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Transfornation is almost always a messy business...

Since I am currently dealing with a HEALING CRISIS, I thought it might be a good time to explain what is meant by this.

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Archangel Raziel's lesson on Astrology

This is long, but it is needed and worth it!

Had an interesting AHA conversation with Archangel Raziel, today, regarding the true basis of our science of Astrology. This is something I have dabbled in, even created a few charts for people. One ex-boyfriend was a little spooked at the reading I did for him because it was so accurate! He was the one who turned me onto a lot of esoteric stuff like pyramids, etc.

I asked Raziel if the movements and positions of the stars and…


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The Power of Water to Bless or Harm

Ever since starting the process of creating and using my Heaven in a Bottle! essences, I have become ever more conscious of what could be lurking in the water I am using--either for consumption or bathing.This has…


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When the Law of Attraction is responding to hidden directives


About a year ago, the Archangel Raziel invited me to delve into the world of archetypes, as taught and presented by Caroline Myss. As often…


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Are you feeling stuck or lost??

Are you feeling stuck or lost??

Free download to get you back on track!

All the details of our Divine Plan and soul path are coded into our light matrix. These act as a personal GPS system, to guide us in the right direction as we move through life. Sometimes, we take detours, or have experiences that damage or corrupt this coded information.

When this happens, we can lose our sense of direction, and move into a state of stuckness, because we are getting conflicting…


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The miraculous divine power of water!

Masaru Emoto's work, showing us how simple water molecules are impacted and transformed by different emotions was groundbreaking in that his work showed us that the water we use is also transmitting these things to us. It has made many of us more aware, not only of the chemical purity and safety of our water, but of its vibrational health, as well. …


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The True Power of Love

There is no more loving energy and light than Angelic Light. Whether it is coming through in a healing session, a reading, coaching sessions or classes, their loving energy always helps us to return to the truth that we already hold within us. …


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The walls around our hearts--a personal journey of pain

From my heart to yours... <3

A new blog article:The walls around our hearts

Rev. Chris Oldham,…


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Fatih, Trust and Surrender~the Holy Trinity of Transformation

New blog article: http://divine-interventions.net/blog/2015/06/17/faith-trust-and-surrender/

You WILL be 'schooled' in these three qualities of spirit constantly, as you spiral up through 4D and into 5D. We HAVE to master these, or court disaster at higher…


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Michael's Minions!

This is the course my clients and students have been asking for!


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A new post on Fear

Hi everyone, and blessings to all of you who have joined me here! I know that I have not been particularly active lately, but that is sometimes the way of the spiritual path--we need time to grow and learn and assimilate new things as we raise our vibrations. 

I have been learning how to live in and adapt to 5D living, which can present a lot of challenges and also high points--mud and miracles. Coming out of this…


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The Hidden Trauma that may be sabotaging your Life!

The science behind the storage of our ancestors' experiences in our DNA is real and sound. Healing this traumatic memory is outside the boundaries of modern medical practices.…


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A Win-win solution!

Available until my calendar is full!

At the end of the year, I fell ill with what started out as a nasty head cold, turned into the flu, and ended as a sinus infection--which took me out of action for most of two months. Just like many of you, when I can't work,I lose money and fall behind--and that is where I am now.

So, the angels have given me a way to fill my calendar up,helping me in a way that also helps you; 



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Stretching your Love muscles!

How far can you stretch your Love muscles? It's easy to love the people we want in our lives, but how about those we don't. How about the co-worker who grates on your last nerve, or the loud relative who is always criticizing everything, or the guy who flipped you the bird in traffic? How about thieves, murderers and rapists? What about terrorists and power-hungry despots and victimizers? 

How far did you get before you just couldn't abide by the thought of sending love to…


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What do your Beloved Pets want you to know?

Sometimes our pets do things that make us scratch our heads or tear our hair out--wouldn't you like to know why?

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Coming Back to Center

This is a great daily prayer! It will help restore balance and move you into more conscious alignment with your Soul. This is where we find the Love that heals us.

It is just one of the many Angelic tools I fill up your toolbox with, to move you through times of transformation and upheaval, during the 12 weeks of the Healing Humpty Dumpty program.…


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What do your Angels want you to know about your Soul Path in 2015?

Happy New Year to all!!

Thursday, Jan. 1st, 2015 is the last chance to take advantage of an AWESOME 60% off deal on your 2015 Soul Path Angel Guidance and numerology reading. What Soul lessons are in the plan for next year, what do you need to move through them, what do the numbers say for you? In honor of 2015 being an '8' year, and my getting ready to move to a new website, the fee for this reading is $88 for a value of $225.

Book now and have the reading in January--first…


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Madness and Miracles~Navigating the Spiritual Initiations on your Path

The caterpillar is such an earthbound creature, slow, plodding, often unremarkable in appearance, limited in its range of movement and territory; while the butterfly is so beautiful, free, unlimited, and driven by desire. When the caterpillar is ready, it goes into seclusion within a Chrysalis to undergo its metamorphosis. The caterpillar really has no idea why it has…


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The Energies of 2012—Occupy Within


First and foremost, let me wish all of you the happiest and most positively life-changing year of your lives in 2012! And also to thank every one of you for being a part of my most incredible and rewarding 2011!


I have been on a spiritual hiatus for the last few weeks, preparing for the…


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Stuck in your Manifesting? Find the blessing!



Have you ever felt like this poor pup?


Are you feeling this way now?…


Added by Sim Plicity! on November 20, 2011 at 1:30pm — 1 Comment

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