sake of all the people who don't know about this forum and those who haven't read your words as extensively as I have, please, please, please consider writing a book. It doesn't have to be long--30,000 words (10 chapters, 3,000 words each) is fine. And let me help you with it.

You are appreciated, Emma.

At 4:09am on March 30, 2014, Wendy J said…
Hey again, Emma!

I hope you don't me posting an update since the last comment I left you. Also, I hope you don't think I'm some crazy stalker. As I mentioned, I loved your words. Your thoughts, your outlook, and your experiences, deeply resonated with me. I went through pretty much everything you've written on the site and had close to 40 pages of text. I whittled that down to 20 pages then eight pages. The eight pages I entitled "Emma's Greatest Hits". I'm seriously thinking about creating a thread and posting your "greatest hits" for everyone to benefit from. I hesitate though because I didn't know if you'd be cool with it or not.

Most importantly, I've been putting your advice into action. Surrendering has been hard. I say the words, but they don't feel completely genuine. I've started to journal. I've started to repeat the mantra "I love myself". I've started to ask the Universe for help and guidance with everything. I've gone back to writing gratitude lists. The list goes on...

I wanted to share something that happened: Without going into a long-winded explanation, let's just say there is a guy in my life whom I'm working on a creative project with. He's great, but dealing with mental illness. At times, it can be very draining because he is constantly reaching out to me to talk about the despair he is feeling. I asked the Universe (as you instructed) to help the situation--to relieve the stress and building resentment I was feeling. Turns out, on the day I journaled about it and asked for help, he met someone on an online dating site. Now, he's happy, excited, and feeling better. I feel as though a lot pressure has been taken off of me. It was a quick, beautiful, and miraculous turn of events.

I wanted to share that experience as a testament of how powerful, helpful, and meaningful your words were for me. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I really am struggling with the surrender thing though. And I wish I was as tapped in to the voice of the "higher power" as you are.

I hope you don't mind if I drop by from time to time to let you know about my progress. You've been an awesome teacher, Emma and I just want to share the impact your words are having on my life.

At 8:18am on March 25, 2014, Wendy J said…

Hey Emma! I was going to send this message privately, but after I realized you had to accept my friend request before I could, I thought I'd just share my gratitude here.

Yesterday, I happened to read a comment you left for someone. That lead me to spending hours reading pretty much everything you've written on this forum. I even printed out many of the "discussion" posts you wrote, underlined many things, and quoted your words in my journal so as not to forget them. 

I came to the forum totally frazzled over a guy situation. Thanks to so much of what you wrote, I feel so much better and so much more empowered. The post you wrote about surrendering was EXACTLY what I needed. I have been trying to surrender for years. Something about the way you explained it that just made so much sense to me and made me realize it was time.

To simply say thank you would seem trite. I am sending you buckets of gratitude for all the time and effort you put into the posts, and comments, you have left on this site. You have changed my life.

You should share all of your wisdom within a book (if you haven't already). I have tons of experience and knowledge about writing and publishing. If you ever considered doing a book, feel free to reach out to me. I'd love to play the role of editor or help in any way I can.

Deep and profound appreciation for you, Emma.

At 2:16pm on March 20, 2014, Ahsan Javed Khan said…

Dear Emma,

You first need to add me. Then I can send to you an email with my CV. Kindly, do it whenever it is possible for you.

It was really a great time! Thanks in deed.

At 5:12pm on March 12, 2014, QueenieAthenie said…
Emma, I hope you don't mind but when I read your reply I thought Emma, then can you advise THIS woman please, put it on my page please please if you think I am thread hijacking. Then I decided to comment on your page instead. Delete if you want.
"James, I think you're starting to believe that all the good ones are taken. Do you think on some level you believe that there is a shortage of great single women?
That's just something I picked up on reading your post and reply. I'm not going to give advice because I think it's more fitting from a man."

I THINK I have this belief there is a shortage of guys I'm even ATTRACTED to.

I read about these girls dating multiple guys & I can think of few guys I WANT to date! So I'd love to feel (a) more high value cos I feel like I have to be a 20 yr old supermodel type - which I'm not - to get a handsome compatible boyfriend - & that the type of man I want to date is a rare breed & few of them are attracted to me!

I DON'T want to lower my standards I want to RAISE my expectations & vibrations.

I HAVE dated good looking nice guys before so this is CRAZY, I think it's crap from earlier in life I want to leave behind. I get my share of male attention, but usually not from the kind of guy I find attractive (sometimes I do though) & when these girls were talking about rotating their guys I thought WHERE do I find guys I'd WANT to rotate.

In mid 2012, I met & briefly dated a man who was a man of my dreams. But now it's like I can't go back. He has raised the bar, damn him!

How do I also see myself as beautiful enough & gosh just ENOUGH full stop to GET the kind of guys I want? Even when I did online dating some were nice but most I didn't fancy or were good looking & didn't like me & it was hard not to think I'm too ugly or old to get a guy like that. HELP. I have beautiful eyes, pretty great hair, curves, kind heart, great sense of humor, quite a few interests how do I believe it IS enough?

(Yes I am doing inner & outer work on me, being nice to me & doing fun things etc when I can & raising my vibe step by step.). I want to be a bit like that guy in the Secret - date gorgeous compatible guys then have a man of my dreams boyfriend & a great relationship with him!)

Thanks in advance!!!!
At 4:51pm on February 19, 2014, Boianna said…

Hi Emma,

Just sent a friend request to you. I always read and appreciate your posts and inputs in discussions. You seem like an awesome, kind person! Your post about self-love "Went from failure to a huge success in a matter of days" struck a cord with me. I am following your advice in that post word for word, lol and some days its easier and at other times road blocks appear. If you don't mind i'd like to PM you with some questions as you've already been down that road:)


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