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What are your Powerful Intentions?
To walk hand in hand with all my brothers and sisters of light to the next stage of spiritual evolution.
What are your Intended Results in joining this community?
To help manifest all that is good in my life and needed then rippling out into my community and beyond.
Do you feel you have been attracted to be here in an inspired and positively enthusiastic way? If the answer is no, you are in the wrong place! :-} If the answer is yes, Welcome Aboard!
About Me:
I am a single mom living in the US. I have been working on the deeper issues of my current life for 14 years and have come to realize just who I am. Having the 'medicine' of the spider, I can see how all is connected through light and how that 'grid' can be energized in a positive and effective way. Being a part of the Children of the Sun is what has brought me to this site through an invitation. I thank you for this opportunity to spread light and joy throughout the world!

just a helpful note

WENDY-MARIE COLLINS http://lightworkers.org/node/59109
December 12, 2009


Blessed Are You BELOVED ONES! We Greet You with a Heart-Felt Welcome, For We are the Family of the One. We invite you to take a moment here to settle into your chairs and become comfortable. And as you begin to settle into your seats feel your body being supported at this time. We invite you to focus on your breath now and for the next few minutes as you quiet the mind leaving your cares of the day behind you as you breathe in the stillness of Peace into your Being as you continue to breathe into your heart.

Allow your focus to settle into your Heart Center, into the Sanctuary of Your Sacred Heart Center as you continue to breathe. Feel the Peace... yes, feel the Peace as you continue to breathe in the Crystalline Golden Light particles which are now brightly illuminating within your Sacred Heart Center. Celebrate the Golden Chalice of your Heart Center, for you are the Holy Grail of Reunification, and know that as you continue to breathe in you are nourishing your entire body and each cell of your Body as you breathe in the Crystalline Golden Light particles which are all around you..... You are the manifestation of the Trinity Light!

Please pause here for a few moments to just breathe! There is Pure Magic in each breath; Pure Love fills the very air that you breathe into your Heart Center.



The current influences continue to be potent and transformational. The Photon Light has increased and will remain fairly steady through December. Each December is powerful in its own right, as we reflect back through the year that has vanished seemingly before our eyes.

There has been an immense amount of change for most to reflect upon and many are
feeling tired after the intensity of the journey through 2009. Be sure to rest when you can as we still have much of the journey ahead of us yet Dear Ones and the rewiring still continues.

The final Mercury Retrograde of 2009 starts the day after Christmas and ends on January 15, 2010, the day of the Solar Eclipse. Given Mercury's position, you will find that an aspect of your life that is not currently serving you will need to be restructured in some way.

Massive changes will be initiated in 2010 and integrated in the years ahead. More specifically, planetary configurations in 2010 will bring us into alignment with the center of the Super-Galactic cluster that includes our local Milky Way Galaxy. While these galactic forces are
creative and prolific, they manifest immense change. So now, more than ever is a time to stand firm as a Master of Change. The power of these celestial configurations relates to the Turning of the Ages with vast cosmic cycles ending and beginning now. A year like this calls for awareness, and vigilance of the Observer Self to stand ready to CHOOSE the highest and best in each Now Moment.

This December has the power-gates of 12/12 & 12/21 and draws to a close with a Blue Moon Lunar Eclipse (2nd full moon in Dec.) on December 31st providing us with a most powerful New Years Eve. This is a time of miracles for those who open their hearts to receive. It is a time of healing many of the old wounds of days gone by, and is a time of rebuilding and a time of new beginnings. The opportunities for charity of the heart from our fellow man will be apparent to all who have eyes to see. Open your hearts Dear Ones to receive the kindness of others and
in turn you will be given the opportunity to extend this kindness to others. The 12/21 gateway ushers in the initiation of Unity Consciousness as Gaia continues her vibrational upgrades as she prepares to become an inter-dimensional reality. In January we experience a Solar eclipse on January 14-15.

