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At 6:00am on March 13, 2020, Patrick Rego said…

Love your enthusiasm....Excellent

At 10:04pm on August 29, 2012, vicki cole said…

love ur page very colorful....

At 3:17am on July 18, 2012, Greg Lunger said…

At 11:31am on May 8, 2011, tosin said…
Hard work is worthwhile, but empty talk will make you poor  (proverbs 14:23 CEV)

JF Kennedy,the thirty-fifth American president once utter these words: "Ask not what your country can do for you ; ask what you can do for your country." These words still hold true today. As a citizen of this great country, America,Nigeria refuse to think or live as though the country owes you something.Rather, your mindset should be that you have something the whole nation needs; you owe something to the nation. Be concerned with what you can do to make the nation a better place.
           Many America feel the nation is indebted to them,but in reality, it is the other way around. You owe your country, and it's a debt that you must pay. Let this thought sink into your heart. Instead of lamenting and complaining about the government not providing jobs and other necessary infrastructure, you ought to ask yourself, "What can i do to help?""That's the mentality of a champion;
          America needs visionaries,men and women who will step out from the crowd, find a need and reach out to meet that need.That's one of the principles for success; It begins with being passionate for a God-idea, and being daring enough to implement that idea once you receive it from God.It doesn't matter how small that idea may seem, once you have it, do it with all your heart, and honestly too.Before long, God will expand your vision; He'll increase your inspiration,motivate and ability to conceive ideas.
      If you've had the opportunity to go to school, don't wander about loafing and doing nothing. It's time to give back something to the nation that provide you with the opportunity to have education in the first place. If you don't have a job, make one.America needs you, so don't cheat your country by doing nothing.
At 6:56pm on March 31, 2010, Dave Kenyon said…
When you consider who you are and what your place in the universe is do you do so with awareness of just what the universe is?
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
"We exist within a sea of aliveness; the entire universe is one vast orchestration." ~Duane Elgin, The Living Universe
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"The grand adventure welcomes an Awakening Soul. The Awakened Soul recognizes the self as a body of light, love, music and knowing." ~Duane Elgin, The Living Universe.
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"I'll tell you a secret, when you grow in awareness you find awareness is the same as love." ~Jack Kornfield
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Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Open your aweness to include all that is; unfiltered except through loving eyes. ~Dave Kenyon
At 12:10pm on January 4, 2010, johnnybeason said…
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At 10:34pm on September 6, 2009, Meir Gottlieb said…

At 11:07pm on May 13, 2009, Rico said…
Within the seed of your desire is everything necessary for it to blossom to fulfillment. And Law of Attraction is the engine that does the work. Your work is just to give it a fertile growing place in order to expand.
~ Abraham-Hicks
At 2:45pm on May 7, 2009, charles said…
Hi there I just joined this program and I want to meet new people can you add me as a friend when you get the chance.
At 1:07am on April 10, 2009, Rico said…
At 3:55am on February 3, 2009, Sparkle said…

At 9:14pm on January 17, 2009, Rico said…
At 12:29am on January 1, 2009, Rico said…

May this year mark the beginning of a year of pleasure and discovery for you. May each day hold something special, that is wonderful and new... For you deserve the best of everything, that life can ever bring.

Happy New Year!

At 4:23pm on December 21, 2008, Rico said…
At 1:51am on December 10, 2008, Deea said…
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At 1:56pm on December 8, 2008, Rico said…
At 2:40am on December 8, 2008, Michael said…

Warm and Loving Blessings to you, Be Be ***
Have an inspired December! Be well...Michael
At 10:44pm on November 26, 2008, James Lee Valentine said…

Hi Be Be… I just joined Powerful Intentions and wanted to say ‘hi’ to you.

"Happy Birthday" to you... every day! And may you manifest the house of your dreams as your gift to yourself.

For empowering online resources, you may join the EMPOWERED MILLIONAIRE INSTITUTE. Membership is FREE so join now!

Or click on my name link to see many other resources to help you positively transform you life and attain greater personal success.

Be empowered for life!

Your partner in world wide wealth creation,
At 7:20pm on November 26, 2008, Phyllis "Krystara" Swenson said…
Hi Be Be. Thanks for the lovely Thanksgiving greeting. Wishing you and your family a very Happy Thanksgiving.


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