The energies of this New Years Eve calls for a new script to be written, the script of all that you wish to experience in your personal world and in the outer world of Planet Earth, not just for the year ahead but for the next 2-3 years as we prepare for 2012. We suggest that your script be prepared by the Lunar Eclipse of New Years Eve, however if you find this to be too great a challenge, then we HIGHLY SUGGEST that your new script be completed by the Solar Eclipse of January 14. The year ahead will be greatly affected by what you script for the energies of 2010.

All will be affected by the immense Waves of Love pouring in through these powerful Portal dates, yet it will also represent the activation, completion and reconnection for the Teachers to step more fully into their divine roles. This is solely based on one's ability to expand ones
capacity to Love and to accept the realm of limitless, ever-expanding possibilities. Look for the synchronicities to guide you as the veil of separation lifts and we more fully become an integral part of the New Earth Reality.

Now is the time to take another step forward into TRUST and living in and from your hearts. We advise all who find themselves spending time in the mental energies to shift your focus as we encourage you to breathe into your hearts to lift you into the Higher Mind, or Heart Mind where you connect with Christ Consciousness. It is most likely that the ego mind may still be encumbered with “the old energy patterns" of the ego mind which are still burdened with fear based perceptions.

What most of us have been dealing with during the last few years has been the clearing out of the shadow aspects harboring the wounds held within our thoughts and within our emotional body as well. The Waves of Light have delivered many opportunities over and over again to address what most do not wish to look at, for example:

"What is your greatest fear” or what are your issues with receiving abundance.

Family issues have arisen for most to reflect upon as well.

And last but not least, where do we continue to judge ourselves as imperfect or unworthy of attaining our hearts desire.

Where do we continue to limit ourselves or find ourselves as insufficient?

Finding ones passion has been just some of the things most have had to look at and review, for what we once felt impassioned with seems to have lost its luster.

For some this is about finding out just how much passion you really do have for attaining your dreams. Just how committed are you to becoming all that you have ever dreamed of, or are you just going to give up and allow yourself to feel defeated, or are you committed enough to MAKE THE CHOICE not to give up?

For those who are experiencing a lack of vitality and the appearance of being unable to move forward, do not be discouraged, many of you are still holding the energy, holding the Light for those who are following behind you and so you remain in a holding pattern until all is in
readiness. There are many still experiencing the cycles of integration and purification of their mental and emotional bodies.

Many are challenged with wading their way through the weight of the difficulties of their family and loved ones and it is vital to establish healthy boundaries for the self, and to prioritize your expenditure of your physical energies so that you do not become drained by allowing others to demand too much from you. As you do what you can it is vital to replenish the self with time for you to commune with the Christ within, to simply breathe and replenish your own Soul Light within you. - We are all on a healing journey!

Beloved Ones, ALL energy that is in need of resolution will continue to surface until the healing that is needed has been achieved. All that needs to be revealed shall indeed be "brought out into the Light".

The world around us continues to reorganize at higher levels and the roadblocks are dissipating. There are two major choice points in the New Year: mid-December 2009 through mid-January 2010 and June through August 2010. Individually and collectively, we will initiate a sequence for years to come as we pass through these energetic portals. During these times it is valuable to remember that we realize, we can choose our next reality.

The Spiral Light as seen over Norway on the 8th of December appears to be the activity of the AARP Project located in Norway. Our impression is that there was a bit of an accident that occurred as they did not intend for this to be so widely detected. The most important thing to
focus on here is to KNOW that we are all protected. There are those who play with "power" or "energy", they will not be allowed to damage this world or Mother Earth, remain calm, and add your prayers with powerful declarations that peace shall prevail.

Your breath continues to be a vital part of the ascension experience. Everyone is aware that if one is not breathing they will perish, what is vitally important to recognize is that if one does not "consciously focus" on the breath to increase the Light quotient within your body,
their "Lightbody" becomes mal-nourished. To sustain and nourish the Ascension of the Self requires conscious breath and good pure water to sustain the Light frequencies as they increase.

And finally, 2010 adds up to a 3 which represents the Trinity of Light, which includes the Sacred Union, or Sacred Marriage of the Self to the Beloved Within. It also represents and relates to creativity, playfulness, outward self-expression and just plain fun and happiness. And so Dearest Ones in spite of what comes forth to challenge your Mastery during this next year, we invite you to focus on the BRILLIANCE and MAGIC of all that is represented in a 3 year, the Reunification with the Christ Self! What is it that you will choose to create in this Magical New Year of 2010?


As the transformation of the old world continues, it is vital to maintain your position of Mastery within. Duality will continue to demonstrate the polarities of opposites and the dramas that accompany these energies. You are the Masters who are the current "living examples" as you claim your Christed Self. We invite you to be the example to those around you of how to free oneself from the limited perceptions and to open oneself to what is possible.

We invite you to begin each new day by reciting out loud the AFFIRMATION of your True Nature as an Individualized Expression of God whose Birthright was Gifted to you upon your individuation as a God Being sent forth to experience creation as a Co-Creator with Supreme Authority and Absolute Ownership of your individual Creator Energy. Your Creator Energy is accessed through your POWER OF CONSCIOUS CHOICE in each NOW MOMENT.

For those of you who are currently feeling stalled out, be gentle with yourselves and recognize you are discovering just how powerful you truly are. You can change your current circumstances by going inside and having a personal dialog with the self by asking yourself questions that will provide you with greater clarity as to where you are still blocked within your perceptions of what is real about who you are.

We invite you to set aside some time with a pen and paper and ask yourself some simple questions. Before you begin, please ask your Soul to assist you with this process so that you receive the full support available to you in creating clarity, then begin with your questions and KNOW you will receive the answers. Recognize that most often what is affecting you is a reflection of your own level of SELF ACCEPTANCE AND SELF LOVE.

Begin with quieting the mind and centering the self with your focus on your breath as you breathe into your heart. Focused breath as you breathe into your heart will always quiet the mind when applied with sincere intent.

Ask yourself these questions.

1. Where am I still failing to fully Love and accept myself?
2. What am I focusing my energy on?
3. What is the content of my thoughts and feelings?
4. What is this situation reflecting back to me?
5. Do I still deny & reject what I judge to be "wrong" with me?

If you still need direction, ask Soul to provide you with more focused questions that relate to your specific issue. Focus your energy on a solution not the issue!

If you have another technique to find answers for yourself, then of course, use what works best for you!

Beloved Ones until we recognize that as expressions of the Great I AM that each of us are, until we discover that we still judge ourselves as "wrong", "flawed", "imperfect", etc we will continue to remain "fractured" and prevent our sense of wholeness. It is so very important to practice love and self acceptance and then to extend this to those around us as we Master this within the self!

Any aspect of the self we "judge" as less than perfect is in need of reintegration through love and acceptance. Please use this following exercise to heal any alienated aspect of the self back into wholeness.

Any part of the self you "label" as flawed in any way is in need of being brought back Home to the heart.

Picture this aspect of you in front of you. Then reach out and embrace this aspect of you and bring them close to you while telling them that you love them. Thank them for the Gift and opportunity to experience unconditional love and acceptance for ALL of who you are. Then breathe them into your heart and as they gently melt into your heart offer them the kind of love you would offer to your most precious child whom you adore completely. As we reintegrate this precious part of our self what was once viewed as a "fault" or "flaw", now this expression of you is transformed into a beautiful new strength within you.

To achieve the wholeness we all seek requires the full integration of Shadow and Light into the ONE expression of our Whole Self, our Christed Self!

For those who feel stuck and unclear about your rightful Path of direction, realize that it is your choices that will place you into position and KNOW that the "right direction" is to follow that which brings you JOY! It truly is that simple.

We invite you to re-affirm that You Are God Also, an individualized aspect of the One Prime Creator God!


Applying the skills that you have been learning through the "Observe Self" to Command your Reality through the Power of Conscious Choice in each Now Moment are vital as we go forward now. This is why we must leave the mental body and its ego oriented dominance as the "primary identity perception", and learn the “new language” of the Observer Self. The language to re-learn is the higher sensory feeling function of the Emotional Body as it functions through the heart, while the human personality, or ego mind is disciplined to be kept in the “Now” and directed through the Observer Self.

We encourage you to recognize that if you allow the perception that outside forces have power over you, then so shall your "fate" be delivered. For those who REMEMBER that YOU ARE GOD ALSO, KNOW that you have the power to change all in your world through the application of
your Power of Conscious Choice to Command your Reality in any given moment. For those who are unhappy with their current circumstances we invite you to CHOOSE AGAIN!

As a Sovereign Divine Being which is an individualized expression of the One God Creator, you were created in the Image and Likeness of the One Prime Creator, and as such have been Gifted with the ability to COMMAND your experience of reality. You have the power to create your own experience of reality. The only way to embody fully your ability as a Creator of your own Reality is to embody the Essence of Love, Love for all things, all people, all life, all expressions of life experience, including that which appears to verify the reality of separation. Recognize that in that NOW MOMENT in which you find yourself seemingly trapped by what appears to be real that limits your experience of life and the pursuit of happiness, recognize the GIFT and the opportunity in that Now Moment to claim the TRUTH of your Being rather than be disempowered through the illusions of separation. It is only you in each Now Moment that can empower yourself through the Power of Conscious Choice not to accept the illusions placed before you.

We know we have emphasized this Truth before however we realize as we allow for your human consciousness to integrate this Truth you begin to own this as Truth.





Remember to breathe often as you breathe in the Love that You Are, Remember to Breathe in the Light that You Are. Be Gentle with yourselves and hold yourself and all others in the Light of Love and Compassion Always.

And So It Is Beloved Ones, That We Honor You for The Journey You Have Chosen, You Are Loved beyond Measure!

Blessed Be,
We Are One, Master Dakon, Sariniela, Anjuriel, and the I AM That I AM

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At 5:44am on July 24, 2013, Lea said…

Work At Home Mom, WAHM, Mom Blogger

I am stopping by to say "hello" :)
I haven't been here in a while.
I welcome your friendship :)

Lea @ Mother Baby Child & Weight Loss Help

At 12:02am on December 25, 2009, Gary said…
Thanks for joining the law of Fairness Tonya. Spread the word there in my hometown of Cincinnati. I really enjoyed reading your page.
At 11:07pm on September 29, 2009, Deea said…

At 11:11pm on September 19, 2009, Ken Ng said…
Aloha Tanya! And Mahalo for connecting:)ken
At 6:17am on September 19, 2009, Tanya said…
I'm sorry.
I love you.
Will you forgive me?
Thank you.

(check out this group! Ho'oponopono I will let you know how it effects my life!)
At 8:54pm on September 18, 2009, Theajaasree said…
Hi Tanya,
Want to be your friend and share the thoughts. Please add me if you are interested.
At 4:07pm on September 18, 2009, judith annoni said…
my heart is in love and chooses to express my highest nature on waves of light to all that i can. i am grateful for your devotion and choice to be your best vision of humanity. we are one and i honor our friendship.
At 7:48am on September 12, 2009, Liz Green said…
Hey :) Just wanted to drop by and spread some positive vibes, hope you are having fun and looking forward to getting to know you better :)

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you've imagined!


At 12:08am on September 8, 2009, Spirit of Transformation said…
lol! Hi! i sent a friend request to u and as i thought to add a few ppl i copied and pasted basic info (which i thought was smart) and then i realised i wasnt using ur name i was using someone elses!... Sorry!... lol!
Have a great day :D
At 8:55pm on September 7, 2009, Deea said…

Tanya, look forward to getting to know you better, wonderful place here, enjoy*hugs*

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